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Well, I have my loyal Frankenputer back in place, connected all up, and am slowly -- SLOWLY -- getting it back up to speed. And once again I have a "disappearing' hard drive inside.

But it's getting closer to normal... at least I'm comfier.


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Can I recommend getting a b... (Below threshold)

Can I recommend getting a backup tool like True Image? You make an image of your hard drive once you get it set how you like and then if something goes wrong you reinstall the image, not everything else.

Also works great for those people that do these things called "backups", if something goes wrong you install the image of your last back up, not the whole OS and then data.

I recall in some other thre... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I recall in some other thread you listed off a whole bunch of hard drives you have. If you have all those hooked up in this same computer, are you sure your power supply is up to the task? If you are overloading it, it could be delivering insufficient power to run everything simultaneously.

You're missed over at Olive... (Below threshold)

You're missed over at Oliver's... you lot text-screaming at each other is better than McLaughlin.

it isn't so much the drive ... (Below threshold)
jayson teeger:

it isn't so much the drive as how you use it






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