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Your Chance to Cost Moveon.org Some Money

Let's see... that's 15 fake address that don't exist... that should be a few less dollars they can use seaming General Petraeus. And as an added bonus they have to pay google every time someone clicks that link.


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Would 1060 W Addison be too... (Below threshold)

Would 1060 W Addison be too obvious?

ravenshrike,No, it... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


No, it wouldn't for Moreon.org types.

Most of them are either too young for the reference, too drug addled to remeber, or too, umm, intellectual to have ever watched such a classic.

Dibs on 1313 Mockingbird La... (Below threshold)

Dibs on 1313 Mockingbird Lane and 22-B Baker Street. Also 1630 Revello Drive.

On second thought, if anyone wants to use them, have at it...


Unfortunately Oakley Court ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately Oakley Court is an address in the UK, but I bet you could use the entire RHPS cast as separate orders.

You need a valid email addr... (Below threshold)

You need a valid email address when you fill out the form. Use the mailinator.com service to generate as many unique email addresses as you need.

Obama Hussein Dumshit... (Below threshold)

Obama Hussein Dumshit
123 Ifheiselected
Yourdumb, MA 01011

Mmmmm that felt good

742 Evergreen Terrace...</p... (Below threshold)

742 Evergreen Terrace...

Guys, we would be complaini... (Below threshold)

Guys, we would be complaining -- and justifiably -- if the MoveOn.Org guys did this to a McCain campaign website.

We should thus not do it to theirs. Not because we give a shit about them personally, but because we have that honesty thing going, even if they don't.

Why not try raising money o... (Below threshold)

Why not try raising money on the internet for groups you support, instead of childishly wasting a few hundred dollars of an incredibly well-funded liberal PAC's war chest? Oh, right--the internet has a liberal bias.

I thought MoveOn was not go... (Below threshold)

I thought MoveOn was not going to be campaigning for Obama?

If they send a prepaid enve... (Below threshold)

If they send a prepaid envelope to return a donation in, fill it with junk mail (your name removed) and return it to them. A tactic I use on junk mail, keep the prepaid envelopes, swap the junk mail and return them. Cost of postage eats them up.

fg -"I thought ... (Below threshold)

fg -

"I thought MoveOn was not going to be campaigning for Obama?"

Well, whatever MoveOn says will have about as much truthfulness as Pelosi saying she had a new, sensible way to lower energy prices right before the '06 election.

That is considered fraud. I... (Below threshold)

That is considered fraud. I thought republicans were suppose to be ones with morals. Shame on you.






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