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Sorry IE Users - Sitemeter Broke Our Site

This evening I received an e-mail asking why Wizbang wouldn't load in IE. Things worked fine in Firefox and the whole site loaded in IE, but when the page finished loading in IE a dialog popped up saying the page was closing due to an error. The issues seems to be related to the SiteMeter statistics code. Removing that code seems to have fixed things.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Comments (7)

Not just Wizbang. Insty, Ho... (Below threshold)
Mike Johnson:

Not just Wizbang. Insty, Hotair, Clayton Cramer, Ed Driscoll and a slew of others are showing similar error messages. Cannot open/abort blah blah.
You were the first to notice. (Insty/ Hotair are back on.) I thought it was an infection of some sort.


I'm having the same problem... (Below threshold)

I'm having the same problem trying to load hotair.com tonight. Is this malicious activity?

Whoever handles the sitemet... (Below threshold)

Whoever handles the sitemeter needs to be notified since dozens of blogs are crashing.

Also Biglizard, Dafydd ab H... (Below threshold)

Also Biglizard, Dafydd ab Hugh's site.

The ultimate fix, sitemeter... (Below threshold)

The ultimate fix, sitemeter.com is the problem. If you go into your internet explorer security settings and add the following to restricted sites then the page loads.

Add my humble site to the l... (Below threshold)

Add my humble site to the list of folks having problems. I figured out what it was late last night (sitemeter), and removed it, but I can't find a similar product with the same robust tracking features.

Something about this doesn'... (Below threshold)

Something about this doesn't add up.






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