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Is it a full moon?

I usually don't cross-post pieces from my personal blog on Wizbang, but this one is pretty darn funny so I thought it would provide a good laugh for everyone on a Monday morning.


As owners of a canoe livery, we get our share of interesting phone calls, one of which happened to my husband just today.

A woman who lives a couple hours away and who had a reservation today for some canoes and tubes called this morning asking about the possibility of a rain check. My husband couldn't help but be somewhat confused because it was partly sunny and warm. Yes, there were some clouds but nothing threatening.

He politely told her that he didn't see the need for a rain check as it wasn't raining.

"Does it have to be raining where you are?" she asked him, "because it's raining really hard here."

It took Steve a couple of seconds to respond to her because he was kind of surprised by the question. In fact, he literally had to bite his tongue before he answered because he didn't want to offend her by laughing.

In his best serious but casual tone of voice he said, "I'm sorry but we don't give rain checks if it's raining at a different location."

So I have to ask, is there a full moon today?


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That's not such a strange c... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

That's not such a strange call. I've driven in downpours where I had to pull off to the side of the road and wait for it to pass. Depending on the severity of the storm, she may have decided going canoing wasn't worth the risk of driving through it, and wanted to see if she could reschedule.

Yeah, that lady did sound a... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Yeah, that lady did sound a little nutty.

It's nice that you even give Rainchecks at all. I've canoed on the Pine River (West of Cadillac) about 2 dozen times over the years and none of the Canoe liveries that serve that river give out rainchecks (or refunds for any other reason for that matter).

We just bring proper gear and our trip goes on rain or shine. We've had some interesting experiences on rainy days. (Not necessarily good ones, but interesting nonetheless.)

We were too busy to get away this summer, but next summer we'll be giving you a call as I think I've got the group convinced that we should try the Au Sable for a change. I've heard it's supposed be the best canoeing river in Michigan with the Pine being #2. I guess I'll find out for myself next summer.

Hey, P. Bunyan. We'd love t... (Below threshold)

Hey, P. Bunyan. We'd love to have you next year. The Au Sable is great for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing and, of course, fly fishing. We're particularly fond of our part of the river, which is the main stream just below Mio Dam. It is the nicest for canoeing because it has the perfect current, width and depth.






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