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Kobe Bryant on Patriotism

Chris Collinsworth interviewed Kobe Bryant in Beijing and one of the questions was about Bryant's patriotism and where it came from. The video is courtesy of Ms. Underestimated. Click the image to watch and, as you do, pay attention to Collinsworth's attitude. He looks like he's about to burst out laughing at the thought that someone would actually still have feelings of patriotism for our country. Bryant, on the other hand, felt honored to represent the USA in the Olympic games and was proud to say so. Good for Kobe.



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Comments (16)

What does he expect Kobe to... (Below threshold)

What does he expect Kobe to say? "No, I'm not really all that
patriotic, but I think people expect you to say you are when a
television camera is pointed your way."

Believe me, Collinsworth AL... (Below threshold)
Jim Shue:

Believe me, Collinsworth ALWAYS has that goofy grin on his face. ALWAYS. As biased as NBC obviously is, this is a bad example of it. Collinsworth always looks as if he's about to burst out laughing at any moment, every moment.

Thank you, Jim. I've seen C... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Jim. I've seen Collinsworth several times before, so I should have picked up on his about-to-burst-out-laughing expression. However, in this case, it was really difficult to watch.

I'm pleasantly surprised th... (Below threshold)

I'm pleasantly surprised that an article mentioned Kobe Bryant saying something positive without saying 'he's just trying to get people to like him.'

Guy's been the subject of more irrational hatred than any athlete I know of. (If he doesn't shoot, he's pouting and letting his team down, if he shoots, he's selfish.) Good also for Wizbang.

Pro basketball is my favori... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist Author Profile Page:

Pro basketball is my favorite sport. The first game I saw was between the Celtics and the Lakers - the Minneapolis Lakers. George Mikan and Bob Cousy.

When Kobe first came up my thought was great player, but basketball's a team game. He was also quite arrogant. He has matured remarkably. The loss to the Celtics in the finals this year was certainly not Kobe's fault. The Celtics were just smarter. Phil Jackson won a lot of titles - when he had 3 or 4 allstars. A cut below and he's not so hot.

Didn't think I'd ever say this. Yea Kobe!

colinsworth: "Is that a coo... (Below threshold)

colinsworth: "Is that a cool thing to say in this day and age, that you 'love' your country?..."

Uh,no, it's not cool. Not at NBC it isn't. I like Mr. Bryants' cold stare, and reassertion,right back at him,"No, it's a cool thing for me to say..."

Piss on little crissy colinsworth and piss on abc,nbc,tnt and all the rest of the commie lib media. I finally turned my tv off this year. Second best thing I've done since crackin' open a Bible.

I took this a complete diff... (Below threshold)

I took this a complete different way than you Kim. Collinsworth knew Kobe's answer before he spoke, and the look on Collingsworth was one of sarcasm pointed toward those who think it is not cool to be patriotic. His look to me was "Kobe - here is a softball, hit it out of the park".

Kim, my "liberal, anti-Amer... (Below threshold)

Kim, my "liberal, anti-American" detection radar is pretty much cranked up to 11 all the time, but I didn't catch any of the typical smug elitism from Collingsworth. Yeah, he had that smirky half-grin on his face, but he always has a smirky half-grin on his face.

It sounded to me like he was just teeing up a softball question so Kobe could belt it out of the park.

One might say it was a lame question, but I've watched hours of NBC's Olympics coverage and most of the interview questions I've heard are lame, some of them are just embarrassingly bad.

But Collingsworth a liberal tool? I don't think so.

But Collingsworth a libe... (Below threshold)

But Collingsworth a liberal tool? I don't think so.

Aside from being simply the best and smartest pro football analyst working in television today. But that's beside the current point.

And yes, having watched Col... (Below threshold)

And yes, having watched Collinsworth for probably hundreds of hours since the mid-nineties, he always looks like that. Non-football fans may not have noticed, but that is literally no deviation from his usual manner.

I've never really liked Kob... (Below threshold)

I've never really liked Kobe much, but I sure do respect him a lot more now. Kudos for Kobe.

Collinsworth has always been a PC jerk. I desperately want him to shut up any time he opens his mouth for commentary. Any time the Eagles play, you get the impression that Collinsworth can't wait for the Eagles to get to fourth down so he can run down from the booth and fellate Donovan McNabb on the sidelines.

To Eagles fans on this forum: yes I agree with you, McNabb is nothing more than a halfback with an arm and he sucks as a quarterback.

Count me as one of those th... (Below threshold)

Count me as one of those that thought that Collinsworth was teeing up a softball for Kobe.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they practiced this little interchange a few times before they turned on the cameras.

I'd like to know whether this is really Kobe's opinion or if this is a scripted attempt to help rehabilitate him.

If it is his real opinion, I like it.

As someone who's watched Ch... (Below threshold)

As someone who's watched Chris Collinsworth on TV for over 20 years, first as a player, then on Inside the NFL on HBO, and now as a commentator for last 15 years, that's the look he always has on his face. I'm not sure what you're trying to do or say here.

Oh wait, nevermind, yes I a... (Below threshold)

Oh wait, nevermind, yes I am. Let's just rename you Kim "smilin' Joe McCarthy" Priestap. Pathetic.

America needs more Patriots... (Below threshold)
Benny Martinez:

America needs more Patriots like Kobe! USA! USA! USA!

I was very moved by Kobe Br... (Below threshold)

I was very moved by Kobe Bryant's expression of patriotism and love for the United States. He was very genuine.

Collingsworth on the other hand is a smug, politically correct, intellectual wannabe, gas bag who admires himself a great deal more than most of his audience does.

He attempted to mock Kobe's feelings and expressions but was put in his place like all smart alecs should be.

Yes Chris, there still are many people, from all walks of life in the United States, who genuinely love their country and are proud to be Americans.






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