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Obama to America: "Be Like Republicans!"

Over the past few weeks, Senator Obama has been making a lot of statements about his vision for America, and the kinds of things we Americans should be doing to make our future better. And I've been listening to him, and he makes a lot of sense.

For example, he says that we need to do is reduce our personal energy consumption. We need to cut back on the energy we use, move towards more environmentally-friendly habits -- and habitats.

Much like, say, President Bush.

Or, as he said a little while ago, Americans should learn other languages besides English. Actually, what he specifically said was that parents should make sure their children speak Spanish.

Like, again, President Bush, who speaks Spanish. (One hopes he's more articulate in Spanish than he is in English, but I doubt it.)

And unlike Senator Obama, who recently dazzled adoring crowds in Germany and France while managing to neither sprechen Deutsch or parlez Francais. Or even habla-ing Espanol, for that matter.

Finally (and this is the one that got me thinking about it), while in Berlin, he asked -- rhetorically -- "will we lift the child in Bangladesh from poverty?" Well, whether or not he will, we know one person who didn't take that as rhetorical.

Or, at least, it wasn't rhetorical seventeen years ago, when Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Theresa in Bangladesh and an orphaned girl was shoved into Mrs. McCain's arms. She brought the girl back to the United States, she and her husband John (you might have heard of him recently) adopted that girl. She's now Bridget McCain.

Mrs. McCain brought back a second baby, and that infant was adopted by one of McCain's aides.

As has been noted numerous times, Obama gives a hell of a speech, and is a great talker.

If he could only walk the walk as well as he talks the talk.


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Comments (26)

You are right, Jay. Senato... (Below threshold)

You are right, Jay. Senator Obama is very good at making speeches and presenting lofty goals. Following through is another thing entirely. See the story from the Evening Standard about Obama's promise to a Kenyan village.

In order to walk the walk, ... (Below threshold)

In order to walk the walk, it's necessary to have BOTH feet out of your mouth.

That is basically the diffe... (Below threshold)

That is basically the difference between the left and everyone else except for a few exceptions, we are all trying to improve our lives and those around us, while the left just talks about it. ww

I'd hate to characterize "t... (Below threshold)

I'd hate to characterize "the left" based on some of the leaders who have risen, like airy turds, to the top. Many of the fine folks I've worked with in community and disaster relief have not only a good picture of what works and what enables, live the life they preach, and paradoxically vote Democratic.

Willie, epador is right, we... (Below threshold)

Willie, epador is right, we should all be careful of broad-brushing. I've been guilty of it myself in the past.

I would also agree that Epa... (Below threshold)

I would also agree that Epador is right.

That's why the partisian politics - from both the left and right - is so destructive.

People of conscience can disagree on the best way to handle a situation. That doesn't make one evil and the other good.

What I took from Jay's piece was that, if we always assume the worst of those of opposing opinions, we miss that they are DOING something to better our communities.

Painting the left is differ... (Below threshold)

Painting the left is different than painting the 'real democrats', of which there are a few hundred thousand left. The left (sewer rats) adopted the 'I'm a democrat' rant because no one else would accept them except retards like Dimmy, Hanoi John, Turbin Durbin, Kennedy's, and the criminal Clintons who care about nothing or no one, but the power of politics. Where have all the Radical anti-americans, socialist, and American Communist party gone? To the democrat party, but not really democrats, just hiding there until they complete the takeover of what was once a great party. I'm surprised they haven't already renamed the party 'the anti freedom party'.

Jay, thank you for pointing... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, thank you for pointing on some of the ironies in American politics. To straighten out Obama's failed (and reprehensible) follow through with the Kenyon orphange school maybe we could send Bush who seems genuinely enthusiastic about traveling to Africa.

Bush called his Feruary, 2008 Africa trip "the best one of his presidency", and received 'Obama type' headlines such as in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania- "Bush Fever Rocks Dar".

You sure he wasn't talking ... (Below threshold)

You sure he wasn't talking about being more like what Al Gore talks about? All his jive talking can make you dizzy.

"...when Cindy McCain was v... (Below threshold)

"...when Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Theresa in Bangladesh and an orphaned girl was shoved into Mrs. McCain's arms." jt

So the Bush'00 campaign was mistaken in attributing the tar baby to Mother Theresa running a bordello and McCain being the John?

Anyway, the anecdote screams "Kept Man":

Cindy: "Honey, I'm home! From India! I brought you a T-shirt, a baby, a Kali of ivory and teak!"

Juan: "Zzzzz...(collaborator's nightmares)"

Wow, bryanD. You are one tw... (Below threshold)

Wow, bryanD. You are one twisted, hateful little fuck, ain't ya?


You are really trying to eq... (Below threshold)

You are really trying to equate sound energy policies/energy use reduction with Bush and the Republicans? What a delightful little world you live in. Roll tape:

When energy prices began to climb in 2001, Ari Fleischer, then the White House press secretary, was asked whether the president was considering a campaign to urge Americans to conserve energy.
"That's a big no," Fleischer said. "The president believes that it's an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policy makers to protect the American way of life. The American way of life is a blessed one. And we have a bounty of resources in this country."

What a joke, Jay Tea.

If bryanD comment doesn't d... (Below threshold)

If bryanD comment doesn't deserve Thor's Hammer nothing does.

BD, you're a despicable little turd.

Nice cherry-pick jp2.... (Below threshold)

Nice cherry-pick jp2.

Funny, the actual plan from 2001, that was stalled by the majority of Dems for years, falls directly inline with what the experts are claiming is needed now.

NOTE "experts," not to include Gore, ObamaMessiah and the vast majority of Dems.

"... And we have a bounty o... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"... And we have a bounty of resources in this country." Ari Fleischer

Yes, we do! Unfortunately, there are a number of people in Congress who refuse to allow us to utilize those resources. Like Harry and Nancy they mostly all have a "D" prefix to their names, and they are obstructing solely based on their political self interest.

Good link marc. Here is the... (Below threshold)

Good link marc. Here is the money quote any energy industry exec will zero in on:

Bush will issue two executive orders: one requiring federal agencies to consider the energy impact of proposed regulations and the other calling on federal agencies to speed issuance of permits for energy projects.

All of the "10-15" year timelines Dems repeat as a mantra can be cut in half or more by decreasing the amount of time required to get a permit to drill, mine or explore. The permitting process has become the regulator's de facto method of holding up and delaying new energy production and exploration.

"Wow, bryanD. You are one t... (Below threshold)

"Wow, bryanD. You are one twisted, hateful little fuck, ain't ya?" -J.

I hate traitors. McCain is a traitor. If you protest, print something illustrative. And good luck...I await...Setting watch...post,base:Tango Charlie...

Meanwhile read this (cool ww2 anecdotes incl'd):


Here is the link jp2 failed... (Below threshold)

Here is the link jp2 failed to provide.


Conservation is thoroughly discussed and as marc noted, jp2 cherry picked his quote from the press conference. Maybe a job at the AP is in store for jp2.....no pesky fact checkers there.

bryan's problem is that he ... (Below threshold)

bryan's problem is that he has no proof that McCain is a traitor. That's why he decorates all of his traitor meme comments with snide remarks about McCain's wife or undocumented accounts of his accusations. bryan has not figured out that there is no such thing as unanimity of opinion in the officer corps and he leeches on to any remark that sustains his magical thinking.

bryan also pushes the traitor meme under the pretense of being non partisan (the counterpunch link is an example), which subterfuge is wholly transparent and ineffective. He also couches his polemic in very poor attempts at satire and humor, edgy remarks and failed nuance. He magically thinks himself a Mencken when in fact he is a munchkin intellectually.

You are far too polite JT.<... (Below threshold)

You are far too polite JT.

bryanD is a sick degenerate bigot in the Democrat party's base that continues to expose his total lack of moral character every time he gets behind a keyboard.

The comparison of Cindy McCains *actions* to Obama's *words* show just how shallow and cheap he actually is.

"Just words, just speeches"

Oh HughS, if that is an ori... (Below threshold)

Oh HughS, if that is an original phrase, you deserve a Pulitzer:

"....Mencken when in fact he is a munchkin..."

And this brings to mind the twisted storyline in "Wicked."

Thanks epador, it was origi... (Below threshold)

Thanks epador, it was original, just for the maroon bryan.

BTW, when you get a chance, explain the spoon in the pencil pocket for those of us that don't know the inside baseball of pilots.

Hugh:The multi-zippe... (Below threshold)

The multi-zippered and pocketed flight suit has a left arm small zippered pocket (just the right size for a pack of cigarettes!) with several slots for pens/pencils, handy if you need to jot something down on your leg board mid flight (anything not nailed down when you are pulling 9 g's is lost for the ground crew to pry out of the corners post flight). Fighter jocks like to rib their slow moving brethren, who have plenty of room and time to snack repeatedly during their long flights (most multi-engine aircraft have a small rudimentary kitchen), and plenty of places to keep spare pencils, large bags full of manuals and maps and such as well as food, that they use the slots for their spoons. Especially if their spare tires are showing through the flight suit. The fast-movers may get ribbed about the hemorrhoids and varicose veins that can result from repeated AGSM (Anti-G Strain Maneuver) and high-g flight, as well as their legendary fear of the fickle finger of the flight surgeon used for the rectal exam at the annual flight physical.

I used to keep a few toys in each exam room for the Viper pilots to keep them distracted, and Weight Watcher pamphlets for the Air Mobility Command crew members. And an arm length exam glove provided by the base vet to unroll when I needed to intimidate a pilot who had ill-advisedly humiliated me in one way or another in an aircraft (a favorite pastime, it seems, for Viper and Eagle pilots).

Here's another vote for say... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Here's another vote for saying good riddance to bryanDeranged, but it's Kevin or Jay Tea's call on that, and I'll respect it either way. In my view, though, his shtick was cute the first four hundred times, but he's gone well over the horizon now. He's a ball of seething hatred and insanity that his Chosen Politician might not win the election, and will not contribute one thought anywhere in the same universe as rational for at least the next several months.

Anyway, anyone seen this?

Is that for real, or some kind of games with the video?

Yeah, Cindy McCain is so ro... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Cindy McCain is so rotten she started out as a special needs teacher, she started and maintains a family charity primarily for children's causes in developing countries such as Morocco, Vietnam, India, and Kosovo and is active in mine clearing projects in previously war-torn countries. When I say "active" I mean she's been out there in a flak-jacket in the mine fields. But she got herself into some trouble with prescription medications (which she was able to work out a deal for by serving community time, closing her medical charity, paying fines and joining narcotics anonymous) so let's ignore all her other work and focus on a past addiction as if she'd never atoned for it or made any reparations. There are some lefties who would prefer getting some giddy pleasure out of imagining her being in prison and man-handled by Large Marge.

I would like to say to some... (Below threshold)

I would like to say to some of my old chums who thought my comment was too broad, I did mention Leftys' and "some exceptions". I know there are a few lefty's with sense and service in mind.

BryanD, bu-bye. IF I had my way. ww






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