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Edwards Headline of the Day and other Notes

Right Wing News has the Edwards/Hunter headline of the day:

The Silky Pony Admits To Lesbian Affair With Rielle Hunter: Mainstream Media & Daily Kos Hardest Hit

Ha ha! I laughed out loud at that one. I'm sure Ann Coulter did, too.

But, seriously, read John's post.

Read Kirsten Powers' article at the New York Post as well. It articulates what so many thought about Edwards: he's a complete phony, a charlatan:

[S]omething about Edwards always seemed uniquely phony, even by the standards of politics. Actually, nothing about him seemed authentic.

Who was he? Apparently, whatever he thought people wanted him to be. In 2000, he helped found the "New Democrat Coalition" for the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) along with Sen. Joe Lieberman and others. Then, for his 2004 presidential run, he staked out the populist "Two Americas" theme. By 2008, he'd completed a total morph into a class warrior who pandered to the farthest reaches of the Democratic Left...

The poor suddenly became a great concern to him after his 2004 loss - yet he saw no disconnect in building a massive mansion as he crusaded for the poverty-stricken. He discovered New Orleans when he wanted to make his 2008 campaign announcement, but was nowhere to be seen back when the tragedy occurred.

Many, many people felt this way about him immediately. Frighteningly, many Americans completely bought into his act.

Even in the height of this humiliation, the act is still going. Have you noticed his comments on why he had the affair? This is from the last paragraph of his statement:

In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic. If you want to beat me up -- feel free. You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself. I have been stripped bare and will now work with everything I have to help my family and others who need my help.

Does anyone not see through his attempt to garner sympathy, which is narcissistic in and of itself? Geez, the guy doesn't know how to see things from anyone else's perspective but his own.


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Comments (15)

Typical politician,having a... (Below threshold)

Typical politician,having affairs while married. JFK, Newt, Vitter, Clinton, McCain, the list can go on and on.

No reason to gloat about it, just because he belongs to one party or the other.

I have to agree with you on... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

I have to agree with you on that one Allen, but the difference is generally, and I say generally, how the different parties deal with it. As for Edwards, he is a sleazy slip and fall lawyer, and whether he had an affair or not would still be a sleazy slip and fall lawyer. I would rather trust a used car salesman than this guy, and you know how trustworthy they are.

I'm still waiting for someo... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for someone to walk up and beat the crap out of him.

Doosh-bag is the only way t... (Below threshold)

Doosh-bag is the only way to describe this man. Everything about him is 'greasy' and 'inauthentic'.

I take no pleasure in this, his wife has suffered enough, and after dealing with the loss of a child, and her health issues, she comes to know the person who should have been the most reliable person in her life, the rock to lean on, instead looks elsewhere for the attention he so desired.

$20 bucks says 1000's of extra trees would have died these last few weeks if Edwards had an (R) after his name. Maybe that's what they mean by conserve??

".. but the difference i... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

".. but the difference is generally, and I say generally, how the different parties deal with it."
Yep. Generally, if it's 'a certain party', both sides will go after the guilty one and the MSM will be curious and dig into the story.
If it's 'a certain other party', only the opposite side will go after the guilty one and the MSM will be strangely uncurious and not dig too hard until they are shamed into doing some reportage.

From Kim's article:

" 'Who was he? Apparently, whatever he thought people wanted him to be.'

Many, many people felt this way about him immediately. Frighteningly, many Americans completely bought into his act."

Hmmm. Sounds like some other Dem presidential politician we know. Wonder if Brocko's supporters will also regret their choice.

As much as I'm laughing at ... (Below threshold)

As much as I'm laughing at Edwards and taking him up on that offer to beat him up as much as possible, I do feel sorry for his wife. I always liked Elizabeth Edwards and with my own mother beginning to slip from cancer, the thought of a guy cheating on his cancer-stricken wife just makes me want to gag. HOW can you claim to love a woman and then do that to her?

Sticking with him is her decision to make of course, but I'd love to see her kick him to the curb. She really could do much better than him and deserves a guy who will actually love her. Edwards deserves nothing but a lot of scorn and hopefully some STDs.

In 1981 Newt Gingrich visit... (Below threshold)

In 1981 Newt Gingrich visited his wife in the hospital, where she was recovering from cancer treatment, to discuss their divorce. He then dumped wife #2 for an aide, with whom he was having a long running affair. This would be the same dirtbag who now enjoys a prominent place among the elite right wing punditocracy, sitting at the right hand of the Fox news royalty along with Giuliani and Toe-Sucker Morris, always at the ready with faux moral outrage over the latest opposition scandal, real or manufactured.

I was never an Edwards fan so I don't feel shocked or betrayed. He always seemed like a phony to me, but no more so than the majority of people we seem to elect these days. I don't think America knows what it wants from its politicians anymore. Bobby Kennedy was probably the last major figure who ran on real soul and passion. How would his private life have stood up under the current media microscope?

"I'm still waiting for some... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"I'm still waiting for someone to walk up and beat the crap out of him."

If that was to be his wife, I would help her. He should be taken out into a nearby parking lot and bull-whipped and gang-raped by the local inmates at the nearest prison.

What a male slut..., I wish his family well. What a tragedy for them and his poor wife, given her current situation.
notiz=You're way over the line.

The point is the lying to o... (Below threshold)

The point is the lying to our faces! We all know people who have fallen down personally, maybe even ourselves ,but the difference is we didn't lie to the whole world about it. We can forgive the infidelity, but the lying and coverup now that is difficult. I think it is because we feel that the public person has so much disregard for our intelligence and ability to understand that we feel belittled by them when they lie.

For example Bill Clinton-We all knew what kind of a person he was but who can forget when he pointed that finger at us through the magic of telivision and denied it. It hurt deep down that he thought I was that stupid!

Unfortunately I've seen mor... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately I've seen more than a few women diagnosed with cancer whose husbands immediately abandon them. He could afford monetarily to keep her and couldn't afford politically to divorce her. Or so he thought. All attempts to spin when you are a slime ball lead to more slime spraying about in an uninhibited fashion. Expect more to come.

Here's what I don't get. I... (Below threshold)

Here's what I don't get. If she was a 'one night stand' as he put it, and he 'didn't love her' and he stopped seeing her and the affair, according to him, did not result in her pregnancy - why was he sneaking to a hotel in the middle of the night to see her only recently? WTH?

It just doesn't add up. I'd bet next week's paycheck he's the father.

groucho wrote, "Bobby Kenne... (Below threshold)

groucho wrote, "Bobby Kennedy was probably the last major figure who ran on real soul and passion."

Funny thing you mentioned Bobby Kennedy, since Edwards was often cited as "the next Bobby Kennedy." Of course the Kennedy men were all notorious womanizers, so perhaps the comparison to the Kennedys was, in fact, right on the money.

WARREN HARDING: Ha... (Below threshold)
WARREN HARDING: Harding got around. One mistress, Carrie Phillips, took $20,000 in hush money from the GOP while Harding ran for president. Another, Nan Britton, bore Harding's child in 1919 while he was a senator. After Harding became president he continued to 'entertain' Britton, sometimes in a small anteroom just off the Oval Office. After Harding's death she wrote a bestseller, The President's Daughter, telling all.

I know what your thinking: What does this have to do with John Edwards?


But, since other people have decided Edwards' behavior last month is justified by 30 year old GOP sex scandals, I thought that I would up the ante and give them a 90 year old sex scandal from the GOP to harp on.


groucho wrote, "Bobby Kenne... (Below threshold)
Georgia Boy:

groucho wrote, "Bobby Kennedy was probably the last major figure who ran on real soul and passion."

Watch a Bobby Jindal speech sometime. The Dems are going to have their hands full when he runs.

Follow the yellow brick roa... (Below threshold)

Follow the yellow brick road...straight to the Wizard of Oz, Barack Obama! Woo-hoo

And who CHOSE Edwards? And Edwards endorced who for President? What does THAT tell you about Obama's choices? How many times does it take for a man to get it WRONG before people open their eyes and ears and REALLY LOOK and LISTEN to what's right in front of their faces?

Can't anybody leave the land of oz long enough to see the Obama-forrest filled with monkey-trees?

How many chances does HE get to pull the wool over our eyes and silently pass-through heaven's gates to 'rule the world' of "change".

I'm REALLY scared for the people in America, ifObama becomes 'the one' un-reliable TWO-YEAR Senator to become President...the ONE, who couldn't even 'fix' his OWN house, here in Illinois (and I'm a Democrat + multi-recial black, white and puerto-rican citizen).

This is SO sad.






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