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On temporary hiatus I hope

Tomorrow morning is when I have Heart valve surgery. I've heard of people coming home in five days, but my doctor outlined 10-12. At least one of which will be in ICU. One of the ICU nurses, a Filipina named Zarah, is a good friend of my wife Leonita. Zarah has been kind to tell me a lot of what lies ahead for me.

Right now I'm very scared of the open heart surgery operation I'm having. I won't be back to blogging before September. If I'm up to it, or rather can talk Leonita into doing it for me, I'll have a post on how I'm doing in a week or two.

The photo of me and Leonita is 10 years old. My wife remains as beautiful as ever.

Till next time.....

Update- Inserted photo into the post.


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Comments (40)

Here's saying a prayer for ... (Below threshold)

Here's saying a prayer for you. Good luck and get well soon.

good luck, see you when you... (Below threshold)

good luck, see you when you get back.

Bill, you will be in our pr... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Bill, you will be in our prayers.

God Bless You, Bill. From ... (Below threshold)

God Bless You, Bill. From a guy who has had two open heart procedures.

You're in my prayers for a speedy recovery and quick return to your regular place in the blogosphere.

God speed, brother. Many p... (Below threshold)

God speed, brother. Many prayers are being said for you.

Good luck, Bill... (Below threshold)

Good luck, Bill

Good thoughts coming your w... (Below threshold)

Good thoughts coming your way, Bill. See you when you get back.

I had a triple bypass a num... (Below threshold)

I had a triple bypass a number of years ago....I feel your fear.....you are in a good place with good people..... you will experience a ton of new things and at the other end....better than before...if God is good and I know HE is.....I will pray for the skill of your surgeons...

Take your time Bill and tak... (Below threshold)

Take your time Bill and take care.

My father's had a triple-by... (Below threshold)

My father's had a triple-bypass and heart valve replacements - we'll be praying for you...

May your God stand by your ... (Below threshold)

May your God stand by your side Bill.

You and your family are in ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

You and your family are in my prayers, Bill. And I'm praying for the Lord to guide and guard the doctors and medical staff, as well.

Good luck, dude.... (Below threshold)

Good luck, dude.

God bless you, Bill. I had ... (Below threshold)

God bless you, Bill. I had valve replacement surgery 8 years ago, and while they were in there, they did a double bypass. I was home in 5 days, but your case may be different. Figure on at least 6 weeks recovery time.

The day is coming when we're going to be able to do this type of surgery arthroscopically, but we're not quite there, yet.

My prayers are with you, Bill.

My thoughts and prayers are... (Below threshold)

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bill. Take it easy and get better.

Our family is praying for y... (Below threshold)

Our family is praying for your quick recovery!

Good Luck.It's ama... (Below threshold)

Good Luck.

It's amazing how well modern medicine does in limiting your hospital stay (a dangerous time.) When I had my major heart attack and heart surgery back in 2001 I had the attack on a Monday, the (non-open heart) surgery mid-week and was back home (and feeling terrible! (grin) ) that Friday.

You may be surprised how quickly and smoothly it all works.

Good thing your ge... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Good thing your getting this done BEFORE the Democrat sweep in November.

Thanks for your posts, they always stand out as a breath of clean fresh air and positive humor amongst the depressive, negative, cynical, regressive, and misinformed tone of Wizbang.

I sincerely wish you well.

Best wishes, Bill.... (Below threshold)

Best wishes, Bill.

I'll be looking forward to ... (Below threshold)

I'll be looking forward to reading your articles soon. Especially the "Knucklehead of the Day" posts.

Live strong, Bill!

Best wishes for a speedy re... (Below threshold)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bill.

Prayers are with you Bill.<... (Below threshold)
kimsch Author Profile Page:

Prayers are with you Bill.

We will pray that you are a... (Below threshold)
Ken from Camarillo:

We will pray that you are a good subject for the surgery and that your doctors have their best day doing your surgery.

Prayers from the mouth of t... (Below threshold)

Prayers from the mouth of the Columbia to you and best wishes. Thanks for the photo!

Great photo, Bill!... (Below threshold)

Great photo, Bill!

My prayers for you and your doctors. Look forward to hearing from you SOON.

GAME ON.... big guy..go get... (Below threshold)

GAME ON.... big guy..go get em!

Best of Luck..

God Bless you, and guide th... (Below threshold)

God Bless you, and guide the hands of your
surgeon with wisdom.
You'll be missed, until your safe return!

Take your time getting back... (Below threshold)

Take your time getting back. No need to rush things and have a major set back. My prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery are on the way too.

God bless you and your wife... (Below threshold)

God bless you and your wife Bill. Just one more Wizbangite here, saying prayers and sending good wishes your way.

God Bless You, Bill and may... (Below threshold)

God Bless You, Bill and may everything go well.

You're in the best place in... (Below threshold)

You're in the best place in the world with the best doctors in the world, you're gonna be fine. That, and everyone I pray for suffers NO unexpected difficulties.

My horse has never come in and I lose every game of chance ever devised, so He must've compensated with the prayer thing. God bless and see you real soon.

I would be frightened, too-... (Below threshold)

I would be frightened, too--far too frightened to write about it, I'm sure--but know that you have the prayers and well wishes of a lot of people out here.

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence."

Hope to see you back soon (maybe even ahead of schedule if things go really well).

- David

Bill, just rest and get bet... (Below threshold)

Bill, just rest and get better. We'll be here rooting for your fast recovery.

Bill, hope all goes well th... (Below threshold)

Bill, hope all goes well this morning. I'm sure you're in good hands and I pray that you'll be back and better than ever in no time.

Godspeed Bill... (Below threshold)

Godspeed Bill

Hope to see you back here A... (Below threshold)

Hope to see you back here ASAP Bill.

Prayers for a successful su... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Prayers for a successful surgery.

Bill,I am going to... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:


I am going to try to guess where you are. We haven't talked since you were the Florida Masochist. Good luck and God bless

Rick Caird

Get well-stay tough and loo... (Below threshold)
J Reed:

Get well-stay tough and look frwrd to hearing from you soon.

God bless you and your fami... (Below threshold)

God bless you and your family, Bill. I hope everything went okay and continues to progress well for you.






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