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Tuesday Morning Link Round Up

"God, who gave us life, gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever." Thomas Jefferson

  • Media Bias? Where? Dana at Liberty Pundit along with Sister Toldjah takes a look at where the News Media sends their political contributions. (Via Liberty Pundit)

  • The Stern Gang Howard Stern has vowed to never vote Democrat again. Equating them with communists. (Via Common Sense Political Thought)

  • Our Government Problem-Solvers At election time, politicians can't help but "do something" -- even if it makes matters worse. (Via
    National Review Online)

  • Taxes for you, but not for me. The committee hosting the Democratic National Convention has used the city's gas pumps to fill up and apparently avoided paying state and federal fuel taxes. The practice, which began four months ago, may have ended hours after its disclosure. An aide to Mayor John Hickenlooper released a statement Tuesday evening saying that Denver 2008 Host Committee members would pay market prices for fuel and would also be liable for all applicable taxes. (Via Conservative Compendium)

  • The AP admits we are winning in Iraq. If you wanted us out of Iraq a few years ago, if you wanted us to run like cowards because the going was a bit tough, if you uttered the words "not in my name" while speaking about Iraq, then you cannot claim the victory that pretty much everyone has now come to the conclusion Iraq is. (Via Flopping Aces)

  • Obama's written prayer It's all about Obama. (Via Patriot Room)

  • Washington Post: Oil may become GOP's 2008 issue. May? May? Try *IS*. The Democrats are asleep at the wheel on this issue. (Via Patriot Room)

  • Media misses the big story of the Obama trip. The media is gaga over Barack Obama's international trip. They fawn, they cheer, and they marvel. But did they miss the big story? (Via Pajamas Media)

  • Obama's New Berlin venue another bad choice In response to German criticisms of his proposal to give a speech at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate, Barack Obama has now come to agreement with Berlin municipal authorities to give his speech today at the historic "Victory Column" or Siegessäule: approximately one mile down the road and with the Brandenburg Gate still in direct view. (Via Pajamas Media)

  • He Ventured Forth to Bring Light To The World. The anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action - and a blessing to all his faithful followers. Someone overseas sees right through the "obamessiah." (Via Times Online UK)

  • Video for the above linkage More fun than reading the 'story'.(Via Flopping Aces)

  • A Tale From The Land of 57 States. In the eighth year of the third millennium, near the time the earth's Great Cooling began, a London town crier called Gerard the Baker heralded the coming of the Child who was the Anointed One. The London Baker's news fell upon many among the people with shock and awe as it offered a gift uncommon to the silly season -- laughter. (he continues his 'story' in the comments section) (Via American Thinker)

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    Comments (3)

    Oh Boy! No More Nuclear We... (Below threshold)

    Oh Boy! No More Nuclear Weapons!

    No wonder he got crowds of hundreds in Berlin. Too bad the media didn't show the beer tents...

    Wow, I agree with Howard St... (Below threshold)
    P. Bunyan:

    Wow, I agree with Howard Stern!

    Actually it's the other way around as I recognized that fact long before he did. Still its good the see the simple minded also becoming aware. (Well, except for the Wizbang trolls and Hooson)

    You ought to really glimpse... (Below threshold)

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