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Maureen Dowd has an epiphany

The New York Times columnist writes-

"The stunning admission Edwards made to ABC's Bob Woodruff, and in a written statement from Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon, was that he's a narcissist."
A man who has an affair is almost always a naricissist. In Edwards case, there were plenty of other warning signs.

What is the next revelation for Maureen? That Democrats like to raise taxes. Heavens to Betsy. Honestly I have a hard time reading more than two paragraphs of a Maureen Dowd column without my eyes glazing over.(I can however read Frank Rich without suffering the same effect) What she wrote today tells me I'm not missing much.

Hat tip- Don Surber who calls this 'the quote of the day'


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I still can't figure out ho... (Below threshold)

I still can't figure out how this woman got to where she is. She is a mean spirited uber feminazi and she gets paid for it. What is she so upset about? Edwards should be her hero. I thought adultery and lying to try to cover it up were career boosters for Democrats.

Most men who have affairs a... (Below threshold)

Most men who have affairs are guilty of thinking with their testicles. That doesn't make them narcissists. It just makes them stupid. How they deal with the affair, and its discovery, now that can demonstrate narcissism quite handily.

I see all the horses are un... (Below threshold)

I see all the horses are unhitching from that wagon in record time.

She's had Edward's number f... (Below threshold)

She's had Edward's number for several years. Good for her for giving him what he deserves.

So....John McCain ... (Below threshold)


John McCain is a narcissist.

So...Ronald Reagan... (Below threshold)


Ronald Reagan was a narcissist.

Bill Clinton is a narcissist.

Newt Gingrich is a narcissist.

Jesse Helms was a narcissist.

Larry Craig is a narcissist.

ect., ect., ect.

A man who has an a... (Below threshold)
A man who has an affair is almost always a naricissist. In Edwards case, there were plenty of other warning signs.

WC ~

No you may not skim over the quote and conveniently leave out details to fit broad brush question.

Correction: ...to fit y... (Below threshold)

Correction: ...to fit your broad brush question.

MoDo's recent article attem... (Below threshold)

MoDo's recent article attempted to make a comparison between Obama and Mr.Darcy from Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice".

Apparently, she thought using that romantic literary model would make it possible to also romanticize Obama's growing reputation for an inflated ego. Or possibly she hoped to make build a sexy mental connection tying the image of the attractive actor Colin Firth with Obama.

Nevertheless, what also springs to mind from her suggestion is a laundry list of Darcy's unpleasant side. Austin paints Darcy as an over-privileged, unemployed, social snob, who by virtue of his birth inherited one of the greatest fortunes in England,and hence the world. He was over-judgmental and prissy; a narcissist, with a distinct bias toward "country folk".

Is this list beginning to sound familiar?

McCain was cast in the role of Wickum, an unpleasant, unprincipled rake and never-do-well soldier. In reality, McCain would qualify as the exact opposite of that literary character. But, MoDo never lets anything such as ethical standards or making fair or accurate evaluations, stand in the way of the joys of her creative writing.

Finally, the role of the heroine and love interest, Elizabeth Bennet, is bestowed upon the swooning America. MoDo urges America to use our wiles to lure Darcy/Obama into light where love will convince him to change. She suggests we must "support" and "help" Obama grow and overcome his character flaws and upbringing.

Of course, voters would find the idea absurd; that they should be responsible for "fixing" their president's character flaws.

Yet, it does not strike me as out-of-character, that Dowd herself, would approach a romantic relationship with an eye towards "Fixing" their beloved's character flaws.


not that consistency seems ... (Below threshold)

not that consistency seems to matter here, but if you actually use that logic thing so many of you hate, then John mcCain who cheated on his first wife, is a narcissist.

Okay, JMC, use the "logic t... (Below threshold)

Okay, JMC, use the "logic thing" analyze and determine that McCain is a narcissist. Bill said almost always, and you are saying that cheating is the deciding factor. Let's see your logical reasoning on the post itself with detailed comparisons.

"A man who has an affair is... (Below threshold)

"A man who has an affair is almost always a naricissist

1) A man who has an affair is almost always a narcissist.

2) John McCain is a man and has had affairs.

3) John McCain is very Likely a narcissist. :)

first, "is a narcissist"</p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

first, "is a narcissist"

then, " is very likely a narcissist"

Keep moving those goalposts. Eventually you'll be ....tired. And tiring.

johnmcaincheats-I ... (Below threshold)


I asked for logic, not semantics games. You haven't proven "very likely" where John McCain is concerned. Unless you can do that, Les is right. Are you tired, yet?

Wow LaMedusa, I have to han... (Below threshold)

Wow LaMedusa, I have to hand it to (and les) most people would be embarrassed to make such an uninformed statement. you just demonstrated (without a shred of embarrassment) that you have no understanding of how logic works.

I'm going to try this one more time if you don't get it I will assume you barely made it through high school and leave it at that.

A statement was made by the poster in this case Bill Jempty. the statement is simple.

A man who has an affair is almost always a narcissist.

Now, here is how logic works.

If we assume Bill's statement is correct,

then a man who cheats whether that man be Edwards or McCain or Hitler of Ghandi is in almost all cases a narcissist.

Meaning John McCain is very likely a narcissist. Now quit your crying, that's the way the logic works out and no matter how much you boohoo it doesn't change it.

of course this is nothing more than logic's liberal bias at work I'm sure.

Crying? You wish. And you... (Below threshold)

Crying? You wish. And you are NOT going to get away with cheap insults, lumping terms together, and projecting your own level of education on other.

Bill's statement indicated that cheaters are almost always narcissist. That tells you that some still are not. In Edwards' case, there.were other deciding factors. Read the whole damn post and stop putting words in other people's mouths, you presumptuous twit! Better yet, start your own grammatically challenged blog so we can all point and laugh.






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