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Potential for caption contest: high

Santa Monica pier

Obama? Check. Britney? Check. Paris? Check. McCain barely in the picture (he's in there)? It took a minute to find him, but Check.

Althouse showing the plurality of the American experience. You can get your picture taken with Obama, Clinton, McCain, or some other television celebrity.


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David Axelrod was outraged ... (Below threshold)

David Axelrod was outraged when he discovered that there were people who would want their picture taken with someone other than the Chosen One. "Racism is not dead in this country, he proclaimed".

Which one is Cleavon Little... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

Which one is Cleavon Little?

Celeb's were happy to find ... (Below threshold)

Celeb's were happy to find that BO was just as shallow and one sided as they were.

The Media gathers likely De... (Below threshold)

The Media gathers likely Democratic voters for an informal poll.

I wonder if they would let ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if they would let me bring a cardboard picture of myself to stand with one of their cutouts and take pictures of me taking pictures of myself with the likenesses of people I don't particularly care for?

Blow up the pier and do bot... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Blow up the pier and do both sides of the political aisle and the United States a favor as well as raise the IQ of Hollywood by 20 points.

What's with all the cemeter... (Below threshold)

What's with all the cemetery crosses in the background, down on the beach ?

What's this supposed to be,... (Below threshold)

What's this supposed to be, a gathering of Democratic superdelegates?

Those are beach chairs with... (Below threshold)

Those are beach chairs with people in them. You can't recognize that because the beaches in Oregon are packed with drift wood and cold....my favorite beaches are in Oregon for that reason.

My bad, Those are re... (Below threshold)

My bad,
Those are registered voters for the Democratic party in California.

Oregon beaches are still better.






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