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No way to treat a wounded veteran

Then what do you expect from US immigration, or in this case CIS(Citizenship and Immigration Services). From the Kansas City Star-

Julian Polous was born in Mosul, Iraq, graduated from college and learned to speak four languages. But he fled Saddam Hussein's army and found asylum in the United States.

He got a green card and joined the Army. He served an extended tour in his homeland of Iraq. He earned several medals, including a Purple Heart.

He passed multiple background checks.

Yet the United States is not ready to let him become a U.S. citizen. His application for citizenship has been circling in naturalization purgatory since April 2007, caught in a backlog of FBI name checks.

Under federal law, an application is supposed to be processed within 120 days after authorities interview the applicant. Polous' interview was in January.

Growing tired of the runaround, Poulous has gotten the ACLU to file a lawsuit on his behalf. This is how our government bureaucracy rewards brave soldiers. It is a disgrace.

Here's the story of how Poulous was wounded last fall.

On Sept. 24, 2007, Shiite and Sunni tribal leaders, Iraqi politicians, and American and Iraqi soldiers gathered for a reconciliatory meeting outside a mosque in Baquba, Iraq. Polous was there to interpret for his commander, Col. David W. Sutherland of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

Just inside the mosque, a suicide bomber blew himself up. Polous and Sutherland were just three steps away.

The blast threw them to the ground, breaking Polous' ribs and leaving him unconscious. Shrapnel ripped into the bodies of those surrounding the bomber. Twenty-four people were killed and 37 were wounded.

"When I woke up," Polous said, "I heard screaming and shouting. I saw a body with no legs quite near me. Then I noticed something on me ... human flesh ... not my own."

But he kept translating to help direct medical treatment for the wounded. He even extended his tour a few months at the request of Sutherland, who also was injured in the blast.

Sutherland, reached by phone Friday at the Pentagon, was clear how he felt about his former interpreter:

"I love Polous. We called him 'Majit.' None of the interpreters use their real Iraqi names. We didn't want anyone knowing he was an American soldier," so Polous wore civilian garb instead of his uniform.

"He was accepted better than any other interpreter by governors, tribal leaders, whomever we needed communication with," Sutherland said.

Because Polous was working so closely with his colonel, he had to go through a background check by military intelligence.

Apparently that means nothing to CIS. Some spineless bureaucrat(s) whose idea of bravery is probably facing the rush hour commute on their drive home, are delaying citizenship for a man who has put his life in mortal danger on many occasions for this country. These are the people some would like to entrust deporting people out of the US without checks and balances to prevent legal aliens and US citizens caught by mistake in an immigration sweep. Just insane....

Hat tip- Immigration Law Blog


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Aren't these the same gover... (Below threshold)

Aren't these the same government employees that people complain about rushing though green cards applications because of backlogs before 911?

I suspect there has been an overreaction as usual. Now no one is willing to stick their necks out. In the real world it is usually best to reasonable down the middle of the road approach to risk management or else the process becomes a crawl. Unfortunately too many want it to be perfect which will never happen.

Talking about veterans, I t... (Below threshold)

Talking about veterans, I think it is BIG news that the New York Times just refused McCain's editorial. Please start a thread regarding the issue (currently the headline on Drudge). Thanks.

While I am not advocating t... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

While I am not advocating the Starship Troopers model for citizenship.

I can't see any significant reason why it shouldn't be a nice hard and fast rule for non-citizens serving this country in the armed services: honorable discharge = offer of citizenship.

Good for the ACLU to take the case (insert comment wrt blind squirrels and acorns here)

If I remember right the pro... (Below threshold)

If I remember right the process is actually easier for someone like Poulos which says quite a bit about the process. Of course in any large system there is going be occasional Cluster F*#K. The trick is to have a well known process to correct it.

The "free traders" and "dem... (Below threshold)

The "free traders" and "democracy project" right-liberals (aka, Jorge "No illegal amigo left behind" Bush & Juan "Spanish language zealot" McAmnesty) have devalued American heritage and citizenship so much that they accept anyone as an American or American to be. Non US citizens (legal permanent residents) should be banned from the Armed Forces, simple as that.

Mooslims are not well suited to become Americans (or Westerners in the broader sense). I would argue Hindus as well but somewhat less problematic.

The "de-construction" of the United States continues at break-neck speed. Balkanization, thy name is United States of (North) America!

JPPYou sound like a ... (Below threshold)

You sound like a left winger.

More like a conspiracy-theo... (Below threshold)

More like a conspiracy-theorist off his meds...

I thought it was BryanD wit... (Below threshold)

I thought it was BryanD with a new handle.

No boys, I venture to say, ... (Below threshold)

No boys, I venture to say, I've a life-long conservative, not GOP'er like you young fellas, rah, rah, GOP!! Red team good, blue team bad!! Duh. I was a conservative when you two were learning your multicultural lessons in government schools.

Furthermore, I'm a combat veteran but more importantly, I'm a patriot and a common sensed nationalist. I reject Jorge and Juan's internationalism.

I support some so called "free trade" but I wasn't born yesterday, like you youngins'. I realize that there is so such thing as real, true free trade. It's government(s) picking winners and losers, as usual.

I oppose mass immigration both legal and illegal, for if you don't really enforce the borders and laws, it's really not worth distinguishing between legal and illegal.

And believe it or not, I support keeping domestic firms as the ONLY suppliers to our defense/armed forces. Outsourcing defense is a laughable, right-liberal (neocon) idea. Unbelievably stooopid.

Talking about vete... (Below threshold)
Talking about veterans, I think it is BIG news that the New York Times just refused McCain's editorial. Please start a thread regarding the issue (currently the headline on Drudge). Thanks.

Posted by nehemiah | July 21, 2008 12:06 PM

Actually, the NYT took proper action given the content of McCain's speech. David Shipley's responsibility is to provide high-quality balance and maintain the ethos/reputation of the paper. Mr. McCain's Op-Ed was of a tabloid-opinion quality, the publishing of which would have broken Mr. Shipley's second herein defined responsibility.

It is important that the world know just how juvenile Mr. Obama's plans are and how dangerous his presidency would be for the country. However, the Op-Ed column of one of the largest papers in the country is the wrong place to do it.

Mr. McCain's editorial makes him sound like a whiner. Rather than complaining about his opponent, Mr. McCain should have, as Mr. Shipley of the NYT requested, written about his strategy for the Iraq war and defined a "win" rather than simply criticize his challenger. And no, the last sentence does not count as enough policy discussion to balance the prior 11 'graphs.

Journalistic integrity matters more than simple equality in this situation. Mr. McCain's staff should have known better.

Whoops. By "speech" in the ... (Below threshold)

Whoops. By "speech" in the first sentence, I meant to write "editorial."

JPP, you wouldn't happen to... (Below threshold)

JPP, you wouldn't happen to be a neo-Nazi, would you? 'Cause I think they share every single one of your opinions.

And after reading that, I s... (Below threshold)

And after reading that, I still think JPP is either BryanD or very close cousin. Definitely drinking the same brand of crazy.

A small business owner tha... (Below threshold)

A small business owner that figured out a way to give back:

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Raleigh, NC, United States, 11/20/2007 - Company partners with Refined Hardwood Flooring to help wounded serviceman regain independence.

Horizon Forest Products (HFP), a top distributor of products for hardwood flooring contractors and custom cabinetmakers in the southeast, recently donated materials used to upfit Marine Sean Debevoise's home. Debevoise was shot four times while on raid in al Anbar Province in Iraq and after many months of rehabilitation, still walks with a severe limp.

David and Melissa Allen, owners of Wilmington-based Refined Hardwood Flooring, found out about Debevoise through an Army acquaintance of David Allen, who served in the Middle East in the 90's. "As an Army veteran, I remember how important it was for me to know that people back home supported me and my mission," explains Allen. "Both Melissa and I wanted to help a wounded veteran and that's when we heard about Sean."

Partnering with Horizon Forest Products, Refined Hardwood Flooring removed the carpeting from the common living areas and master bedroom of Debevoise and his wife, Rachel's, home and replaced it with ½" engineered flooring. HFP donated the materials and Refined Hardwood Flooring donated the labor. Allen says that according to Debevoise, the new floor has "made his life easier and his recovery faster."

Says Horizon Forest Products' Wilmington Branch Leader, David Blackburn, "As a company, it is an honor and a privilege to help someone that has given so much for our country. In this time, when all you hear are negative stories in the world, we are fortunate to be connected with a story, like Sean's, that we know has made a positive difference."

Adds Allen, "It is my hope that others will read this story and remember that we still have many men and women in harm's way, fighting so that we can all continue to do what we love doing day to day. I also hope that we can help other veterans out there that need us."

About Horizon Forest Products
Horizon Forest Products is a top distributor of products for hardwood flooring contractors and custom cabinetmakers in the southeast. The company currently services areas around Raleigh, NC; Wilmington, NC; Greensboro, NC; Charleston, SC; and Knoxville, TN. Horizon Forest Products provides premium materials to cabinetmakers and hardwood flooring contractors and is particularly proud to offer one of the largest selections of exotic and hard-to-find pine flooring.

About Refined Hardwood Flooring
Refined Hardwood Flooring has been in existence for over three generations. Originally based out of New York State, the large demand for hardwood flooring has called for an expansion into North Carolina. Now based out of Wilmington, RHF offers the expert knowledge of hardwood flooring and the guarantee of complete customer satisfaction. Refined Hardwood Flooring is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association.

hell i served honorable and... (Below threshold)

hell i served honorable and i was deported they are deporting veterans people look us up on facebook BANISHED VETERANS






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