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Will Sebelius be Obama's VP?

The Tripple Ad Agency is predicting Obama has chosen Kathleen Sebelius to be his VP. However, it seems Obama used the pronoun "he" when referring to his VP pick, which may not mean anything. So, let's take a look at what TAA says is a serious lead:

Our sources work within an ad agency that is hired by the Obama campaign, and have noted that the vast majority of the discussions there are regarding material logistics in terms of Kathleen on the vice president ticket. Now until this is verified please file it as rumor, however our sources on this are not bad.. and have yet to be proven wrong.

Our source noted "It will get a women on the ticket that shares the same views as Obama" a reference to many of the Hillary supporters...

The Main BARACK OBAMA site is using Godaddy as their registrar and uses DomainControl.com as their DNS... pretty generic.. as anyone can pretty much do that...

Now were it get's interesting is the other contenders...

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.

It appears OBAMASEBELIUS.COM is owned by the Obama Campaign, and the 'hidden' registration will turn into a website after the announcement. Our lead noted that a site is already being designed .. and advertising agencies are always full of leaks. Again file as rumor until verified...

We will compare the evidence we are allowed to show you without anyone getting fired.

So lets compare our suspect:

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.

So far a perfect match for Kathleen Sebelius

This ad agency then compared Name Server from OBAMASEBELIUS.COM to an OBAMABAYH.COM and an OBAMAKAINE.COM, and those Name Servers don't match.

So, with this information, TAA thinks that Sebelius has a higher than 50% chance of being Obama's VP.

Now, I don't know much about behind the scenes website technicalities, so those of you who do, feel free to pick this apart.


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Comments (10)

LOL, almost as much fun as ... (Below threshold)

LOL, almost as much fun as McCain Lieberman.

Man, I'm SO damn tired of t... (Below threshold)

Man, I'm SO damn tired of the Eternal Campaign...

Obama is getting what he wa... (Below threshold)

Obama is getting what he wants. Lots of press and speculation on the VP selection. I wonder if there isn't going to be a backlash/disappointment in the victim mindset of the democratic party. Will women, hispanics, blue dog democrats, Clintonistas etc be disappointed in the selection that their group identity got the short shrift. By having names all over the map, does it help fuel this or make it easier for the 'at least we were heard' sentiment.

Obama's handlers might cons... (Below threshold)

Obama's handlers might consider this too much diversity for one ticket, however he is an unconventional politician willing to be daring. But a more traditional choice is far more likely since foreign policy matters are becoming more important since Georgia.

"But a more traditional cho... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"But a more traditional choice is far more likely since foreign policy matters are becoming more important since Georgia. "

Hey he could pick John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, in case you didnt know it.

My feeling is that so much ... (Below threshold)

My feeling is that so much has been made of this decision and it has been dragged out so long (on BOTH sides) that everyone is going to be either disappointed or underwhelmed.

Sebelius is the daughter of a former Ohio governor. It could count for a few votes, but doubtful if it would make a huge difference in Ohio.

Sebslius' son was in the news about a year ago because he was marketing a game called (something like) "Don't pick up the soap" - a game that, some say, make light of prison rape. That could still be an issue if Sebelius is picked. Mom, of course, was "very proud" of her son.

I am getting increasingly amused by the thrill some feel at the "diversity" issue in this election. The "ground breaking" nature of the election is that a man who's father was black and his mother white is a major party's candidate for election.

Sure, not done in the US presidency before, but very OLD news (as far as defining "diverse") to the average person in the US. Who among did not know someone who fit that description 20 or even 30 years ago?

And what image does this "shining hope" of "diversity" project? He is a buton down suit lawyer living in a million dollar house. His history is steeped in traditional (or, in other words "questionable") Chicago-style politics. His wife (without a clue) talks to people, bringing in an income in the midtwenties, about the difficulty of having to exist with "only" spending $10,000 a year on ballet lessons and summer camp.

And is there anyone who who seriously doubts that, if Romney is picked as McCain's VP, we won't see a whispered campaign (much like Huckabee's) about Mormon beliefs from the "diverse" candidate eager for evangelical votes?

Even the women named as potential running mates have the same cookie-cutter image as Senators Bayh, Biden, Lieberman and Governors Pawlenty, Ridge, Kain.

We have been nearly two years of an excrutiating dull campaign to come up with only the most minor difference from the last set of candidates.

There are 300 million Americans - it is ridiculous that this is what we have to chose from in 2008.

I could be wrong but Obama ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I could be wrong but Obama may decide on Gore. He answers the experience issue, the global warming crowd, etc.

It would be almost as bad as picking Kerry but hey. We are talking about the democrats here.

Caroline Kennedy. Just a hu... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Caroline Kennedy. Just a hunch.

I have no idea how Sebelius... (Below threshold)
JamesT Author Profile Page:

I have no idea how Sebelius has managed to snow the Dem party at large or how they have managed to delude themselves into thinking she can help. As a resident of Kansas, and a former AAG for Kansas,I can say she is a bad choice.

1) If she is being chosen because she is a Dem gov in a Red state, that is ignoring the odd flavor of Kansas politics. In Kansas, we have three political parties, Democrats, Moderate Republicans and Hard Right Republicans. Hard Right Republicans vote in the primaries, Moderate Republicans tend not to. Which generally leaves candidates that Moderates find distateful and then tend to vote for the more moderate candidate, Sebelius. She has managed to exploit this split to stay in power.
2) She was a sacrificial candidate. She was never intended to defeat Carla Stoval, who was a very popular AG and would have wiped the floor with Sebelius. So the Dems realized they were going to lose not matter what and ran a woman to counter the Rs running a woman. And then Stoval dropped out. The Rs never recovered from her late drop out and Sebelius wound up as gov.
3) She is a poor politician. Her strategery seems to consist of moaning how she wants to do great things but can't because of the R controlled state house and simply spends her time criticizing their action/inaction. Or avoiding issues by saying it is not the govenors job, but the legislatures to do Issue X.
4) Have you heard her speak? The lady can put meth head tweakers into a deep REM sleep. She is not going to wow anyone or win supporters with her dazzling rhetoric.
5) She really is not that popular in Kansas, just more popular then the Hard Right.

on the technical front, tha... (Below threshold)

on the technical front, that's a non-starter. (a) they don't even mention obamabiden.com (b) the way registration works, lots of people register domains with the hope of selling later. then the dems come along and register everything they can still get that they might want or might want people to think they want -- which is why obamabayh08.com has different registration info than obamabayh.com, etc. this is an interesting idea that, sadly, these guys didn't do enough research on -- and, luckily for the DNC, the DNC techs know enough to avoid giving anything away.






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