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Coming soon- Rathergate the Movie?

People are supposed to be working on a script.

The Media Mob has learned that a team of Hollywood insiders is currently working on a screen adaptation of Truth And Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power--the 2005 book by former CBS News producer Mary Mapes, in which she defends the 60 Minutes II story by Dan Rather about President George W. Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard, which ran on CBS in September 2004 and eventually led to her ouster from the network.

Who would want to turn "Rathergate" into a feature-length film?

According to sources familiar with the situation, Producer Mikkel Bondesen, (his credits include serving as executive producer on the USA Network series "Burn Notice") is actively working on the adaptation with screenwriter James Vanderbilt.

Mr. Vanderbilt wrote the screenplay for the 2007 serial killer movie Zodiac--based on the nonfiction book by Robert Graysmith--and is currently writing the screenplay for Spider-Man 4.

In the book, Ms. Mapes was highly critical of how her bosses at CBS and Viacom handled the aftermath of the wildly controversial story about President Bush's military service. Along the way, she lays much of the groundwork for what could be a juicy White House conspiracy thriller.

I'm one of those people who doesn't feel a need to watch recent history portrayed in a movie, unless there is some inspiring story to be told. A journalist or a group of them having their work exposed as fraudulent just doesn't fit that requirement.

I wasn't a blogger at the time, the fall of 2004 was when I first began reading a few select blogs, Michelle Malkin was one of them. So I did get a small whiff of how bloggers exposed the documents as being phony.

Who will play the bloggers in the movie? Wizbang readers are free to leave their casting selections.

Hat tip- Ann Althouse who asks "Who plays Dan Rather?" Will Ferrell?


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Comments (10)

Who're they going to get to... (Below threshold)

Who're they going to get to play Lucy Ramirez?

Not Ferrell. It will be Ja... (Below threshold)
gmax Author Profile Page:

Not Ferrell. It will be Jack Nicholson, only he will be in his Joker disguise.

Well, we have to assume it'... (Below threshold)

Well, we have to assume it's told from the Rather/Mapes viewpoint. So Rather would be played by someone popular and attractive. Maybe the guy that played Aragorn? And he had to speak pretend languages in the LOTR movies, he could do the nutty crap that Rather spews without much trouble. Who would play the bloggers? Hmmm...Wayne Knight springs to mind. The guy that plays Jack Black's sidekick in Nacho Libre. And maybe that whiny comedian that's been on Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. Or maybe all of "the other companies" guys from the Alltel commercials. Angelina Jolie as Mapes, of course.

If you want accuracy, you s... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

If you want accuracy, you should ask our own Lorie Byrd. She was a part of that, you see.

Another piece of crap from ... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Another piece of crap from Hollywood that no one will watch, yet it will garner all sorts of pats on the back from other Hollywood types.

I'll watch it for laughs some day using a free Monday code from Redbox DVD. I save the free codes for these types of movies and ones from George Clooney. It's my way of sticking it to the man, but sometimes, they stick it to me by wasting 90-120 minutes of my time that can never be recovered.

Great. I like "Burn Notice... (Below threshold)

Great. I like "Burn Notice" but my enthusiasm is tempered if the exec producer is a Mapes Moonbat.

Making up the script for Ra... (Below threshold)

Making up the script for Rather is going to be so easy for Hollywood. They live in never never land. ww

Central Casting:Le... (Below threshold)

Central Casting:

Leslie Moonves - Wilford Brimley

Buckhead - Paul Newman

Mary Mapes - Sally Field

Dan Rather - Bob Balaban (with rubber bands....check out Absence of Malice if you haven't caught on yet)

Bill Burkett - Oliver Stone

Lucy Ramirez - Rosie Ruiz or Mary Mapes

Charles Johnson - Bob Woodward (under oath)


Executive Producer: Brent Bozell

Director: William Buckley (may he rest in peace)

Director Emeritus: Reed Irvine

Screenwriter: Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Harrell (way to go Jeff!)

I can't wait to see Jay Tea... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to see Jay Tea's take on this, given that he's posted on Mapes' book a few times.

Best movie I ever saw on Ra... (Below threshold)

Best movie I ever saw on Rathergate was the two-frame GIF version Charles Johnson put up. It was a trifle short on plot, but VERY thought-provoking!






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