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New McCain ad: "The One"

I have yet to use an Barak Obama pet name. All other names pale in comparison to his glory. Elect him! Elect him with highest Electoral College delegates!


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In the vain that anything a... (Below threshold)

In the vain that anything against Obama is a ghastly distortion and evil plot and not valid criticism, the lefttard meme on this is that Barack is being portrayed as the Anti-Christ.


As a card-carrying lefttard... (Below threshold)

As a card-carrying lefttard, I humbly submit that Sen. McCain ought to start focusing on why he is good, and not why Sen. Obama is bad, or he's finished.

Kind of a funny ad, though. Movie trailer-ish. Based on essentially a myth, that most Obama supporters are cheering vacant-eyed groupies that have no idea what he stands for. No doubt there are some of these, but it's (rather obviously) not a majority.

People already know McCain.... (Below threshold)

People already know McCain. They don't know jack about Obama other than he's a fabulous speaker and a Senator 10 minutes before running for President.

Well there's Wright, Ayers,... (Below threshold)

Well there's Wright, Ayers, his wife, Rezco, etc., but apparently trying to know his friends/mentors is attacking him.

Now nowlet's not say anythi... (Below threshold)

Now nowlet's not say anything bad about old "pac-e-derm ears". HE is the ONE--A$%SHOLE

JPM - Sen. McCain is more e... (Below threshold)

JPM - Sen. McCain is more experienced, nobody is arguing otherwise. But what would it take for you to say that people 'know' Sen. Obama sufficiently? Where's the cut-off point?

I mean, I don't know either of them, do I? I know what each of them say they will do as president, and how they will do it. Their platforms are much more refined in fact than candidate FDR's rather fuzzy 'new deal' was.

Wow, another great ad by Mc... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Wow, another great ad by McCain. Makes me wonder who's calling the shots because I just don't think McCain is that creative and so aware of Obama's weaknesses. What weaknesses, well Obama is where he is because of his celebrity status not because of his experience, not because of his character, nor because of his positions on the issues. Like the Paris Hilton ad, this "Moses" ad is designed to show the ridiculousness of Obama's celebrity status. Once that's been neutralized people will see Obama as the inexperienced radical leftwing politician that he ultimately is. Stripped of the nonsensical image, Obama is going to stand or fall on his positions on the issues and the quality of his character. Responsible Democrats even know that's the way it should be.

That ad's gotta rank hig... (Below threshold)

That ad's gotta rank high in the top 10 for sarcasm.

See Parthenon, it's like th... (Below threshold)

See Parthenon, it's like this. It doesn't matter what I think of Bush, I want the next president to have a real thing for the United States, not a real thing for himself. You know, with the McCain ad, Obama is beginning to approach real life parody.

I don't know, if not for th... (Below threshold)

I don't know, if not for the last ten seconds, I would have thought it was an Obama ad.

Who has any real evidence t... (Below threshold)

Who has any real evidence that either candidate doesn't have 'a thing' for the United States? And no, five comments on the campaign trail that could easily be misconstrued don't count as real evidence.

This ad may well end up hel... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

This ad may well end up helping Obama -- sort of the way mocking George Bush's manner of speaking helped him get elected.

In the vain that anythin... (Below threshold)

In the vain that anything against Obama is a ghastly distortion and evil plot and not valid criticism, the lefttard meme on this is that Barack is being portrayed as the Anti-Christ.

Seems fair in response to an ad that portrays Obama as Christ.

The Conservatives working f... (Below threshold)

The Conservatives working for McCain have decided to portray Obamamessiah as The AntiChrist foretold in ancient prophecy, a portrayal they hope will be effective with the superstitious Fundies (aka The Base). But we can see through this wicked plot.

Herman, do you hear voices?... (Below threshold)

Herman, do you hear voices?

(Herman can't respond becau... (Below threshold)

(Herman can't respond because he is currently hiding from the black helicopters circling his compound.)

I still think the funniest ... (Below threshold)

I still think the funniest part of this ad is Obama speaking. They didn't really have to put in too much sarcasm to show how deluded he is.

John McCain's ads continue ... (Below threshold)

John McCain's ads continue to become more and more juvenile by the day. Is McCain hiring children to make these ads? I thought child labor was illegal.

So, in other words, ... (Below threshold)

So, in other words, funny=juvenile..

If there weren't some truth to that ad, it would be juvenile, but, unfortunately, Blobama really believes himself to be a gift to the masses..

No matter what, you need to lighten up, Paul..

And your "child labor" statement is stoopid, too..






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