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Howard Dean: Self-Hating Race-Baiter

Well, Howlin' Howard Dean has done it again. In a radio interview, he slipped and referred to the Republican Party as "the white party." He quickly laughed it off and corrected himself, but it was too late: it was out there.

Howard Dean has a history of race-baiting. Back in 2005, while addressing the Congressional Black Caucus, Dean told the crowd: "You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? Only if they had the hotel staff in here."

A couple of months later, Dean said the Republicans are "a pretty monolithic party. They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party."

It takes something very special for a former governor of one of the whitest states in the union (yes, even whiter than my own New Hampshire) to play the race card. It's like the snowflake calling the toilet paper white.

So, just how has Howlin' Howard done on promoting diversity in the Democratic leadership? Well, Michelle Malkin has the photos that show how it's going: of the nine top leaders of the party, eight (including Dean) are white men. The sole exception is Nancy Pelosi, a white woman.

Personally, I think that's irrelevant. I've long been an advocate of color-blindness, of simply letting the best people -- regardless of race, sex, orientation, creed, national origin, or whatever -- rise to the top without handicapping or "adjusting" or compensating or balancing. It's the Democrats who have made such a point of such identity politics -- who seem to have a problem with practicing what they preach.

And heading it up is good old Howlin' Howard Dean, who routinely tosses off the kind of race-baiting remarks that one normally associates with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

There's a term tossed around in the hip-hop/rap/gangsta culture for white people who try to act like the stereotypical urban black, but I won't use it here -- no matter how much it seems to fit Howard's behavior.

Rather, I'll call him a "wannabe." The political equivalent of Vanilla Ice.

And that's the guy the Democrats like having head up their party.


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I actually us Howard Dean a... (Below threshold)

I actually us Howard Dean as an example in my managment class. As a new governor, he understandably could have had a problem finding qualified people of color in a state as white as Vermont.

If, several terms later, you still are claiming that you can't find a qualified person of color to do the job, then you either are a poor HR manager or you aren't looking very hard.

Another example of Howard lecturing about something he doesn't practice himself.

Ohio voter, if you wanted p... (Below threshold)

Ohio voter, if you wanted people of color in top posts, you only had to conduct a national search. Dean did not have people of color in his offices because he couldn't care less. ww

Howard Dean is STILL DNC Ch... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean is STILL DNC Chairman? Wait a minute...isn't he white?

It's the Democrats... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
It's the Democrats who have made such a point of such identity politics -- who seem to have a problem with practicing what they preach.

Not practicing what they preach is a liberal hallmark that's so prevalent it could be used in grade school as an early indicator of the progressive thinking disorder that, if left untreated, can result in full-blown liberalism later in life.

Years ago I was in a business with person who expressed liberal ideas like raising income taxes to help support poor people, but then wanted to cheat on paying his own income tax. High taxes were fine for someone else, but not him personally.

Howard Dean is just another liberal who manifest symptoms of this same progressive thinking disorder. The best known example, however, is Al Gore who goes around preaching against the high carbon footprint of the average American while creating a huge carbon footprint himself. When it comes to carbon footprint, Al Gore is bigfoot.

Good point Jay. I never tho... (Below threshold)

Good point Jay. I never thought Terry McAuliffe could been seen in a positive light again....until Howard Dean took the job.

A better question is can an... (Below threshold)

A better question is can any conservative party ever appeal to blacks and Hispanics. since those two groups are growing faster than the white population and both vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates, then the Republicans will either become irrelevant, sell out any idea of being conservatives to get non-white votes (the brand name idea), or find a way for conservatives to appeal to non-whites.

My guess is that the Republican Party will collapse completely before it finds a way to appeal to blacks and Hispanics.

Keep sucking on that bong o... (Below threshold)

Keep sucking on that bong of liberal distortions, SD, and you'll stay super destroyed.

LOL, more racial stereotypes and prevarication.

My guess is that t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
My guess is that the Republican Party will collapse completely before it finds a way to appeal to blacks and Hispanics.

Liberalism is not linked to race, but to poverty and emotional thinking. While Hispanics currently favor liberal redistribution of wealth schemes, they shift to conservative thinking as they become more prosperous and start paying taxes. Also, Hispanics tend to be socially conservative and as they become a major factor in the Democratic party the values of that party will become more conservative.

It is a myth that Hispanics... (Below threshold)

It is a myth that Hispanics are conservative. The Hispanic caucus is the second most liberal caucus in Congress. Only wealthy Cubans could be considered conservative and they are more liberal than the average Republicans.

I believe that the Republicans keep seeing a group of private sector workers who go to church and believe that they will be Republicans. Decades of voting shows that the opposite is the case.

I thnk that as the U.S. becomes a one party state, difference groups insdie the Democratic Party will make deals to maintain power. Elite, white progressives will get their gay marriage while Hipsanics get a bigger piece of government spending.

I see everybody rated SD do... (Below threshold)

I see everybody rated SD down, and I assume he must be some kind of frequent lib troll (I just re-started reading WB, so I haven't been here long). But he's right about one thing: without a better-than-single-digit share of black and hispanic votes, the GOP is in real trouble. I blame "leaders" of those voting blocs (think Jesse Jackson and La Raza) for skewing the bloc leftward, rather than the GOP for any particular failing, but regardless of who's to blame the end result may well be that the GOP tries to pander by moving (even further) left. And that sucks.

The GOP has no diversity wh... (Below threshold)

The GOP has no diversity what so ever.....They have no minority candidates even running this year...THEY ARE THE WHITE PARTY.

It's odd that white liberal... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's odd that white liberals think the color of someone's skin determines their political leanings as if political orientation is genetic. A century of immigration shows that's not the case.

It's a myth that the current liberalism of the Hispanic caucus is representative of the political nature of Hispanics on social issues. Like others, Hispanics give pocketbook issues top billing, but just as with other immigrant groups before them, their political focus shifts as they become middle class tax payers. Hispanics have deep roots in traditional family values and they'll increasingly support political candidates who espouse similar values. We may have already passed the peak of social liberalism on a national bases.

I'll grant that Dean's prev... (Below threshold)

I'll grant that Dean's previous comments were inappropriate, but this one - the 'white party' comment - is much more ambiguous. He was discussing ethnicity in the same sentence, and it's completely possible that he had a verbal snafu and hastened to correct himself.

Parthenon, you're quite rig... (Below threshold)

Parthenon, you're quite right -- if this was a single aberration. But Dean has a lengthy record of just those sorts of statements. He's used up his quota of "benefits of the doubt" with me.


He's used up his quota o... (Below threshold)

He's used up his quota of "benefits of the doubt" with me.

That's fair, I guess. It's not as if he's earned anybody's trust, based on his previous comments. But I don't know what he has to gain from making a snipy comment that will make a few in his base chuckle and annoy everyone else.

Parth,That's the rub... (Below threshold)

That's the rub with Dean, and people like him. He has a tin ear, and cannot believe deep down that his opinions, his attitudes, are correct and commonly held. It's a large part, IMO, of why he lost his nomination bid back in 2004. We're dealing with a man that proudly left his church over a bicycle path... :)

It's a massive turn off when people are confronted with someone with this attitude and they, the listeners, are on the opposing side of the speaker's views. More so when they realize that the speaker just cannot imagine things aren't the way they see them.






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