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Watcha Gonna Do?

As this fall approaches as the nation's spirit embraces the hope that finally, perhaps, we will be done with the incessant campaigning for a while and can get on with our lives, the question comes up about what will happen if, well, what if the other guy wins?

During the primaries, we saw something of that effect. Many of Hillary Clinton's supporters were outraged at the idea that anyone else would become the nominee for the party, but as it became clear that Barack Obama would take the flag, many democrats slowly came around to his support, though some of them as yet still passive and reluctant. For conservatives, of course, the matter was simply settled, though not without pain; the 2008 campaign offered no real conservative candidate at all for President - conservatives became outcasts in republican primaires and the national convention. Conservatives soon discovered that their choice amounted to no more than who would do the least damage to the nation this election year. Some are still bitter about this disparagement, but most have come to a grudging acceptance that John McCain would not be as bad for America as would be Barack Obama.

But this fall, one of the two nominees will become president-elect of the United States, while the other will return to his normal role of noisy, self-centered Senator. And tens of millions of people who voted for the candidate who did not win, will have to decide what their response to the winning candidate will be. Some certain celebrities have threatened - to little worry - that they will move out of the country if their candidate does not win. Others have vowed to become fierce opponents of the opposing candidate if he wins the election, fighting the election results, then obstructing his efforts to govern. Like the celebrities' threat, there is little chance such actions will actually happen, but the threat has been made and so should be reported.

So, to today's discussion - if the 'other' candidate is elected President, what will you say and do in response?


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I will continue to have a l... (Below threshold)

I will continue to have a life, just as I have always done, the world will go on, and I will wait out whatever comes until the next election. Hopefully I will get some candidates I can care about some time before I die.

My life will continue....an... (Below threshold)

My life will continue....and each month I'll submit a letter to the editor of the local liberal rag and rub their faces in each and every goof the Obamassiah makes.

If McCail is elected, Pray.... (Below threshold)

If McCail is elected, Pray.

If Hussein O is elected, sit back and laugh as the liberal's world is dismantled by an Islamist the terrorists nations have financed and the dhimmi's voted for. I'm old enough to do that (laugh) and not worry.

"If the political winds change for the ugly, I will stand with Islam". B Hussein O

I will go on with my life a... (Below threshold)

I will go on with my life as I always have from the last 12 elections. I will try very earnestly to not point out every mistake that is made. I will try not to accuse him of unsubstantiated issues. I will enjoy watching the mess that will happen. After all, under Pelosi and Reid, we already see their leadership abilities. ww

I'll shrug, keep on doing w... (Below threshold)

I'll shrug, keep on doing what I have been - paying off my credit cards, paying as much extra on the house note as possible, try to put something away in savings...

If the new President craters the economy, we'll be in okay shape. If he doesn't, we'll be in even better shape. I'll see how the President does - and decide if he did a good enough job to deserve my vote in '12.

I will do the same thing I'... (Below threshold)

I will do the same thing I've done for 53 years.

Go on with my life.

I will not seek psychiatric care for PEST, I will not seek to use whatever meager audience I may have as an individual to stamp my feet like a petulant child and compare the winner with the most vile people the world has produced and I will not wish the worst on anyone because they voted differently than I.

I will go to work, cut my grass, enjoy time with my grandchildren and play Dungeons and Dragons online just because it's fun. I'll continue to visit friends, save and plan towards my retirement, have Friday cocktails, etc.

Whatever happens during the four years after November, I'll figure it out. I'll wait it out to the best of my ability and see what comes next.

Because I am a resourceful, independent and confident human being.

Scrapiron:Maybe if... (Below threshold)


Maybe if you read what he actually said, instead of that twisted misquote, you wouldn't have quite as much to fear. Then, of course, that might not make any difference.

I'll leave the United State... (Below threshold)

I'll leave the United States!!

OK, not really. I mean, where is better? What I will do is try to anticipate as best I can how Obey will damage the economy, and try to restructure my own finances and investments to minimize the damage to me and my family. And like others have said above, I will gleefully watch the guy implode, and hand out a lot of well-deserved "I told you so's"

Hmmm... So you're saying - ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... So you're saying - what if we wake up to find that it's 1975 all over again and we can already forsee the next 4+ years...

First thing - reshuffle my investments - Get the last out of my growth funds & embrace bear market funds.

And relax and watch it all go boom, confident that this is what the US needs - another dismal failure along the lines of one Jimmy Carter will might allow the sheep to 'see the light' and vote in another Reagan caliber president the next time.

So, to today's discus... (Below threshold)

So, to today's discussion - if the 'other' candidate is elected President, what will you say and do in response?

I kind of miss Ken Starr..... :)

Well said Clancy.... (Below threshold)

Well said Clancy.

As has been repeated above,... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

As has been repeated above, if Obama wins I will simply go on with my life. My wife and I will adjust our lifestyles to cope with smaller paychecks and subatancially higher prices of everything, especially gas.

I also will likely pray a lot more than I do now. I think that will be the best thing overall about an Obama Presidency- they'll be a lot more prayer nation wide.

My job will likely become a lot more challenging as I work in non-profit poverty relief and we will likely see demand for our services surge to even greater levels than it has been for the last couple years. (Michigan never came out of the recession that started at the turn of the century.)

But America will survive as we always have and hopefully the next administration (after Obama) and the new congress can start fixing things again and restoring our personal rights and responsibilities. The nation may just have to declare bankruptcy though, as the debt might be too stagerring to recover from after 2 years of Obama with a Dem congress.

DJ - an even better questio... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

DJ - an even better question: If McCain wins the popular vote by at least 500,000 and Obama barely takes the electoral college (making him president) by a mere handful of votes in a couple of states, will conservatives and Republicans:

A) act like Nixon in 1960
B) act like liberals and many Democrats in 2000 and 2004

Or is that too rhetorical?

If John McCain is elected I... (Below threshold)

If John McCain is elected I will watch four years of "the election was stolen"

First off I'd like to say I... (Below threshold)

First off I'd like to say I wish McCain would wear the eye patch like he does on Battlestar.

The winner, Nancy, and Harry will gather round the box. Unimaginable forces will be released once the box is opened. Faces will melt. Men and women will scream and the conspirators will be taken to far reaches of hell. It's all in the documentary.

> ... what will you say ... (Below threshold)

> ... what will you say and do in response?

Say: Damn it!

Do: Wait it out. I doubt he'll be as bad as LBJ or Carter. After a while, it'll be fun watching him screw up. Like a train wreck (only you own stock in the railroad...)

Gee Mac, what do you want t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Gee Mac, what do you want to do tonight?
The same thing we do every night, DJD--try to take over the world.


My problem is no matter WHO... (Below threshold)

My problem is no matter WHO wins, the other guy wins...

I'll just keep tilting at windmills and hope the military doesn't get so desperate it tries to recall me. Oh yeah, and pray a lot, at the check out stand where I buy my Powerball tickets.

Watch the Republican base b... (Below threshold)

Watch the Republican base breakdown into a bunch of raving idiots like on KOS.

Oh - wait, that's already happening.






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