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MomLogic's Michelle Obama Infatuation

I've been doing a lot of mom blogging recently because, with three little kids 5 years old and younger, that's where my head is right now. However, I don't want to be too far away from politics because something is bound to happen that will either spark my interest or burn my butt.

Well, just today, I got an email from Jennifer Gunderson of MomLogic, an online magazine for moms that promotes itself this way:

momlogic.com is an online magazine "for thinking moms who don't have time to think." In addition to posting topical, entertaining and relevant stories, the site features breaking news and how it affects the lives of mothers and their families in an ever-changing world. momlogic.com is produced by Telepictures Productions, an industry-leading producer of syndicated programming and winner of 54 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Jennifer was promoting MomLogic's 20 question interview with Michelle Obama. The promotional introduction went this way:

Michelle Obama, the Women (sic) Who Might be First Lady, One-On-One About Her Marriage, Parenting, Being A Fashion ICON and What's On Her iPOD Momlogic.com asked the potential First Lady 20 questions & the 44-year-old mother of two tells all!

I was immediately overwhelmed by all the sugary, sweet "isn't Michelle Obama just so wonderfully wonderful!" pap that I got a sugar high from just reading the intro.

It was then that I decided to reply to Jennifer and ask when MomLogic was going to do a similar interview with Cynthia McCain. I wrote this:


Now that you've completely fawned all over the "potential first lady" Michelle Obama, when will you be giving the same kind of attention to the "potential first lady" Cindy McCain? I suspect not anytime in the near future. Your infatuation with all things Obama is pretty sickening.

Kim Priestap
Up North Mommy

I know my email was a bit snide, but my head was still reeling from the syrupy "we love the Obamas" overload and I was getting a bad reaction.

A little while later, I got a response:

An invitation was extended to both women. If and when Cindy McCain decides to participate in an interview, hers will receive the same amount of attention on our site.

Before I responded to Jennifer's response to me I wanted to do a little research to see how MomLogic treated each candidates' wife. Probably the best way to do this is to do a search on each woman to see what kinds of articles MomLogic has published about them. So I went to MomLogic's site and did a search on Michelle Obama and Cynthia McCain.

A search of the words Michelle Obama got these results. Impressive. Link upon link upon link of photos and articles.

A search of Cynthia McCain got these results. As you'll see when you click over there are only two results, one of which isn't even about Cynthia McCain.

So I searched again, this time with just the name McCain, and this is what I got. Note the very first result. Nice.

Just to make sure I wasn't missing anything I then searched the words Cindy McCain. There was a link to an article about her oatmeal butterscotch cookies as well as other articles in which Mrs. McCain was mentioned but only in passing or in negative terms.

It was quite obvious from just the results from the searches how the editors of MomLogic feel about the candidates' wives, which gives us an indication of how they feel about the candidates themselves.

So I sent another response to Jennifer after having done my searches. This is what I wrote:

I wonder if she'd even be interested. I went to your site and searched for articles about Michelle Obama. The results were link after link after link of photos of, posts by, and articles about Michelle Obama.

When I searched for articles about Cynthia McCain, I got two results back, one of which wasn't even about Mrs. McCain. When I did another search using only the name McCain, what was the result at the top of the list and stood out like neon? Some article about John McCain calling his wife the "C" word. What the hell is that?

Kim Priestap
Up North Mommy

I'm still waiting on a response, but something tells me I won't get one.


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Comments (21)

More Obama fans. (They're ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

More Obama fans. (They're not "supporters" so much as they are "fans".)

I got the same e-mail. Appa... (Below threshold)

I got the same e-mail. Apparently the standards for the title "mom" have seriously slipped, if I'm on their list.

And oddly enough, I touched on Gunderson and Fox in a piece that will publish tomorrow morning...


Ah, Kim, you busted them ag... (Below threshold)

Ah, Kim, you busted them again. Keep the pressure on. People are slowly waking up.

Super Mom Michelle subjecte... (Below threshold)

Super Mom Michelle subjected her children to the hate-filled Trinity Church and brags that they like Snoop Dogg.

I got that email too, read ... (Below threshold)

I got that email too, read the first paragraph and filed it appropriately in the trash.

Good for you Kim. Nothing ... (Below threshold)

Good for you Kim. Nothing bugs me more than general sounding sites and clubs and magazine articles where they're all written as if everyone reading or listening is a liberal democrat woman. I'm sick to death of it. You'd think Bush had never won two elections with the help of millions of women.

It's just arrogance.

What's that site again, ho-... (Below threshold)

What's that site again, ho-logic?

Momlogic.com should be aske... (Below threshold)

Momlogic.com should be asked when they're going
to join in the offer of keeping Obamas promise
of helping the school he visited while in
Kenya. Or maybe they are interested in aiding
Obama in ignoring his promise.

GianiD, you are constistent... (Below threshold)

GianiD, you are constistent with the racist insults. Such vitriol must be motivated by something in your personal history--did a Trinidadian girl dump you for someone taller and better looking who doesn't wear a toupé? Did you gamble away a welfare check on Klitschko vs. Lewis?

Crawl back under your rock, you maggot. The sun's coming out and there's no place for scum like you in the light of day.

What's racists about "ho"? ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

What's racists about "ho"? There are ho's of every race. It's extremely pathetic, tiresome, puerile, and archaic to have race injected into everything like Obama regularly does and you are doing here, Hyper.

I wish Obama and the rest of you far lefitsts would grow up and try and align your worldview to the 21st century already.

That has to be the most ina... (Below threshold)

That has to be the most inane website I have ever looked at, and I've looked at many more than I care to admit.

Then again, can we expect more from a website that posts a thread on suggestions for "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn Sutter's son's 1st birthday party (or "baby bash", as the nitwits at MomLogic call it)?

Sorry, but it's further proof to me that, Upper-Middle Class women lose 10-20 IQ points each time they have a child (Camille Paglia was spot-on when she said that over-educated upper-middle class women are the bane of society) . When I realize these are the women shaping young peoples' minds, I realize why I can't stand a lot of young people.

"Ho" is racist when you're ... (Below threshold)

"Ho" is racist when you're using it to refer to a black woman. Sorry, but that is the case.

langry--agreed. My mother is a moron, and so is yours. Women are really stupid, and it would be better if they just shut up forever. Sheesh, dude.

Judging someone by the colo... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Judging someone by the color of their skin is racist, Hyper. I don't care what color Michelle's skin is, but apparently it's a big deal to you.

GianiD: Michelle Obama is a... (Below threshold)

GianiD: Michelle Obama is a ho.

hyperbolist: Calling a black woman a ho is racist.

P.Bunyan: Mentioning her race makes you a racist.

Did I leave something out? 'Cause that seems pretty foolish as it stands. And GianiD has demonstrated himself to be a racist on previous occasions, so while you might be literally correct to point out that "hos" come in all colours, I think I'm substantively justified in assuming that GianiD's use of the word was racially charged, and therefore also justified in pointing out how much of a troglodyte he is.

Yes, Hyper. Race should be... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Yes, Hyper. Race should be irrelevant in this day and age. Along those same lines anyone who votes for Obama because he's half black is just as racist as someone who votes against Obama just because he's half black.

Saying one race can say something while another can't is also racist. In fact, anytime you make a distinction based on race, such as "'Ho' is racist when you're using it to refer to a black woman" you are a racist.

The political Left is the home of racism so I would expect you to be oblivious to these facts.

You're hilarious, and I'm d... (Below threshold)

You're hilarious, and I'm done talking about race with someone who claims to live in a post-racial world.

Oh for ****sakes...<p... (Below threshold)

Oh for ****sakes...

You never claimed to live in a post-racial world. My reading skills are pathetic today, sorry. I don't think you're a racist, and it doesn't matter to me if you think I'm one, so this conversation is a waste of your time and mine. Hungover, and with this on my mind, having a 22 year old brother, I'm not in a good mood. Time to go outside and try and enjoy the weather. Peace.

It's a waste of time, Hyper... (Below threshold)

It's a waste of time, Hyper, when you misrepresent what someone said. GianiD did not say Michelle Obama is a ho. He said, "What's that site again, ho-logic?" He was referring to the site. Not Michelle Obama, for ****sakes. God you're an ass.

Oyster, refer to #17. Was t... (Below threshold)

Oyster, refer to #17. Was too busy chugging coffee, chewing Advil, and reconsidering my opposition to the death penalty to read things charitably. The fact that GianiD has previously made overtly racist statements motivated the lapse in my understanding of his inane, insulting comment--which, you are correct, was not literally racist, though one would assume implicitly so, because that's the line he likes to walk. He would not have made that stupid joke if it was Teresa Heinz Kerry that they were fawning over.

You're having some sort of ... (Below threshold)

You're having some sort of crisis today with your previously held beliefs because you've been slapped with reality. So you apologize, in comment #17, to P. Bunyan for misreading what he said but decided it would be okay, I guess, to let the remark about GianiD go because at sometime in the past you have construed his comments as racist. Then you defend your misreading of his comment not because of your own mental state, but because "one would assume implicitly so" - we naturally all take any comment made by someone, especially GianiD, who often complains about the double standard of what is racist speech, based on who says it, are racist themselves, right? Of course the natural conclusion is that certainly GianiD would not have made any comment about the site at all if a white woman were the subject. Tell me, were your psychic abilities derived from your mother, or father?

How about taking a walk on the honest side of the argument? Everything he says will be assumed by you to be racist and replied to in fashion. Even what he didn't say.

See who the first wife of J... (Below threshold)
Robert Lewis:

See who the first wife of John McCain is working for now and who she contributed to







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