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Car Names

I was thinking about car names yesterday. And I wondered what you folks thought were the best and worst car names, not only ever but also right now. Because it seems to me that we have not seen a really good new car name in quite a while. I mean, I love the Honda Accord and plan to keep mine for a long time yet to come, but 'Accord'? Isn't that like calling a car the Honda 'Agreement', or the Honda 'Negotiation'? Yaaawwwwn. Toyota isn't any better, though. What is a 'Camry' supposed to be, anyway? Other companies just make up names, like the Kia 'Optima' or 'Sportage', the Nissan 'Maxima', the Toyota 'Prius', or the Saturn 'Vue'? Other companies just gave up with names completely and assigned what seem to be random number-letter series, like '350SL', or 'CR-V', or 'A4'. What happened to using real names?

Maybe cars in the past were less fuel-efficient, less agile, and so on, but they had style, and they had real names, like 'Charger', 'Thunderbird', 'Mustang', and 'Corvette'. The names conveyed a sense of power, of purpose, of identity. Of course, we also saw some real losers, like the AMC 'Gremlin' or the Ford 'Pinto'. Some cars were plain mis-named, like the weak and unimpressive Ford 'Maverick'. But in the main, cars in the past had names that resonated with drivers, not the putrid stuff we see today.

All-Time Best Car Names
Plymouth Barracuda
AC Shelby Cobra
Chevrolet Corvette
Lamborghini Diablo
Ford Explorer
Mercury Marauder
Kallista Panther
Buick Park Avenue
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Dodge Ram
Jeep Renegade
Land Rover
Dodge Shadow
Volkswagen Thing
Dodge Viper

All-Time Lousiest Car Names
Oldsmobile Alero
Chevrolet Lumina
Chevrolet Luv (truck)
Pontiac Aztek
Oldsmobile Achieva
Pontiac Astre
Pontiac Fiero
Saturn Vue
(anything by Kia)
Ford Probe
Toyota Prius

Cool Names Used for Concept Cars but not Production
Black Widow

Good New Car Names
... OK, I'm stumped. Any ideas?


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Comments (84)

Not only is the Ford Probe ... (Below threshold)

Not only is the Ford Probe a bad car name, it was a lousy car too. I had to drop in a whole new engine after 50K miles.

Good name: Plymouth Voyager
Bad name: Dodge Caravan - is it a car or a van?

"Crossfire" is a horrible n... (Below threshold)

"Crossfire" is a horrible name for a car, because who wants to be caught in a crossfire? Isn't that the worst place to be?

I like the car though.

The Gore- Inconvenient to d... (Below threshold)

The Gore- Inconvenient to drive and no power.

The Obuick- Looks good, feels good, but no steering.

The Pelosi-Fast off the line then stalls.

The Reidster- Crank model. Difficult to operate.

The McCain-Great power, poor steering. Goes left or right unexpectantly. ww

Following the guidance of t... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

Following the guidance of the Obamessiah, I'll introduce some Spanish into the discussion. I present you with the poor choice of introducing the Chevy Nova into Latin America, where the name is heard as "No Va," meaning, "it doesn't go."

We had one but I always tho... (Below threshold)

We had one but I always thought Camaro was a dumb name

I always liked the name Mon... (Below threshold)

I always liked the name Monte Carlo. A lot of the SUVs have great names. The Explorer, Blazer and Range Rover come to mind. The Hummer on the other hand, is terrible.

I think the dumbest minivan... (Below threshold)

I think the dumbest minivan name, and possibly for any model car, is the WindStar. A minivan conjuring up images of a solar wind? Right.

I present you with the p... (Below threshold)

I present you with the poor choice of introducing the Chevy Nova into Latin America, where the name is heard as "No Va," meaning, "it doesn't go."

Urban legend.

As far as good new (OK, new... (Below threshold)

As far as good new (OK, newer) names go, how about the Avalanche?

Plymouth Prowler... (Below threshold)

Plymouth Prowler

Horrible names: Ford Festiv... (Below threshold)

Horrible names: Ford Festiva, Ford Aspire, Dodge Neon (Neon? Why not call it the 'Radon')

Best name: Ferrari Enzo

Heh, the Enzo is the best c... (Below threshold)

Heh, the Enzo is the best car, too.

I used to have a Ford Cyclo... (Below threshold)

I used to have a Ford Cyclone. I thought it was a cool name. Even though the car was crap.

Really stupid car names:</p... (Below threshold)

Really stupid car names:

Armada -- It's due to be sunk
Avalanche -- deadly

The number-names shouldn't ... (Below threshold)

The number-names shouldn't bother an automotive afficianado, if they understand what the numbers mean (e.g. BMW 328 vs. 330, etc.)

Coolest car/name combo? I'd say Aston Martin's V12 Vantage. Bad.Assed.

For a new full-scale SUV - ... (Below threshold)

For a new full-scale SUV -
The Ford Compensator!

BESTDeTa... (Below threshold)


DeTamaso Pantera (my dad owned a '74...he suped up the engine to get to 425HP ...bad ass car)

Ferrari Enzo (pure Italiano...)

Plymouth Barracuda (just screams 'get the f*** out of my way'...)

Corvette Stingray (they even kind of look like stingrays, pre-1966 models)

AC Shelby Cobra (Who knew you could name a car "Shelby" and still have it be among the bad ass car names on the planet....)


LeCar (Le Piece of Crap)

Plymouth Breeze (in a word, gay)

Toyota Tacoma (named after a city where the dominant smell comes from pulp mills....yeah!)

Ford Festiva (illegal alien in the trunk is a package option...)

Toyota Prius (same # of letters as in the word 'pussy'...)

Either Raptor or ... (Below threshold)

Either Raptor or Velociraptor

And, this year's Indy 500 pace car, the Chevy Velociraptor!

My two favorites:F... (Below threshold)

My two favorites:

Ford Gelding
Nissan Spleen

I always thought 'Delorean'... (Below threshold)

I always thought 'Delorean' was a cool-sounding name.

What's even funnier is how ... (Below threshold)

What's even funnier is how we've re-named cars:

Explorer = Exploder

I'm sure there are many more.

As far as good new (OK, ... (Below threshold)

As far as good new (OK, newer) names go, how about the Avalanche?

Conjures up images of the car rolling over and over and over and over....

Not good. ;-)

AssassinIntimidat... (Below threshold)
Assassin Intimidator Vindicator

Don't know about the first two, but I think the Vindicator was the name of one of our military aircraft.

For great car names;<... (Below threshold)

For great car names;

Buick Roadmaster
Ford Falcon
Dodge Charger
Triumph Spitfire
Pontiac GTO
Mercury Cougar

If I owned a car company, I... (Below threshold)

If I owned a car company, I'd be tempted to name one of our new products the 'Crusader.'

yeah, I know I'd lose the Muslim consumer niche market, and I probably couldn't sell it in Canada without being charged with a hate crime by their kangaroo-court Human Rights Commission, but it would be fun to see CAIR's head rotating around and around while vomiting pea soup, plus guys like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant would each buy 3 or 4 of them, so I might come out ahead.

One of the worst names you ... (Below threshold)

One of the worst names you missed was the AMC Pacer.

In the best:Plymouth... (Below threshold)

In the best:
Plymouth Roadrunner

Le Barron

Most people don't know abou... (Below threshold)

Most people don't know about it, but the sons of Edsel Ford objected to the Edsel being named after their father, and there was a name that new car contest in 1957 to choose a name. But some of the names entered in the contest were so bad such as the "Utopian Turtletop", that the car was finally named after Edsel Ford afterall, but became a quick marketing failure. The failure of this contest was just the first sad chapter in the failure of the Edsel car line by Ford.

The Edsel Comet was the only success of this car line, but was rebadged as a Mercury product when the Edsel ceased production in November of 1959. Only a few thousand of the rarer 1960 Edsel models were produced. And every Comet was sold as a Mercury product. There was apparently a decent market for a higher end compact car like the Comet, unlike the bigger Edsels which didn't really fit into a market between the Ford and Mercury line in price.

I'm personally a big fan of Kaiser, Studebaker and AMC cars. But AMC was hung up on naming cars after insects for a short time with the Hornet, and a prototype called the Wasp. But the Gremlin name finally emerged for their smallest car. Interestingly, the Hornet name was first used by Hudson in the 1950's, again on the 1970-1977 Hornet. And Dodge had plans to use in once more for a New Dodge Hornet subcompact to be built in China by Chery Motors.

AMC was so cash strapped that the 1970 Hornet was designed for just $40 million dollars and the 1970 1/2 Gremlin for just $6 million dollars more by chopping a foot and a half out of the Hornet body. But also the Javelin and AMX were the same deal, the Javelin was a longer version of the two-seater AMX model.

AMC managed to market some car based off the 1970 Hornet until 1987, the longest run ever for a car body design in American history. Even the VW Beetle modenized bodies every few years while looking similar to older models in it's long run. And Checker Motors only lasted from around 1958 to 1974. AMC had no money, so they simply marketed the same old car year after year with some cosmetic or drivetrain improvements.

The Pacer was perhaps the main reason AMC financially failed. The 1975 models sold really well for just one year, then sharply dropped off in sales and hurt the sales of the other car lines like the Hornet and Gremlin. The Pacer was supposed to have a shorter length engine designed by GM, possiby a Wankel design, but GM never built the engine, so the overly long AMC inline six was used. The engine was so long that it went into the passenger cab, and most Pacers never had their back spark plug ever removed because it was too difficult to reach. This car was short in length, but just as wide as a full size Chevrolet. And the door on the passenger side was longer than the driver side door. The car used so much glass, that it was extremely heavy and really needed a V8 to power it, which was added to the 1978 to 1980 models. With all the glass, the car became very hot during the Summer and needed air conditioning. Interestingly, Pacer was also one of the names of an Edsel car line as well. But the AMC Pacer may not have been the worst car name ever, but was a terrible design that ruined AMC financially, using up $100 million in tight company cash and only selling well for a very short period.

The prototype for the last Studebaker, called "Black Bess" had interchangeable fenders made from the same stamps as the front and back of the car to save money, and was a two door car on one side, and a four door model on the other side.

Ford did a really funuy thing in late 1969. When they brought out the Maverick, they dropped the smaller Ford Falcon body, and put the Ford Falcon name on a few cheap versions of their Ford Torino. These are very rare, and very cheap cars as well. Ford also built some poorly conceived of four door model cars of cars never designed to be four door car like the awful looking four door Ford Thunderbird and the horrible four door Ford Maverick. These two cars looked excellent as two door models, but the four door designs were simply awful looking.

Oh, you mention old cars, and I could go on and on. But, I can't really think of as many poor names for automobiles as I can poor designs or poor business decisions that made some cars into four alarm marketing failures.

Psst! Mr. Hooson. Here's a ... (Below threshold)

Psst! Mr. Hooson. Here's a hot tip:

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Oregonmuse, my argument is ... (Below threshold)

Oregonmuse, my argument is that there are few really bad car names, but many serious design or marketing shortcomings instead and I cited exactly why in several specific cases.

I was always amused by Toyo... (Below threshold)

I was always amused by Toyota's use of "Cressida." Those familiar with Shakespeare would tell you that Cressida was not exactly a paragon of virtue.

Cool new car names: Tesla a... (Below threshold)

Cool new car names: Tesla and Cayman.

Though, to be fair, their association to kick-ass cars may have more to do with my estimation of the names than the names themselves.

Now I think on it, if I had... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Now I think on it, if I had a car company, I'd name them after dogs:

Black Lab

I'd have to be selective. Not much market for the Poodle ...

Good name:Titan (a... (Below threshold)

Good name:

Titan (and although the name nissan still sucks, it's better than Datsun.)
Super Bee

I presonally like the number names - especially when they mean something. (bmw, infiniti, lexus)

Bad names:
Anything Subura - legeacy, outback, impreza, baja, brat, justy, tribeca...

Lotus is pretty wimpy with names too - I mean Elise or Esprit? That's supposed to evoke powerful feelings???

Paul, it doesn't matter wha... (Below threshold)

Paul, it doesn't matter what your argument is, the fact is, it could have easily been stated in a fraction of the 808 words it took for you to make it.

For whatever meaning this has for you, I read very few of your posts. When you first showed up on this blog, I did, but then I quickly realized that whatever point you were making wasn't worth wading through all the verbal diarrhea to get to it. So most of your stuff I skip.

And before I get accused of being a short-attention-span moron, note that there are commenters and bloggers I read regularly who usually make extended arguments, and who I consider well worth reading. You, however, are not one of them. Their prose is lively and interesting. Yours is just the opposite. After e or for sentence, my eyes start glazing over and I start thinking about how much longer this is going to last.

Sorry for the harsh assessment. But consider this some consumer feedback. You can do with it what you wish.

Maybe you should get your own blog. You seem to have a lot to say and maybe what you need is just an appropriate forum.

I had a Buick Wildcat, and ... (Below threshold)

I had a Buick Wildcat, and saw a Concept for a new Wildcat back several years ago, the Concept fit the image the name inspires

CANYONERO!!!!!... (Below threshold)


I love how I got a negativ... (Below threshold)

I love how I got a negative vote on my post. Somebody must really, really like me to vote a negative on a thread about car names! LOL...You loser....

Peter, prob the same joker ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Peter, prob the same joker who gave a '1' rating for the article. I mean, that kind of person would be offended by a glass of milk.

How about the "Surge" for t... (Below threshold)

How about the "Surge" for the next version of the Hummer.

Rename the Prius the "Pious" ala South Park.

"The Testosterone" for any new muscle car.

I gave an additional ding t... (Below threshold)

I gave an additional ding to peter's article just to show I care.

It's OK, Peter. I gave you... (Below threshold)

It's OK, Peter. I gave you a positive vote on all your comments--even though you disagreed with me on the name Avalanche. You evil bastard. Nobody voted for me. Sniff...


Sorry Tom, but 'Avalanche' ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Sorry Tom, but 'Avalanche' is a pile falling down.

Honestly, for the sports ca... (Below threshold)

Honestly, for the sports car market, I don't think you can go wrong if you name it KickAss. Unless it doesn't.

DJ--yeah, I can see that no... (Below threshold)

DJ--yeah, I can see that now. You've all enlightened me on Avalanche. :-)

Aww, no repsect for Kia nam... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Aww, no repsect for Kia names? Not even "The Sportage"?

Is it a hairstyle? Is it luggage? No, it's a tiiiiiiny SUV!!

My faviorte is the Ford Aspire.... as in Aspire-to-be-a-car.

(And I've owned both of these. Please pray for me.)

There, there now, Tom B, yo... (Below threshold)

There, there now, Tom B, you can buck up now. I just gave you a positive vote for your WindStar comment. Wipe those tears away, and put on a happy face!

--Evil Bastard. (No relation to Fat Bastard, sorry.)

Full disclosure, I already ... (Below threshold)

Full disclosure, I already riffed on the name I came up with for the next class of SUVs...the Rhinoceropolis. Sounds pretty cool, eh? Especially with the chrome horn hood ornament?

Anyway, Forbes has some funny names, lots of foreign ones:

'Dodge Diplomat'
'Pontiac Parisienne' (I hear Kerry has one)
'DeSoto Firedome'
'Checker Superba'
'Oldsmobile Futuramic'

And then they ramble into the overlords of weirdness...the Japanese:
'Honda Life Dunk' (I'd drive a car with that name...it looks like a tall Fit)
'Daihatsu Naked' (that one not so much...SUV-ish)
'Honda That's' (Ok, you'd be so busy anwering questions about your car name you'd never get anything done)
'Isuzu Mysterious Utility'
'Mazda Bongo' (looks like one of those old VW vans)
'Mitsubishi Pistachio'
'Suzuki Cappucino'
'Toyota Deliboy' (uhhhhh....huh?)

Finally...I don't even know what part of this is a manufacturer...

'Volugrafu Bimbo' (just say no)

Paul Hooson is the kind of ... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson is the kind of guy you ask him what time it is and he tells you how to build a watch. :) Loved my Ford Falcon. First car ya know. ww

Japanese car executive: "We... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist Author Profile Page:

Japanese car executive: "We need a name for this car and we need it by tomorrow".

Marketing guy: "Datsun?"

Well accourding to my Dad t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well accourding to my Dad the first car I had was a Ford Jalopy. After that I got a Chevy Rattletrap followed by a Dodge Junker.

I disagree on the Fiero, ma... (Below threshold)

I disagree on the Fiero, maybe because it really was a hot little car. I like the Firebird, but then of all the cars I've ever owned, including my Vette, the '69 Firebird 400 was my favorite, my second fav was my Pontiac Sunbird convertible. I also like the Mitsubishi "Endeavor."

The Ford Probe sounds like it belongs in an OB/GYN office.

Henry Ford liked the name M... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Henry Ford liked the name Model A so much that he used it in 1903 and then again in 1928. I think it's a Canadian name, A.

re: #49Thank you, ... (Below threshold)

re: #49

Thank you, ww, for summarizing all my verbiage in one short sentence. I wish I'd said it that way!

The Ford Exploder belongs o... (Below threshold)

The Ford Exploder belongs on the WORST list not the BEST

I disagree with the OP on t... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

I disagree with the OP on the Nissan Maxima. Maxima is a math term, meaning the plural of a maximum. It goes along with the term minima, again the plural of a minumim.

I've always wondered about the old Toyota Tercel. WTH is a Tercel, and why would I want to drive one?!?

Put my vote in for Barracuda and its derivative, the Hemi 'Cuda. And most of the companies using numbers instead of names (except for Porsche) usually equate them somehow to the size of the engine in liters:
Nissan 350Z: 3.5L.
BMW 528i: 5-series, 2.8L inline-6.
Benz 300DL: 3.0L Diesel (also inline-6, as it happens).

I'd guess something similar for the Infinities: Q45 was probably a 4.5L V8, for instance.

Ford Tempo/Mecury Topaz: FoMoCo should have done like Chrysler did with the Neon and named both cars the POS.

Peter F.:Th... (Below threshold)

Peter F.:

Thanks, man! It's good to know even an Evil Bastard can put a smile on my face! ;-)

As far as lousiest names go, I always thought the name GEO was pretty crappy.


I think the name Explorer is a great name...the quality of the vehicle is a completely different story for sure, though.

One more thing: the Pontiac... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

One more thing: the Pontiac Aztek is top of my list of the most hideous cars in the world, surpassing anything American from 1959, anything Citroen, and even the Edsel.

Tom's right, 'Explorer' is ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Tom's right, 'Explorer' is a good name for an SUV, conveys the sense of off-road and all that. Now whether it lives up to that name ...

Porsche Carrera sounds like... (Below threshold)

Porsche Carrera sounds like the poetry in motion that it is. Another good one was the Pontiac Firebird.

Doesn't 'Viagra' sound like... (Below threshold)

Doesn't 'Viagra' sound like it should be the name of an automobile?

Also, 'Pasta'.

"New for 2009: The Chevy Pasta!"

{insert your own joke}

Needless to say, I've never... (Below threshold)

Needless to say, I've never owned a car, since I am in love with the environment. I did, however, like the name "Road Runner" (Plymouth) very much.

I always liked the name of ... (Below threshold)

I always liked the name of my Dad's 1955 Oldsmobile "Rocket 88" with it's two-tone white/violet paint job and his Ford "Galaxie 500" Police Interceptors of various years.

I was also quite partial to my 1962 Chevy II Nova, 1967 Pontiac Firebird with the Sprint OHC 6 package and my 1974 Mercury Capri V6, "The Sexy European", also known locally as the "The Yellow Peril". That was when it was still cool to drive European cars fast!

Unfortunately, now I'm all "growed" up and drive a Chrysler Town & Country mini-van, so I can transport the whole family.

I think as we move farther ... (Below threshold)

I think as we move farther away from the days when the "Greatest Generation" ran the show we are going to see weaker and wimpier names for our automobiles. The great names were given to cars by guys who flew Mutangs, Thunderbolts, Cobras, Vindicators, and Wildcats into battle. I bet they were taking a little bit of the glamour associated with their warbirds and transferring that to their marketing efforts. Afterall they were targeting other members of the WWII generation.

Now we are buying foreign cars with focus group approved names.

Having come of age during... (Below threshold)

Having come of age during the muscle car era, I've always liked the older cars--modern vehicles have degraded into transportation modules, with all the appeal of a rotted tree stump. Say what you will, the old cars had definite personality and an honest charm.

The newer cars are undeniably an engineering improvement, but they attained that at the cost of simple appeal. New versions are nearly indistinguishable from one another, and they're ALL boring as hell.

Did anyone ever own the "No... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Did anyone ever own the "Nogo" by Yugo?

You know how to double the ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

You know how to double the value of your Yugo?

Put five gallons of gas in the tank.

New as in this decade (cent... (Below threshold)

New as in this decade (century)? How about the Nissan Titan?

Nissan's first full-size pickup, and they made absolutely sure they were top in every category that first year... except that the brakes wore out too quickly for some reason, and Ford beat them in towing by underreporting the F-150's towing capacity.

Saturday night live did a c... (Below threshold)

Saturday night live did a concept car called the "Adobe"

Odd car names? How about a... (Below threshold)

Odd car names? How about a car called "The Car"? Renault's 'Le Car' wasn't sold in the US long, it was quirky - but the dang thing was pretty reliable despite all the abuse I put it through, AND I could fit my 6'2" frame into it comfortably, which was more than I could do with any comparably priced domestic model in 1980...

VegaBond:Was the A... (Below threshold)


Was the Adobe Toonces the Driving Cat's favorite car? ;-)


Definitely agree with you on the Porsche Carrera and the Pontiac Firebird. Great car names.

Everytime I see Prius I thi... (Below threshold)

Everytime I see Prius I think they just couldn't remember how to spell Priapus. I would have been so fitting as his sacrificial animal was the ass.

Tom, I'm still not taken wi... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

Tom, I'm still not taken with the Explorer name, quality and punning aside.

Rodney:To each his... (Below threshold)


To each his own man. What's you're fav?

How did you miss the Americ... (Below threshold)

How did you miss the American Motors delegation? Gremlin. Pacer.

As far as the good names go, I think there is a bit of tail wagging the dog. As we look at it not, Corvette sounds good because it has become associated with a killer automobile.

I'd have to nominate the Me... (Below threshold)

I'd have to nominate the Mercury Mariner as one of the worst names. Unless, of course, it's amphibious.

I remember a comedian (Jay Hickman, maybe) who said "Camaro" is an old Indian word meaning, "Fill this f**ker up again."

"Mustang" was certainly one of the most influential car names, lending its image to an entire car niche...the ponycar.

I thought "Phoenix" was a good name that never found a good car.

A tercel is a hawk, the sor... (Below threshold)
CGHill Author Profile Page:

A tercel is a hawk, the sort used in falconry.

With the exception of the long-defunct QX4, the digits in an Infiniti model designation refer to the engine displacement: my I30 has a 3.0-liter engine.

For a brief period, NOVA was a catchall acronym for GM compacts: Chevy Nova, Olds Omega, Pontiac Ventura, Buick Apollo.

Good:Charger<... (Below threshold)


I inherited my grandpa's '7... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I inherited my grandpa's '77 4-door, 8-cylinder Pontiac Bonneville in the early 90s. The name was "eh." I prefered my own name: "tank." That thing had power and lots of steel - and could have crushed most any compact on the road.

I love my 1967 Firebird con... (Below threshold)

I love my 1967 Firebird convertible, with the appropriate southwestern firebird insignias which disappeared soon thereafter on subsequent models. So, I say good names are anything native american: Apache, Comanche, Tomahawk, Eagle, etc. While there are many good names used in the past, to me Lamborghini is the only carmaker that ALWAYS had great names. Murcielago (bat), Espada (sword), Miura (a prized bull in bullfighting circles), Diablo (devil) etc. As to the best person's real name car, the Bizzarini of course!

Now you mention it, Mo, I o... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Now you mention it, Mo, I once had a '76 Buick Lesabre with a 350-inch 4-barrel V8. The thing was near 20 feet front to back, and was so wide it could seat 12 (from experience).

I used to chauffer other managers in for regional meetings in the thing, and my employees called it the Banana Carrier, because it was a muted yellow and was essentially a big flat-top. One day I came out from work and someone had stuck a bunch of miniature fighters along the hood of my car like a squadron lined up for a sorty, complete with deck crew.

That thing was heavy and drank gas by the decagallon, but it flat-out flew. 0-60 was less than 5 seconds, I never tried its top speed but I did 95 once and the engine sounded like it was just idling. Winds that would blow trucks off the road barely rocked the car, and it was better upholstered than most living room furniture.

Only mistake I made, was I gave the car to my brother when I got a promotion and bought a new car. He never changed the oil or added water, never rotated the tires or got it lubed, and killed my carrier inside of a year.

Dang, I still miss that car.

'58 Plymouth Savoy (... (Below threshold)

'58 Plymouth Savoy (my first)--denoted class from a bygone era (and what a great back seat!).

'56 Willys Wagon (my second)--a no nonsense name for a no nonsense vehicle.

'74 Audi Fox (my third)--a real POS, but I thought the name was cool.

Firestorm would be a cool n... (Below threshold)

Firestorm would be a cool name for a Ford Concept car.

here is a link to the artic... (Below threshold)

here is a link to the article you plagiarized :
give credit where it is due.






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