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Hurricanes Do Not Negotiate

Here in Houston it is raining. It's been doing that pretty much ever since Dolly made landfall yesterday, a hurricane at that time. Lots of water but not much else here, so we're pretty relieved. The projections were pretty the last two days before Dolly arrived, but if you go back and look at Katrina in 2005, you may notice that Katrina made some unexpected moves. That's one reason why so many people were surprised by Katrina; while everyone knew the track it took was possible, it was not what people expected it to do. One of the lessons learned from Katrina, is that you pay attention to what the storm could do, and not just what you think it will do. Because you can't argue with a hurricane, it will go where it will go, and you'd better be ready.

Too many people today think that everything is relative, everything can be negotiated or controlled. Hurricanes are just one reminder that such thinking is not only naïve, it can be very dangerous.


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Well other than Katrina mov... (Below threshold)

Well other than Katrina moved at the last minute AWAY from and and mostly missed New Orleans you make a good point.

Mother nature is officially a bitch.

One of the lessons learn... (Below threshold)

One of the lessons learned from Katrina, is that you pay attention to what the storm could do, and not just what you think it will do.

Sage advice there. And also why it amazes me that in this day and age of advanced meteorology that people still die in hurricanes. That's humanity for you, I guess--always thinking it can out last, out run or out last Mother Nature.

As side note from someone who lives in earthquake country (and yes, WA state IS quake country), at least you GET days of warning with hurricanes--even if the path of the storm(s) deviate(s) from the models somewhat.

Quakes? No such warning ever. And no fun either. Unless you're a weirdo like me.

I've lived in Florida for t... (Below threshold)

I've lived in Florida for the greatest part of my life. I've developed a healthy respect for hurricanes.






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