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And now for the rest of the story

All three South Florida major daily newspapers are cutting staff. By the looks of this article, the Miami Herald is cutting the news too.

TITUSVILLE -- (AP) -- Rough water capsized a boat in the Indian River and the people on board used the game ''rock, paper, scissors'' to decide who would swim back for help.

The three boaters say their vessel started taking on water Sunday afternoon. When they stopped the boat to work on the problem, some large waves tipped the boat over. The passengers were able to climb on top of the capsized vessel.

The boaters waited about seven hours to be rescued. All three people onboard were not seriously injured.

So when did the boaters play the game? To get the complete picture, I went to WFTV Channel 9 from Orlando's website.

"We played 'rock paper scissors' to see who would have to swim back," said boater James Elmore.
Neither article makes mention of a boater actually swimming back.

I know times are tough in the news business, but you would hope newspapers could correctly report a simple story of a boat capsizing without screwing it up. Is that really asking for too much?


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Neither article ma... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Neither article makes mention of a boater actually swimming back.

That's because the game ''rock, paper, scissors'' didn't work in this environment. The scissors rusted so bad it couldn't be used to cut paper and the paper turned to mush and couldn't cover the rock and the rock sank and couldn't be used to smash the scissors. Thus, no one was selected to swim back to shore. Well it's either that or what we used to call news has gone the way of the dodo bird.

If I though the MSM could t... (Below threshold)

If I though the MSM could tell the whole story, much less get it right, or even close, I'd prolly still suscribe to the St. Pete Times.

They don't; and I haven't for years.

umm.. ya the news always sc... (Below threshold)

umm.. ya the news always screws up stories... but i was the female "boater" that was rescued and yes, james swam back to get help or else we would still be out there!!. and we didnt actually play rock paper scissors, james was just messing around when he got interviewed. ha ha






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