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Obama's Promise: Hope For Spare Change

Every now and then, Senator Obama demonstrates that he is, indeed, a new type of politician. That he is beyond the old politics, and represents Hopey Changefulness about the future. And he's doing it again.

One of the things that politicians tend to do that drives voters nuts is they make all kinds of promises while campaigning, then forgets all about them once they get elected. Actually, it doesn't really drive folks any more -- we expect it. It's become a cliche'.

Well, no more. Senator Obama doesn't do that. Instead, he dumps his promises as soon as he makes them.

Back in 2006, Senator Obama visited the Kenyan village where his father was born. While there, he visited an elementary school that was being renamed in his honor. Touched by this gesture, he pledged to help and support the school.

Well, he apparently hasn't sent one penny to the school. This caught the attention of quite a few people, especially the blogger Baldilocks. In real life, Baldilocks is also of Kenyan ancestry -- in fact, even the same tribe from which Senator Obama descends. She's decided that even if Senator Obama can't keep his promise, it will be fulfilled -- and she's set up a non-profit to collect money for the Senator Obama Kegolo School.

I sent in a few bucks last night, and I'd urge everyone else to do the same. Hey, it's a win-win -- help a bunch of kids in Africa, AND tweak the nose of Senator Obama at the same time!

More recently, Senator Obama made another financial promise he hasn't kept. When Hillary Clinton finally suspended (NOT ended) her campaign, Senator Obama promised to help her retire her sizable campaign debt. (I'm sensing a common theme here... politicians not paying their bills and keeping their promises.) The deal was that they'd each raise $500,000 for each other.

Hillary's kept her end of the deal, and both she and Bill have been good soldiers (well, as good as they can when they're not working for their own benefit) for Obama. So far, though, Obama's fallen a bit short of the money he pledged her.

About $500,000 short.

But I'm sure these are aberrations. I can't imagine that Obama would show the same disregard he makes to the American people as he's shown for schoolchildren in Africa (who, after all, are too young to vote and couldn't, anyway, because they're not Americans) and his fiercest political rival in exchange for her support.

That would be cynical, and smacking of The Old Politics, and just plain wrong.


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Comments (12)

Hearing about another lying... (Below threshold)

Hearing about another lying libbie is as common as hearing the birds outside at 5 am.

Its OK, dims are so shallow they are focusing on his current promise, air gauges, instead of his old ones.

Jay Tea , your heart... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Jay Tea , your hearts just not in it anymore. Who is forcing you to pump this stuff out?

Tip for next post, "Obama has saved nail clippings in a jar since 1980"

No one's keeping you around... (Below threshold)

No one's keeping you around here, lava. If I no longer meet your standards, feel free to leave.


"Pressed again, he [Bill... (Below threshold)

"Pressed again, he [Bill Clinton] responded with an endorsement that could hardly have been a weaker cup of tea: "I never said he wasn't qualified. The Constitution sets qualification for the President. And then the people decide who they think would be the better President. I think we have two choices. I think he should win, and I think he will win.""

You know, I have to defend Clinton here. First, what did they expect? That Clinton should be happy that his wife lost in the primaries because Obama is so eminently qualified? Obama's qualifications, aside from the bare essentials stated in the Constitution, is one of the very biggest issues. He's now struggling to acquire bonafides for the job - something he should have been doing before making a run.

Second, I don't think Bill is racist. Of all the things Bill is and was, racist isn't one of them and I, for one, am sick and tired of everyone having to answer to these charges.

Furthermore, the fact that Hillary is holding her end of the bargain, and diligently so, still isn't enough. I mean, so what if you've done your part and the other person hasn't, right? You need to bury the hatchet.

The whole article focuses on the Clintons' "bruised" feelings and interpretations of everything Hillary says, while the real issue is that Obama hasn't held up his end of the bargain. This article is elucidates the very notion surrounding every pet cause that comes down the pipe these days. Tolerance and acceptance isn't enough. Not even deliberate action toward furthering it. One must embrace and rejoice it and don't say anything that may be construed differently - or someone will write an article about your "bruised" feelings and how you still haven't "gotten over it."

"Tip for next post, "Oba... (Below threshold)

"Tip for next post, "Obama has saved nail clippings in a jar since 1980""

Yeah, broken promises are just so blasé.

Rape is terrible; falsely c... (Below threshold)
Jesse Faust:

Rape is terrible; falsely claiming rape is terrible too. Racism is terrible; falsely claiming racism is terrible too. Obama is horrible for condoning it. He will do ANYthing to be elected. Obviously, that includes promising the moon and delivering...hmm, what did he deliver to those kids who idolize him, like a saint....SQUAT.

Come on Lava, get with the ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Come on Lava, get with the program. It's not that J.T. correctly recogniing that Obama has a history of breaking promises is boring. Obiously it's not, but it's a "distraction". Get it? "Distraction" One more time: whenever someone brings up Obama's history, personal associations, or voting record, these are all "distractions" from the real issues. (And of couse the only real issues is that everything Bush has done is wrong and all Republicans are just like Bush.)

Now go forth Lava, inflate your tires, and be a good Marxist.

I hope he changes. ww... (Below threshold)

I hope he changes. ww

The audacity of disingenuou... (Below threshold)

The audacity of disingenuousness

"Now go forth Lava, infl... (Below threshold)

"Now go forth Lava, inflate your tires, and be a good Marxist."

Just don't over-inflate them, or you're doing no better than someone who has under-inflated tires. :-)

P. Bunyan missed something,... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

P. Bunyan missed something, the all-to-frequently heard, "...and I've been perfectly consistent on this point all along". At first I just noticed it, then I found the frequency of it's use amusing. Now, it grates like 40 grit sand paper.


P. Bunyan missed s... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan missed something, the all-to-frequently heard, "...and I've been perfectly consistent on this point all along".

I think that's an Obama campaign talking point. I saw Tom Daschle on FNS last week and every one of his answers started out with the preamble "Chris, Barak Obama has been perfectly consistent from the beginning on this point..." followed by whatever position Obama was taking at the moment. It was hilarious. I mean, if you have to send out spokesmen to keep reminding the press how consistent you are, you probably aren't.






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