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It's... Horrible!

I find myself trembling with pride. Thanks to the fine folks at Whedonesque, I have discovered that Dr. Horrible is still available on these interwebs. Not only that, it's actually EMBEDDABLE. That means that I can bring the sheer awesomeness of a superhero musical (quasi) comedy written by Joss Whedon and family, and starring the absolutely amazing Neil Patrick Harris, the awesome beyond words Nathan Fillion, and the delightfully adorable Felicia Day.

And the quality of the video is EVEN BETTER than the initial release.

And so, I present to you who were unfortunate to miss it the first time around, I present...



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That's cool, but go to itun... (Below threshold)

That's cool, but go to itunes and buy the season pass anyway. It's $4. It supports Joss and this format which was his brain-child while the so-called writers were on strike. Consider it an eff-you to the a-holes who managed to shut down the industry for nefarious reasons...

And this from a guy who almost never buys stuff like this in digital only format. (Over 4000 tracks on my ipod, only 3 were purchased. The others are legit.) I still prefer owning the cd and ripping them myself.

Two thumbs up for clancy on... (Below threshold)

Two thumbs up for clancy on this one.

This was a great story. Wa... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

This was a great story. Way beyond the abilities of network TV to get right.

Anyone notice the names of the members of the Evil League of Evil in the credits? Gotta love 'Dead Bowie'!

I want to thank you for sha... (Below threshold)

I want to thank you for sharing that--there's no way in the world I would have seen this had you not mentioned it.

"Fan-freaking-tastic" is all I can say.

My favorite villain, Lord John Whorfin, just took a back seat to Dr. Horrible.






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