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The Case For Romney

Kindly disregard. This was a partial draft of the below article. I'm not deleting it because some folks had already commented on it.

Hey, Kevin, I think I found yet another way to screw up the main page...

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Yeah, I did the same..but I... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I did the same..but I am kinda sorta hoping Big John will offer it to Fred Thompson and Thompson will accept..may be the only way the GOP can win

I think that is the only re... (Below threshold)

I think that is the only really move McCain has. Jindal is not well known. Gulliani blew all he had on the race. Huchabee will go off the reservation too much. Condi is not interiested. Let's face it. This is a race on race. The left is using the race card already, which will turn off most moderates to vote for McCain. Romney will help mediate that move. ww

I can't put my finger on it... (Below threshold)

I can't put my finger on it, but I believe Romney would be easier to lampoon running as VP than for President. Perhaps its because he'll have to constantly defend & reconcile his differences with McCain. Its a risky move for him in particular.

In general, the McCain VP risks being the main target of the attack dogs since they can't curry hatred against a former POW easily. But they'll have no such reservations with someone like Romney.

I can see it now...Al Gore.... (Below threshold)

I can see it now...Al Gore.

Admit it, the back of your scalp just started crawling, but at the same time you know darn well McCain is capable of it.






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