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Obama to Pick VP This Week

Barack Obama's VP text could come at any time, really. Yes, he's going to announce his VP pick via text message. Sorry, but that is just stupid. He's doing this for one reason, to try to show that he's hip, that he's a technophile and not like the old guy McCain. Ok, so that's three reasons.

Anyway, it's apparently down to Biden, Kaine and Sebelius. He'd be smart to pick Biden, but his wife nixed that one, according to Sean Hannity, who says he's got high ranking contacts in the Obama camp. Some are saying that he should not pick Sebelius because that would really piss off Hillary's supporters. That leaves us with Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia. Boy, I hope he picks him. It would be so much fun having the two of them as a team. Obama and the Magic Eyebrow.

What am I referring to? This. (Click the image to watch)

Democrats respond
Democrats respond

Oh my gosh, it was so hard to focus on what he was saying because I was so distracted by his eyebrow. It kept going up and down over and over again.

Update: There's a growing buzz about CNN prematurely reporting that Obama's VP pick is Evan Bayh, but then pulling it. Shots on the House is thinking it's a hoax, but if it were, why wouldn't CNN come out and clarify that the story of Bayh as VP wasn't true?


Let's put it this way. It had better be a hoax, because the alternative explanation -- that CNN figured out the pick, ran the story, and then scrubbed it to do Obama a solid -- would set a new gold standard of what it means to be in the tank for Barry O.



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C'mon, Kim, don't put me th... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

C'mon, Kim, don't put me through that again! It was painful enough the first time I watched it.

I'm not sure if not having Gov. Tim around anymore would make life better or worse here in VA. I guess I could give it a try.

Oh, wait...he probably won't resign as Governor to run as VP. Crap.

The text thing is pretty go... (Below threshold)

The text thing is pretty good if you ask me. It gives folks a chance to give some $$, to be the first to know..instead of the press. That gives the impression he is closer to his constituents. It also does make him seem more hip. Considering the other candidate doesn't know how to use the computer or internet...that is scary if you ask me.

No matter who Obama picks, he is the star of the ticket. McCain has to pick someone to make him seem younger, seem more conservative..much more important for him..

Could only take 8 seconds o... (Below threshold)

Could only take 8 seconds of that swill before going to the "Cute sleeping puppy" video. That was much better, and more substantive as well also too.

Biden is a walking gaffe ma... (Below threshold)

Biden is a walking gaffe machine and could easily spell the difference between win or loss in a close election. I think Mr. Obama might grow to regret that choice. But I'm afraid that concerns over Georgia and potential foreign policy issues might have given Biden a leg up right now. Otherwise, I think that Evan Bayh would have been the choice.

Please take Kaine out of th... (Below threshold)

Please take Kaine out of the people of Va's pocketbook. He can spread his ever increasing taxes across the country. Between him and the previous governor Warner (seeking a senate seat) they have raped the working people of Va, expecially the poor, with 'fee' increases they can deny are tax increases. He's dorky enough to balance out the elitest POS Hussein O.

Biden is a walking gaffe... (Below threshold)

Biden is a walking gaffe machine...

A perfect choice then for the Ogaffer.

"Barack Obama's VP text ... (Below threshold)

"Barack Obama's VP text could come at any time, really. Yes, he's going to announce his VP pick via text message. Sorry, but that is just stupid. He's doing this for one reason, to try to show that he's hip, that he's a technophile and not like the old guy McCain. Ok, so that's three reasons."

If you really believe that, than you obviously don't think things through and continue to grossly underestimate Sen. Obama. He's doing it simply to add potentially millions of first-timers to the political process, (as millions of younger Americans don't even have a landline). Potentially millions of new contacts his phone bankers and ground staff can begin hitting up for donations for the stretch run to November. Potentially millions of new supporters texting "VP to 62262" that will receive later texts reminding them of deadlines to register to vote, polling place locations, the latest gaffe from Sen. McCain, etc. That never crossed your mind?

I can tell you firsthand, s... (Below threshold)

I can tell you firsthand, since I texted "join" to 62262 back in January, I get a text about every two weeks with news about what the campaign has planned, TV appearances, etc. For instance, I received a text on February 3:
"Hey Ryan, just in case you didn't know, Utah holds its Democratic primary on Tuesday, February 5, your polling place is the Cache County Courthouse at (address) and is open 7am-8pm. Hope you get a chance to (yada, yada, yada,) Thanks, Obama '08. I think it's a brilliant move in today's American society.

<a href="http://i144.photob... (Below threshold)
Ryan - ""Hey Ryan, just... (Below threshold)

Ryan - ""Hey Ryan, just in case you didn't know, Utah holds its Democratic primary on Tuesday, February 5,"

And you claim to have been a part of his text campaign and you pull something 6 months old out of your ahemmmm... hat?

And BTW, ObamaMessiah has all the "millions of younger Americans don't even have a landline" locked up for over a year. The chances of him gaining any more via this are slim at best, he's treading into territory that may result in those added to the "program" will resent the intrusion.

That's odd. I mean, beside... (Below threshold)

That's odd. I mean, besides the trick eyebrow. Kaine said, unequivocally, that Virginia has earned the ranking as "Best Managed State". Now this is just a technicality, but while Virginia earned an A- by Pew Research, Utah got an A- as well and so did Washington. But Utah was just a tad higher in the breakdown of areas graded. They were higher in money management and also got fewer mid-level ratings in a further breakdown.


Money - A
People - B+
Infrastructure - A
Information - A

Money - A-
People - A
Infrastructure - B+
Information - A

Washington ran a close third. The real ranking was Utah, Virginia, Washington.

But that was as far as I got with the video before the eyebrow started talking.

Cone on Hillary dont let me... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Cone on Hillary dont let me down now.

"Yes, he's going to announc... (Below threshold)

"Yes, he's going to announce his VP pick via text message."

That'll help with the older voters that are currently costing him the election...

I cannot remember the exact... (Below threshold)

I cannot remember the exact study but in the 2000 election I remember it saying that if under 22 voters increased by 10%, the GOP would never win another election. I don't think the 7 million new voters during the primary were motivated for McCain.

Please, ObamaMessiah, don't... (Below threshold)

Please, ObamaMessiah, don't choose Evan Bayh for V.P. If you do, I'll scream!!!

From the website that Oyste... (Below threshold)

From the website that Oyster kindly provided the link to we see the following grades for VP Contenders:

Virginia, Democratic Governor Tim Kaine: A-
Alaska, Republican Governor Sarah Palin: C
Louisiana, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal: B

Now an A- is a higher grade than is a C or a B, isn't it, conservatives?

So, PP, if you could motiva... (Below threshold)

So, PP, if you could motivate the least motivated, most emotional and most ignorant segment of the population, your could elect more Democratic party candidates.

At least you're up front about it!

I'm going to have to agree ... (Below threshold)

I'm going to have to agree with Ryan. I get Obama's text messages too (have been since I saw him in Washington Square park last summer and he asked the crowd to text HOPE to 62262). The campaign has created an army of supporters this way. We are constantly updated on voter registration events, fund raisers, tv appearances, polling stations, registration deadlines, etc, etc.

Be afraid my Republican "friends."

"Be afraid my Republican... (Below threshold)

"Be afraid my Republican "friends." "

Be careful that you make real sure you understand what you're gonna be getting with Obama. Look deeper than the vague "Hope" and "Change" messages, and understand that your hate is something he's counting on to make sure you DON'T look closely.

If you're buying skin color - it's only, as the saying goes, skin deep. Indecisiveness and inexperience goes clear to the bone, and he's got LOADS of both. I wouldn't trust him to be on a school board, much less be President - he literally doesn't have the experience needed to be a Mayor, much less President, and much less Commander In Chief.

herman,Utah, A-<br... (Below threshold)


Utah, A-
Texas, B+
Idaho, B-
Mass, C
RI, C-
California, C

just pointing out the patheticness of your cherry picking.

And living in washington, i can tell you that we don't deserve the A- grade they gave us.

I have to say, I think the ... (Below threshold)

I have to say, I think the text group idea isn't such a bad one. It appears to be a good way to organize on a grassroots kind of level.

However, who hasn't gotten some mass-mailed text message from their cellular provider, read it and deleted it three seconds later? I don't know that it would be any different for the big O's messages either.

And the ones commenting here, (Ryan and Vanessa above) are already politically interested people- I imagine that they are already interested in fund raisers, polling station info, etc. (Kudos to you, if that's the case)
I just don't know how much of an effect this text-campaign will have on the ones who aren't already politically inclined.

I'm going to give Obama credit for trying, even though it seems awfully gimmicky to me.

Conservachef,Agreed.... (Below threshold)

Agreed. I don't think texting will get the apathetic masses away from their video games, bars and bongs and into the voting booth.
Rock the vote.
Vote or die.

Attempts to appeal to and motivate the youth vote... akin to herding cats up a sand dune.

#17 SCSI:Bingo!</p... (Below threshold)

#17 SCSI:


McCain Lieberman!... (Below threshold)

McCain Lieberman!






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