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Jay Tea's Tech Tips For The Clueless

When you're reinstalling your computer's operating system, it might be a good idea to turn off your BIOS' anti-boot-sector virus protection.It might help speed things along.

This valuable discovery only took me a week to figure out, but that's because I'm a super-genius. I calculate that any other mere mortal could have spent months in frustration before catching this subtle, almost unheard-of complication.

After about three weeks, Frankenputer might be making the first tentative clawings out of its grave...


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"This valuable discovery... (Below threshold)

"This valuable discovery only took me a week to figure out, but that's because I'm a super-genius."

Rookie. Are you thinking of adding "super-genius" to your business card, in tribute to Wile E. Coyote? ;-)

It would be nice, Mr. Te... (Below threshold)

It would be nice, Mr. Tea, if someone would extend condolences to those of us born analog and dragged kicking and screaming into the Digital Age.

pffftttttt ...COMPUTERS ... (Below threshold)

pffftttttt ...COMPUTERS can't live WITH em, can't live WITHOUT em!!

3,,, 2... 1...[ep... (Below threshold)

3,,, 2... 1...

[epador makes gratuitous remark about macs...]

I shot the last one that wo... (Below threshold)

I shot the last one that wouldn't co-operate. Got the desired effect. No problems, bleeps, burps or hic-ups from the new one at all.

Gee Jay, it takes you only ... (Below threshold)

Gee Jay, it takes you only one whole week just to figure out how to load computer software in just one computer, while I used to actually repair the electronics in several TV's, microwave ovens, stereos, etc. each day and every day, and repaired thousands of electronic items for years in the electronics repair shops I owned. Okay.

I designed my own version of a picture tube rejuvenation machine, designed a silicon- controlled retifier tester that I sold as well as designed some logic circuit based stereo filters to really explode the dynamic range of High Fi audio systems, where the logic sector randomly highlights certain parts of the music, creating a way cool constantly variable effect. I also rebuilt my own car alternators and converted my classic car alternators over one wire units that bypassed much of the wiring for custom high performance applications. Yet I've always felt very badly that there are many more far brighter than me in electronics.

Well, at least you know that the power cord of your computer goes in the wall, Jay.

Let's hear more of your tech tips here, Mr. Einstein. But at least you're an inspiration to the electronically challenged here that could never even figure out to program their VCR or stop the clock from blinking. And no, putting black tape over the digital dislpay doesn't count.

damn paul, where did that p... (Below threshold)

damn paul, where did that piss and vinegar come from? usually you're a lot more civil, even when i think you're off your rocker.

Hmm... what have we learned... (Below threshold)

Hmm... what have we learned about Mr. Hooson?

1) My self-deprecating humor escapes him. Most people seemed to have picked up on how I was actually saying "I feel like an idiot. For a week I saw the same error and didn't realize precisely what it was saying -- I was making an incredibly fundamental, basic error. Please join me in laughing at myself."

2) There may be circumstances where Mr. Hooson will feel it is inappropriate for him to boast of his many accomplishments, but they haven't been discovered as yet.

3) Mr. Hooson's ass is still smarting from the two beatings I laid on it this last week -- first, when I dared to criticize his sacred unions (when we discovered that he can spend several hundred words defending unions against some very specific charges without, you know, actually mentioning those charges, let alone defending against them), and secondly, when I actually read his article on foreign policy and was rude enough to point out "this guy's a blue cheese-eating surrender monkey."

If I may offer you a little advice, Mr. Hooson (and it seems to be some advice that you could stand to hear): don't try to denigrate me in a thread that is based around my denigrating myself. While you're apparently superb at many things, when it comes to blogging I am considerably better than you. Toss in that you are attempting to compete with me on an area where my expertise is unparalleled in the world -- namely, knowing and mocking me over my failings and shortcomings -- and you come across as an arrogant, pompous, humorless, stick-up-the-ass prat.

Thanks for the affirmation. I realize you didn't intend them as such -- that just makes them that much more precious.


Jay, so sorry to hurt your ... (Below threshold)

Jay, so sorry to hurt your feelings here bro, wasn't my intent. You know that I respect all the writers of the Wizbang Network. But hearing your pathetic attempts at electronics analysis was just too funny for me.

I certainly didn't realize that you "laid any beatings on me" this week. You made an a wholly incorrect and off-base analysis of my foreign policy piece about McCain, and you spouted off some silly and incorrect views about labor unions, as well as made an incorrect computer repair analysis. When you do something right this week, let me know. But I do respect that you're a pretty entertaining writer at times. That's why I read your features. Peace.

JayWasn't there a ... (Below threshold)


Wasn't there a discussion here once about the inability of liberals to understand real satire and self deprecation?

PH's comment comes as no surprise and should be filed under:

"I finally found something that I can do better than Jay Tea"

....picture tube rejuvenation machines

Jay, so sorry to h... (Below threshold)
Jay, so sorry to hurt your feelings here bro, wasn't my intent. You know that I respect all the writers of the Wizbang Network. But hearing your pathetic attempts at electronics analysis was just too funny for me.

Mission accomplished. Pity you didn't realize that it was intentional, though.

And hurt my feelings? Feh. The closest you came to that was you nearly made me sprain my funnybone.

OH, and Mr. Hooson, I'm still waiting for you to tell me precisely what was "silly and incorrect" about what I said about labor unions. If you need a recap, it was about ending the Consent Decree for the Teamsters, the SEIU extorting "contributions" for its PAC, and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Come back around 11, and you'll have another chance. I'm taking another swipe at that obscenity called the "Employee Free Choice Act" (which is anything but).


Jay, if you new labor piece... (Below threshold)

Jay, if you new labor piece can just avoid your overwelming temptation for using silly language such as "whore" or endless references to some prostitution related angle, then it might be taken a little more seriously than the last piece. Just a little honest advice. Okay.

If the metaphorical shoe fi... (Below threshold)

If the metaphorical shoe fits, Mr. Hooson, then it ought to be applied.

But no, this one doesn't engage in metaphors. Some strong language (not swearing, but potent words), but no metaphors.

I would be fascinated to hear an organized-labor expert like yourself discuss the merits of the union actions I cited -- the SEIU's demanding specific donations for its PAC from members, the ending of the Teamsters Consent Decree, and that bill eliminating the requirement for an anonymous vote on unionizing workers.

Please don't take this opportunity to bluster and filibuster and ignore the issues, like you did last time. A lot of pixels died senseless, tragic deaths for your bloviating.


.....or buy a Mac and forge... (Below threshold)
Largin Testin:

.....or buy a Mac and forget about the anti virus software , or viri, spy and malware, or trojans themselves, etc

A lot of pixels died sen... (Below threshold)

A lot of pixels died senseless, tragic deaths for your bloviating.

Not to worry...he's got a rejuvenator for that...

Paul, make sure add masochi... (Below threshold)

Paul, make sure add masochist to your lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong list of hobbies.

PIMFPlease insert ... (Below threshold)


Please insert a "to" or a "you" in between "sure" and "add" in my last comment. :-)

Largin,Yeah. No wor... (Below threshold)

Yeah. No worries ever on the Mac


The Mac definitely has it's... (Below threshold)

The Mac definitely has it's problems that are largely ignored. I'm already convinced of my preference (PCs) since I supported both when I was in IT. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but I believe the PC platform gives me greater flexibility. What suits me may not suit someone else though.

One thing everybody agrees on, is this topic is almost as bad as discussing politics and religion.







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