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Video of the Day: Obama gets RickRoll'd

Too funny:

Hat Tip: Hot Air


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That's RACIST! Another McC... (Below threshold)

That's RACIST! Another McCain ad pointing out Obama's blackness. EVERYONE KNOWS that black men got rhythm and old white men don't. Next thing you know, they're gonna show the Chosen One shooting hoops, 'cause EVERYONE KNOWS white men can't jump. And what's with showing Obama dancing with a WHITE woman. Yeah, just more sexual innuendo. Where's Bob Herbert. I'm sure he'll be able to spot at least one LARGE phallic symbol in the clip somewhere. Can't you just leave Obama alone! He's gonna save the world, clear the sky, make the oceans recede. Soon as he's elected we'll be able to run all our factories and cars on air.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!<... (Below threshold)


*gasp, gasp!*

That's tooo funny! *snicker*

Very funny, but who has the... (Below threshold)

Very funny, but who has the time to do that?

That is an amazing video - ... (Below threshold)

That is an amazing video - I can't imagine how long it took the guy to put it together, and I can't imagine how he could possibly watch all those Obama spots looking for the words!

Obama has no rhythm. Sad s... (Below threshold)

Obama has no rhythm. Sad sad sad. Just like his nomination and lack of experience.






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