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Citizens of the world, your vote will be counted!

You may want to sit down for this one.

Except if you're in the armed forces. Then don't count on it.

Hopefully stuff like this and this will get their votes counted.

UPDATE: I should really clarify the logical jump I made from the video to the complaint I had about overseas ballots for the military. The point I was making (in an obviously non-obvious way) was the way the Democrats were pushing for people from overseas to vote in the upcoming elections.

The logical jump I was trying to make was that these same Democrats are the ones who worked so hard to not accept overseas ballots from the military. We saw that in 2000 and 2004. The hypocrisy of encouraging one group of people (who tend to agree with them) and opposing another (that are overwhelmingly against them) is the entire gist of my argument.


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Again, I'm going to go slig... (Below threshold)

Again, I'm going to go slightly off the reservation here and ask "what's the problem?" (Other than solely pushing Obama and the commercial being crappily excuted, of course.) US citizens living abroad are allowed and should be encouraged to vote. A fine message.

More to the point however, since the ad obviously targets Democrats, and a large majority of our men and women in uniform are of a right-leaning political bent, it makes sense NOT to include troops in the ad. Any inclusion of soldiers would likely annoy the antiwar nutroots (among others) at the base of the party. So in that regard it makes perfect sense.

Besides, even if they had included troops it'd come across as so much BS anyway.

If the McCain media camp is sharp, they'll do a a spot AND include the troops. And hopefully a lot shorter. This ad was annoyingly long for such a simple message.

I'm always interested about... (Below threshold)

I'm always interested about your concern for being 'off the reservation.' Which reservation is that? The Republicans? The Conservatives? The RNC?

If there's anything we've learned over the last 8 years is that those three aren't necessarily inclusive terms.

Just out of curosity, where... (Below threshold)

Just out of curosity, where is this "ad" playing?
'Cause if you are in Europe, you're sure as hell not going to see it on their TV stations. So, once again, who is this "ad" aimed at?

If there's anything we'v... (Below threshold)

If there's anything we've learned over the last 8 years is that those three aren't necessarily inclusive terms.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, Mac. Are you insinuating that Dems are somehow more inclusive than GOPers? If so, that's imminently debatable.

And what I'm basically saying is "So what if the ad doesn't include military personnel? Why should it? It's not targeted toward them." That's the real point of my response.

Well, I am going to have to... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Well, I am going to have to go with the, "Well, what is the issue?" side of the house. Kudos to the Democrats for reminding people to vote. Though people may not always vote for the same thing I do (in fact, around half do not share my opinions, give or take), I firmly believe that everyone should vote whenever possible. And, sometimes, American citizens overseas (since this commercial clearly made it obvious that it was targetting Americans, not some nebulous "citizens of the world") sometimes forget to do so (just likee everyone else), I see nothing wrong with this.

Of course the expatriots wi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Of course the expatriots will vote democrat. They have the best of both worlds-- representation without taxation.

I like the chick sitting do... (Below threshold)

I like the chick sitting down with her legs crossed: "I feel like I was born a democrat." True, it's good for all legal citizens of the United States to vote, including the military here and abroad.

The members of the military... (Below threshold)

The members of the military will be 'allowed' to obtain a ballot, fill it in and return it. The democrats will disregard the ballots as illegal since they have no postmark. APO's do not postmark mail and mail from a combat zone has no stamp, just a note, 'free mail'. The democrats in Fl threw all of the military ballots out. Makes it kind of worthless for those protecting your right to vote to go through the trouble to 'try' to vote when they are 99% sure any ballot handled by a democrat will hit the round file.

Great, someone can imperson... (Below threshold)

Great, someone can impersonate my dead relatives from Nigeria.






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