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Tongue tied

Professor Ann Althouse describes this Shepard Smith slip-up as an oops. I'll let you decide.

Just imagine if he had a female announcer named Virginia and Shepard instead said.....


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Jonathan GUNT? Sure...gotch... (Below threshold)

Jonathan GUNT? Sure...gotcha.

This reminds me of a funny ... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of a funny story I read about legendary British golf announcer Henry Longhurst. Apparently Longhurst was prone to imbibe large amounts of alcohol, even before broadcasts. One day, Longhurst, having consumed said beverages, was faced with the challenge of having to call the action between two golfers, one named Coles, and the other Hunt. Do the math, as they say.

I still laugh when I rememb... (Below threshold)

I still laugh when I remember Corky (Faith Ford) on Murphy Brown walking in and stating something to the effect of: "Well, that's the last time I ever try to say Forrest Tucker in a hurry!"

I am surprised that Media M... (Below threshold)

I am surprised that Media Matters, et al, are not running to the FCC on this one! But, it is a classic!, Oh and no, I do not believe that Shep meant to say "Gunt".

At least his name wasn't Mi... (Below threshold)

At least his name wasn't Mike.

I had a science teacher, Mr... (Below threshold)

I had a science teacher, Mr. Auch. Pronounced Awk.

Saw a birth announcement for his kid. He was named Michael. He was a bit of a 'jerk' to put it mildly. But its hard to tell if the birth announcement was a prank by some students or if it was real. He was that type that would do that to his kid.

Smith has a propensity for ... (Below threshold)

Smith has a propensity for this stuff.






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