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The Edwards Non-Event

I despised former Senator Edwards years ago, for his pandering, his hypocrisy on countless issues, and for his complete lack of a moral compass. So discovering that he cheated on his wife while she was battling an incurable form of Cancer, and possibly fathering a child with no real intention of doing right by the child or the mother, did not really change my opinion of the man; he's just about as scummy as anyone I have ever heard about, and this was - sadly - not a real surprise. But with that said, I also found myself thinking that this one is not front-page material, at least not where politics is concerned.

The situation for Mister Edwards would be relevant were he still running for President, or were he a serious possibility for the running mate to Senator Obama. Neither is the case, however. In fact, John Edwards' sole capacity for which he is suited just now, is as a laughingstock, a fool who has wasted his future chances because he could not manage to remember his wife even when she needed him the most, a moron who thought that he could have an ongoing affair and lie about it with no fear of discovery or consequence, in the age of the blogs and 24-hour news services. Edwards is useless to his party, an embarrassment to be hidden away.

But there are other reasons to let this one drop. Like many men in his position, John Edwards never once thought about what this affair would do to his wife Elizabeth, and to his surviving children; Cate, Emma Claire, and Jack (the first son, Wade, was killed in a car accident in 1996). They are innocent in this thing, and so we should be careful not to cause them any pain which can be avoided.

Senator Edwards is what he always was - a self-centered criminal who doesn't care who else gets hurt as long as he gets what he wants. But as long as he goes away and takes the consequences that are coming to him, I'd just as soon not make any more of the story than has already been said. Unlike John Edwards, I want to do right by his family.


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Yep, you're correct in that... (Below threshold)

Yep, you're correct in that. The same can be said about Newt, he did the same damn thing. And it hasn't been proven that the kid is Edwards. Wait until the DNA tests come back, then speak about it.

Conveniently Rielle refuses... (Below threshold)

Conveniently Rielle refuses to allow a DNA test. Guess the multi million dollar house will give her somewhere to wait out E.E. and be the second Mrs. Pondscum.

By the way, her real name is Lisa Druck.

Democrats don't seem to be ... (Below threshold)

Democrats don't seem to be bothered by their past embarrassments, so I'm sure Edwards will show up in some future Dem administration.

Wonder if anyone will ever ... (Below threshold)

Wonder if anyone will ever write a history from the point of view of what might have been if certain men in politics had been able to keep their zipper up.

seriously? Thisd kind of th... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

seriously? Thisd kind of thing is a resume enhancement in the Democrat party. What democrat has ever faced negative consequences for doing something like this? Hell, most people don't even know this even happened because of the media not covering the story.

What the guy did is despicable, but it's been typical of the Democrat party now for years.

Amen, DJ. The hubby and I w... (Below threshold)

Amen, DJ. The hubby and I were discussing this subject last night. Who cares. he isnt running for office. He's not a senator or congressman. He's a washed up Vice/Presidential wannabe who is now, hopefully, done in the political arena, permanently.

I think it was worth talkin... (Below threshold)

I think it was worth talking about inasmuch as, firstly, it was worth showing the rest of the country just what this guy was about, and, secondly, because it gave me some really fun titles for recent posts.

But the MSM's early, and very obvious, attempt to keep the story silenced has embarrassed them into giving it far more coverage than the story deserves. Unless there's a paper trail to payoffs using campaign funds, something involving public restrooms, or anything particularly hilarious about John Edwards and an extra wide stance, then this really should go away. There are more important things to be talking about right now.

This may sound cruel. This... (Below threshold)

This may sound cruel. This may sound heartless. This may sound insensitive. But have you SEEN Elizabeth Edwards lately? As a man, I have to forgive Edwards for looking for some action. I can assure you, he's not banging Elizabeth, or if he is, she's a double bagger for sure.

Sorry Rocky, but you're an ... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Sorry Rocky, but you're an idiot, and regardless of what EE looks like, there is no excuse for what he did. Do affairs happen? Unfortunately, but in this case, it was a matter of a sleazy politician doing a sleazy thing.

I have to respectfully disa... (Below threshold)

I have to respectfully disagree with those who say it's not worth talking about. It was reported in June that Edwards was on Obama's shortlist as a VP possibility, and the man came within one state of being the Vice-President of this country in 2004. We were this >.

I firmly believe that if you can't trust a man to keep his marriage vows, you can't trust him with anything else, least of all government. And yes libs, that goes for Newt and McCain too, and highlights yet another reason why McCain is such an awful candidate.

Sorry for the Edwards family, but people are going to talk about it, and they have only their father and husband to blame.

Last comment, first paragra... (Below threshold)

Last comment, first paragraph, last sentence should read "We were this close to having a Vice-President Mini-Clinton."

DJ, my Co-Conspirator Fetic... (Below threshold)

DJ, my Co-Conspirator Fetiche agrees with you for different but equally significant reasons.

if we end up living with a ... (Below threshold)

if we end up living with a 0bama administration... at least we can hopefully not have this ambulance chaser as attorney general. unfortunately... the Dems don't have a great track record of finding attorney generals.

Francis, your colleague, Fe... (Below threshold)

Francis, your colleague, Fetiche, said (of the gloating and harping on the issue by some on the right) "Do you want to make reconciliation around your eventual victory impossible?"

Now, maybe that was just a plea for some to find a reason, some reason, any reason, to "let it go".

But Fetiche also said, "...in the end leftists only grow more righteous about themselves and their superiority to us Neanderthal types."

My reason for letting it go is not in the hopes that my political adversaries will look back and see my actions as reason to reconcile in the future. I have no dreamy illusions of that whatsoever.

I do it for myself. For my own well-being. I know within myself that I have no place to judge him without ever having stood in his shoes. A personal experience here is why I've learned that.

I'm content that he won't be on any short list for a leadership position should Obama win. If this is what it took to get his defenders and supporters to reject him should a nomination or appointment become a reality, then so be it.

This story didn't appear in... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

This story didn't appear in the MSM until when, Friday? Now it's Sunday morning and people are saying it's too much already? Hardly. The only reason the MSM are giving it such a high profile now is because they did not do their jobs early on when they should have.

GF: "Wonder if anyone will ever write a history from the point of view of what might have been if certain men in politics had been able to keep their zipper up."

But that's not the reason these stories get such big news coverage. These stories get bigger coverage because these jokers LOOK IN THE CAMERA AND LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT IT. If they would just say 'it's personal and none of your business' or just admit to it, the fallout wouldn't be as bad.

Melissa : "Who cares. he isnt running for office."
I think that's flat-out wrong. Until recently he was a serious contender for VP, AG or some other place in Brocko's cabinet. Only now in hindsight can you say 'He's a nobody'. It took this story coming out to get us here.
Plus, you never know with Dems. Is he really washed up in a future Dem admin or Dem national politics? I don't think so. e.g. Sandy Burger had a place in Hillary's campaign when he should be a pariah to all political Americans.

Plus, there are legitimate questions of illegal payoffs, paternity, etc.. that need answered as a matter of law. Politicians having affairs is none of my business and I don't really want to hear about it. Politicians having affairs and lying in public and maybe making illegal payouts...yeah, it is the public's business.

This story is slimy and I'd rather not hear about it, but it needs to be told so we can get it over with. Only then can the innocents involved get on with their lives.

Except..John Edwards was be... (Below threshold)

Except..John Edwards was being touted as one of two candidates for the VEEP position only a couple of days before the Enquirer story first broke. He was still a top candidate for appointment by President Obama as ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States. There is more to this than a skuzzy scandal. His attorney buddy from Dallas was paying hush money to both his mistress, and, apparently, the convenient Mr. Young who fell on his "sword" and claimed responsibility for this baby. As for sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards...none. She wants this spun so that she can still be the wife of a VP or Attorney General. You think not? Bill Clinton had sex muliple times with a young girl, including inside the Oval Office, and he wasn't disqualified from the Presidency. The Edwards learned that you could do just about anything, and if you spun it right, you could just continue on to power. I think Edwards' entire point in the interviews was to spin thusly. And by the way, cancer does not confer sainthood upon a person. As for the Edwards' children, you evidently worry more about their well-being than do their parents.

One useful point to running... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

One useful point to running with this story. John Edwards, the attorney, will be useless to anyone who needs a "slip and fall" defense. He walks into the courtroom, and the jury will automatically see "SLEAZEBALL", and not believe anything he presents. Even a solidly valid presentation will be discounted becayse of the presenter. Good thing he made his millions already.

becayse = because... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

becayse = because

John Edwards, the attorn... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

John Edwards, the attorney, will be useless to anyone who needs a "slip and fall" defense.

Hmmm. That reminds me...can Silky Pony Boy be disbarred over any of this?
Do we have any Wizbang lawyers out there that know?

My opinion was that John Ed... (Below threshold)

My opinion was that John Edwards was always a lightweight fluffy politician, and this should help to make him only a minor footnote in American politics.

However if Edwards isn't a candidate for president, should the past affair and adultery of John McCain be a legitimate campaign issue since he is indeed a candidate for president.

McCain's first wife, Carol waited five long years for McCain to return from captivity in Vietnam, and only rewarded her with an affair and later divorce. His wife Carol also was seriously injured in an automobile accident and nearly lost a leg as well. Should this be a legitimate campaign issue?

"I despised former Senator ... (Below threshold)

"I despised former Senator Edwards years ago..."

I am glad that you no longer despise John Edwards, DJ Drummond.

Remember, conservatives, your "Savior" commands you to "love your enemies." This means, of course, that you must love me too.

Love the sinner, hate the s... (Below threshold)

Love the sinner, hate the sin, Herman. This is a philosophy I can understand and appreciate, even not being a Christian. But I wouldn't expect you to have any deep understanding of it, since you prefer to use it as a cudgel.

It's great it all came out,... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

It's great it all came out, IMHO. We just need-not dote on it long.






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