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The Obamamessiah has another uh-oh! moment.

The Obamamessiah is far too busy campaigning to keep track of what his responsibilities in the Senate are to the American people. Perhaps that is why we have this latest little gaffe:

Here's the transcript:

This, this, uh, this past week we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee, a bill to, uh, call for divestment from Iran.

The only problem? The U.S. Senate Banking Committee isn't Obama's committee. He doesn't serve on it, nor does he serve on any of its subcommittees. Yet Mr. Smooth Operator over there effortlessly lied about his involvement with the committee. Why? To boost his credentials? To try and hide his lack of experience? To make himself look more serious on the threat from Iran? Who knows?

The thing is, it doesn't matter why he did it. Either he lied, or he was mistaken. And if he was mistaken, then he still doesn't get a pass. Do we really want a President who has no clue whatsoever what committees he serves on and what his responsibilities are? He either doesn't care about the job he holds now or he has no grasp on how to successfully carry out his responsibilities as a Senator. It's one or the other, and neither of those situations inspire much confidence in the man.

As Ed Morrissey points out,

Once again, Obama wants to claim credit for efforts on which he served no role. Either that, or Obama is such a dilettante that he has no idea on which committees he actually belongs. It could even be both. Neither gives any confidence that Obama has any grasp at all of his own job, let alone the one for which he's campaigning. Maybe he needed a lot more than three years to get acclimated to national politics.

Of course, the Obamamessiah is way too important to leave us with just that. He also gives us this interesting little gem:
"Let me be absolutely clear," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said today at a press conference in Amman, Jordan. "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under a McCain...administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change."

You know, I'm glad he pointed out that Israel will always have a strong ally in Israel. Because I was having the worst suspicion that the Israelis were going to sell Israel out to the Palestinians and Hezbollah. But now that the Obamamessiah has reminded me that Israel will always have a strong friend in Israel, I feel so much better. That just makes so much sense. Whew!

Such a charismatic, intelligent man, eh? But let's just all remember that questioning the Obamamessiah in any way, shape, or form automatically makes you a racist. So unless you want to be called a KKK racist, then you better just get in line for the Obamamessiah and not even bother fighting it. He stands for hope and change, and that's all you need to know.

Hat Tip: Rachel Lucas


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Comments (24)

He's looking more and more ... (Below threshold)

He's looking more and more like a reversed retro Clairol commercial. "The closer you get, the better he looks" just ain't happenin' for me.

Is this hypothetical candid... (Below threshold)

Is this hypothetical candidate for President going to have a virtual teleprompter available during debates with McCain? That's about the only uhhhhh, way..ummmm...the man seems to uhhhh have coherent thoughts.

SNL had a character John Lo... (Below threshold)

SNL had a character John Lovitz played that used to do just that, mischaracterise or just flat out pull something right out of his ass and say like it was the honest to God truth.

His comeback line was "Yeah, thats it ... thats the ticket!"

The Obomasiah is the same way, only nobody in the slavish MSM calls him on any of them.

Wit so very much campaignin... (Below threshold)

Wit so very much campaigning to do (plus the jet lag), it's clear that Obamamessiah isn't sleeping well nowadays.

He'll be much more sharp and alert come January.

Yeah, when he gets back to ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, when he gets back to work in the Senate, Herman.

After his divorce.

("I was THIS CLOSE!" his soon-to-be ex-wife snarled, as the election returns came in and she slapped the prepared papers in his face. "I was going to show that fist slut Hillary just HOW to run a President, and YOU screwed it up! All YOU had to do was just SHUT your damn pie-hole and keep to the scripts, but NO! You had to try to speak off the cuff - and we couldn't hide what a blazing idiot you are!")

Uh, that should have been "... (Below threshold)

Uh, that should have been "first" (Blushes very red...)

Uh, that should have bee... (Below threshold)

Uh, that should have been "first" (Blushes very red...)

This site is very hard on keyboards. This is the third coffee-spewing incident of the day.

Looks like Obama's moved fr... (Below threshold)

Looks like Obama's moved from "gaffes" to outright lies.

I'm looking forward to B.O.... (Below threshold)
Mike in Oregon:

I'm looking forward to B.O.'s latest "clarification".

He'll be able to get plenty... (Below threshold)

He'll be able to get plenty of sleep come November Herman. The campaign will be over and he can go back to voting present in the Senate.

Yep, both McSame and Obama ... (Below threshold)

Yep, both McSame and Obama speak with forked tounges. But all the flip flops McSame has made, why blame Obama for the same? Get over having ODS, just like you claimed everyone had BDS, or CDS, etc.

Wake up, our country has some serious problems, start making these two idiots state their plans to start fixing the problems instead of criticizing just one of them.

They are both lying elected idiots.

He'll be much more sh... (Below threshold)

He'll be much more sharp and alert come January.

Yeah Herman, we'll cut him some slack just like you libs did for McCain's Sunni/Shiite mistake.

We know who is playing Alex Trebek here.

OK, Barack, it's Arab tribal leaders for $200 or name your Senate committee assignments for $1,000. No help from the audience please.

I'd like to come up with <i... (Below threshold)

I'd like to come up with something to explain this...like he meant 'my' as in the Senate (vs. House) or 'my' as in the US since he's not in the US right now...but the chest slap - "MY committee"...sorry, I've got nothing. Maybe he was thrown off by that fact that the banking committee did something while the committee he heads hasn't done anything so he's, like, invading it or something and taking it over. "Alright, Reid, banking's mine now, I AM the New Age Messiah!"

The more I see of the Senat... (Below threshold)

The more I see of the Senator, the more obvious it becomes that he is barely average in intelligence at best. I couldn't understand how the first Black to be head of the Harvard Law Review couldn't find a single judge to intern with after graduation. Clearly, it's because he is an idiot who must have been passed through his classes just for showing up. Like a star QB, his professors must not have wanted to deal with the ramifications of flunking the Harvard Law Review head. Easier to pass him on to graduation and just avoid doing any references for him.

Obamahammed is just tired a... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Obamahammed is just tired after tagging other countries with his O-stika....

I am wondering why there's ... (Below threshold)

I am wondering why there's lots of room for Novak's traffic incident yet none in the press for what is bald-faced Obama lie.

This is not a misstatement. This is an outright lie, and it opens the door into the heart of the man, who is audacious, arrogant and dishonest.

This is the kind of nonsense that played so well at Trinity church and in the wards of Chicago. They did not care for the truth.

Bt this is a serious business, and this country does not deserve someone so dishonest at the helm.

CassyYou really ar... (Below threshold)


You really are showing your age and complete lack of experience as a political hack. Atleast Obama goes not put his foot in his mouth everytime he opens his mouth, unlike Bush who can barely put a sentence together, unless it has been written for him, for ad libber, he is not.

I think you have some gall to have a go at Obama on this particular issue. Stop being so precocious !
notiz=How nice a sockpuppet, so brave!

LenS - wasn't he also the f... (Below threshold)

LenS - wasn't he also the first editor of the Review not to publish a single piece of his own - even though the editor is guaranteed a couple of slots?

JLawson from #1 - You just ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

JLawson from #1 - You just handed me the perfect Obama slogan. Here in St. Louis there's a local cig and liquer chain called "Dirt Cheap Cigarettes and Beer." The owner, "Fred," always appears in his own commercials. He usually uses this incredibly sleezy line:

"The more she drinks, the better you look."

Apply that to Obama, and, well...

Obama's "Israel is a strong... (Below threshold)

Obama's "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's" comment was a slip anyone could make. The real story in that quote is that a presidential candidate referred to our country in the third person singular rather than in the first person plural. He said "it" rather than "we". As a political science major and former consitutional law professor, Senator Obama should know that our people are our country. Our constitution opens with "We the People of the United States". Or as Lincoln described it, "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." The government serves the people, not the other way around.

"The government serves the ... (Below threshold)

"The government serves the people, not the other way around."

For now. Wait until Obama is elected - he intends CHANGE!

If Obama were white, he'd s... (Below threshold)

If Obama were white, he'd still be the 2nd coming... only it'd be the 2nd coming of Dan Quayle.

Actually, Mike, that's a po... (Below threshold)

Actually, Mike, that's a poor comparison. These are culled from a Rich Tucker 2004 column comparing Quayle to Edwards, it's also fine for use with the New Age Messiah:

At the time he was picked for the veep slot Quayle was a 41-year old senator. John Edwards was 51.

At the time Quayle had 8 years in the Senate and 4 more in the House. Obama's got one year in the Senate, the rest of the time he's been running for President and doesn't even know what committees he serves on. Edwards, when picked for the veep slot, was finishing out his first term as a Senator and had missed half the 'important' votes in the Senate while he was busy running for President.

While Quayle served in the Senate, Newsday called him, "a point man for the right on the Senate Armed Services Committee," and said he'd
"played a leading role in making technical challenges to the INF treaty -- among other things, compelling Secretary of State George Shultz to ask the Soviets for clarifications." Edwards had served on four committees, but three of them dealt exclusively with domestic issues. Even after Sept. 11, his campaign stump speech didn't mention terrorism. Obama hasn't been involved with foreign relations, including failing to hold any hearings on the committee he chairs with oversight of Afghanistan, apart from a weeklong sightseeing tour that he's currently on and publicly offering to have 'spank me' chats with rogue nations a la Kennedy vs the USSR that got us the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Obama isn't like a black Quayle, he's a black Edwards. Only more liberal and less experienced.

My understanding is that Ob... (Below threshold)
John S:

My understanding is that Obama was a Senator for about 140 days before he began running for president. My question is this: Does he even know where the Senate is located? Has he ever been there?

The integrity of the Clintons combined with 1/100th the experience of Dan Quayle. He'll be an "interesting" president.






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