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Hey, Democrats: Get Your Priorities Straight -- Or Else

Yesterday, a psycho gunman shot and killed Bill Gwatney, Arkansas' Democratic party state chairman. The initial reports say that it was not likely a political killing, but rather personal -- one account said the shooter had been laid off from Gwatney's Chevrolet dealership.

That didn't keep the usual nuts from saying this was part of the "right-wing hate machine" and blamed talk radio, Fox News, right-wing bloggers, and anyone else they don't like for this crime.

Oddly enough, there was another incident in the news recently that comes a lot closer to political terrorism than this one shooting of one state chairman. And that was the death of a man in Denver this week.

Let's play connect the dots: start with a Somali Muslim living in Canada. Then have him travel to the city that in just a few days will be hosting the Democratic National Convention. Then have him die in a hotel room. Finally, have police search the room and find a POUND of cyanide -- enough poison to kill a couple hundred people, if distributed and delivered properly.

Some lone nut? I'm not so sure. I did some checking, and the Burnsley Hotel -- where Saleman Abdirahman Dirie died -- is NOT a cheap hotel. I just checked online, and rooms start at $199 a night. Mr. Dirie was in that room, dead, for six days before his body was found, so there's about $1200 sunk into just rent. Toss in transportation and acquiring the cyanide and other expenses, and this was obviously no impulsive, fly-by-night operation.

The FBI says there's no apparent connection to terrorism, but I'm not buying it.

Now, I'm looking forward to chaos at the Democratic National Convention as anyone. I've been thrilling to the accounts of the anarchists, the nutjobs, the whole "Re-Create '68" movement, and all the rest of the loonies showing up and planning on making things go all higgledy-piggledy for the Democrats, as the loony birds come home to roost. I intend to nuke up some popcorn and laugh my ass off.

But those are Americans, acting in an American way.

What Mr. Dirie apparently wanted to do was not disrupt, not call attention to his pet cause, but murder hundreds of Democrats.

No, strike that. Yes, they are Democrats, but first and foremost they are Americans. Americans participating in the political process, exercising their Constitutional rights to shape events and influence policy and help choose our next government.

That's something that transcends politics. Or, at least, it ought to.

The FBI says there's no apparent connection to terrorism. As I said, I'm not buying it. I'm hearing that as "we haven't found any conclusive evidence of conspiracy as of this moment."

I can not believe that Mr. Dirie was acting alone. There was a support mechanism behind him, one that helped him get the money and the material and the know-how together (although apparently not enough of the last part) to go to the site of the Democratic National Convention over a week in advance with enough poison to kill hundreds of people. I want them identified, I want them hunted down, and I want them killed.

I guess I'm feeling a bit like an older brother to the Democrats. Yes, I smack them around quite a bit, but just because I do it, that doesn't give anyone outside the "family" the same right. There's a huge difference between the dope-slaps I administer and an all-out assault. Then, it becomes a case of "hey, nobody smacks them around like that except me!" and I want to get seriously medieval on their asses.

Nutcases will always find a way to kill a couple of people, here and there. Or, if we're lucky, just scare folks for a little bit. In the long run, they rarely have much of an influence on events. (Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Leon Czolgosz, Charles Guiteau, and Arthur Bremer being notable exceptions.)

No, the really big problems are caused by organized groups, grand conspiracies, and nation-states. The Lincoln assassination was a comedy of errors where only one part came off as planned. The Iranian hostage crisis was a form of mob rule. And 9/11 took years of planning.

I sincerely believe that we dodged a very, very frightening bullet in Denver this week. I am convinced that Mr. Dirie's death was a "work accident" that kept him from carrying out a plan to kill hundreds of Americans.

Of course, I could be wrong. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for a Muslim Somali living in Canada dying in a Denver hotel with a pound of cyanide barely a week before the Democratic National Convention. Or maybe he was just a lone nut.

But we don't dare presume that. We don't dare.


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<a href="http://www.msnbc.m... (Below threshold)

Hardly a spur of the moment, fly-by-night thing. Dirie may have been acting alone but he planned this long ago. He must have had reservations to get a room in Denver this week.

Democrats will be unwilling... (Below threshold)

Democrats will be unwilling to acknowledge the bullet they just dodged.

So JT's concern will be met with either dismay or even ridicule.

Consider the size of the So... (Below threshold)

Consider the size of the Somali expatriate community, both in Canada and in certain U.S. states (Maine). Coupled with the political climate in Somalia over the last 20 years - it is the perfect example of a failed state - certainly these communities demand further scrutiny. Many of the Somali expatriates, particularly the Canadian ones, are young men in their 20s and 30s.

"Authorities have not liste... (Below threshold)

"Authorities have not listed Dirie's occupation or said why he may have had cyanide. White said sodium cyanide is readily available in stores and is the main ingredient in rat poison."

I'm with you on this, JT. ... (Below threshold)

I'm with you on this, JT. It smelled funny to me from the start. The local media doesn't talk about it much, but I suspect something a tad more sinister.

I wonder how long he had booked the reservation for? Thru the DNC?

I sure would like to learn more.

While I understand your rel... (Below threshold)

While I understand your reluctance to believe public statements by the FBI made early in an investigation, I wonder do you even consider the possibility that they might be right? If the man only had cyanide--which is not a hard to find, exotic substance--and no other materials or equipment that could be used to make a chemical weapon, wouldn't it be incorrect to automatically jump to that conclusion?

Also, it has just been reported that Dirie was a schizophrenic, and his family believes it was suicide. Maybe true, maybe not, but to assume a terrorist conspiracy based on what little we do know would be foolish.

This is a story which absol... (Below threshold)

This is a story which absolutely cries out for some really juicy conspiracy theorizing. Maybe the MSM will try to push the notion that this was a lone republican, wanting to kill democrats for "the good of the nation, or the rep party" or some such thing. Now that's a story made in heaven for leftist reporters (redundancy) trying to influence voters as to the evil nature of the rep party. Or maybe this guy was trying to create that idea in the mind of the public! Hundreds of dems die and the logical suspects--complete with MSM reporting complicity--the neocon purveyors of an evil republican plot! Frankly there isn't much I would put past the American Communist Party and it's busy little minions. Then again, this could just be a plain old terror event brought to you by the ROP. A little dull by comparison, but still...

1) AQ already well known to... (Below threshold)

1) AQ already well known to recruit mentally impaired folks to do its dirty work.

2) Just because he was found doesn't mean there aren't five more with the same or other substances in different hotel rooms across the Denver area waiting to complete their tasks.

3) If the FBI knew this and... (Below threshold)

3) If the FBI knew this and was looking for them, they would likely NOT tip their cards.

They don't need all of the ... (Below threshold)

They don't need all of the security in Denver. Islamist terrorists would not kill a mass of their main supporters in America. Like it or not the Democrats as a party have been the champions and supporters of Islamic terrorists for the past 7 years.

Hey, Scrapiron, you're a lu... (Below threshold)

Hey, Scrapiron, you're a lunatic, and you make the world worse.

AQ already well known to... (Below threshold)

AQ already well known to recruit mentally impaired folks to do its dirty work.

They strap bombs to mentally impaired folks and send them into a market, they don't recruit them to mix chemical weapons and attack the West.

Anyway, this report further suggests that this was a suicide and not a terrorist mishap:

New information obtained by 9Wants to Know about cyanide found at the Burnsley Hotel backs up the belief that a man found dead in the same room was not planning a terrorist attack.

Federal Officials have told NBC News that Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, apparently mixed the sodium cyanide with water and drank it.

Traces of cyanide were found in a glass next to the man's bed, the official says.

The same official also says the almond smell, commonly associated with cyanide poisoning, was strong when the coroner performed the autopsy.

This could suggest the man took a large quantity of the powder. Investigators believe this may indicate he knew very little about cyanide since only a small amount is needed to kill a person.

Time to put away the Jump to Conclusions Mat™?

...2) Just becaus... (Below threshold)
... 2) Just because he was found doesn't mean there aren't five more with the same or other substances in different hotel rooms across the Denver area waiting to complete their tasks.

8. Posted by epador

Why just leave it at 5... Just because he was found doesn't mean there aren't 500 more of them. With dirty bombs. Receiving signals from the real aliens lurking in outer space.
Right on, ijosha. Some peop... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Right on, ijosha. Some people have such krazee konspiracy theories. Next thing you know, they'll tell us some krazee story about 19 religious nuts hijacking 4 planes and flying them into buildings. We know that could never happen, right?
/sarc off
Somebody had better be thinking about these scenarios and how to prevent them; whether this guy was a lone nut or not.

Perhaps the DNC is willing ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the DNC is willing to sacrifice some of their brethren at the convention in a ploy to blame the 'right' for their death and catapult the Obamessiah to the POTUS?

I'm just saying...

I am convinced that Mr. ... (Below threshold)

I am convinced that Mr. Dirie's death was a "work accident" that kept him from carrying out a plan to kill hundreds of Americans.

Now that it's been a couple of days and (some) more info has come out, are you still convinced?






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