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Obama goes reconquista

In New Mexico, Obama had this to say about illegal immigrants:

"We are a nation of immigrants," Obama answers.

"The only people can say that they aren't immigrants are the people sitting right here," the Presidential candidate says and points to the tribal leaders.

"There are some families who have been here for 4 or 500 years. They didn't cross the border, the border crossed them."

The border crossed them. Nice, Obama. Real nice. How about siding with your own country?

So, does this mean that my relatives in South Carolina whose ancestors had land granted to them by the King of England when Europeans first started settling here don't count as natives? And in any case, I certainly don't see myself or anyone else in my immediate family as immigrants. I was born here, my parents were born here. Some of my grandparents were immigrants but are now citizens, and some of my grandparents were born here as well. But I guess because I have European origins, it means that I'm automatically an "immigrant", whereas illegal immigrant Mexicans are the real "natives". So I guess this means we should just open the floodgates and let them in, eh?

And also, what does Barack Obama hope to achieve by bringing up this issue? Going all reconquista doesn't help achieve any unity or redress any grievances. It opens old wounds; it deepens rifts. It gives Mexican reconquistas a sense of legitimacy. I mean, really, is that the goal? I'm sure it wasn't -- the goal was likely to pander to Hispanics in New Mexico -- but is it worth it? Is picking up a few extra votes worth the votes he'll lose from -- yes, I'm going to say it -- the white Europeans who will be offended over this? How can he say that we're immigrants but Mexicans are not, when my family, and many other people's families, have been living in the United States for hundreds of years? And in any case, having an ancient ancestry that you can trace back to this land before it was the United States does not automatically guarantee you citizenship. Does my Italian ancestry guarantee me Italian citizenship? Uh, no. It's the most idiotic concept I've ever heard in my entire life. Squabbling over who was here first is a futile exercise, and it's immature and moronic to boot.

And at the very least, Obama should be siding with the country he wants to run, not the country who wants to dismantle the country he wants to run so that they can reclaim it and settle a hundred year grudge. As President, shouldn't that just be a given? For Obama, I guess not.

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Oooops! Looks like he accid... (Below threshold)

Oooops! Looks like he accidentally went off script again.

Gee, I'm sorry, 180 years a... (Below threshold)

Gee, I'm sorry, 180 years ago we threw down and you lost! But hey, no hard feelings, here's your land back that we won.


I have ancestors who arrive... (Below threshold)

I have ancestors who arrived in Virginia almost 350 years ago and I am not an immigrant. I was born here. It's not a hard concept to grasp. That I was born within the boundaries of this nation makes me an American citizen, but even if this weren't a nation, I would still not be an immigrant to the continent.

Where's Obama's nuance on this issue? Like a clearer statement that many of us are descendants of immigrants. I guess nuance doesn't serve well when you're pandering.

Obama, I understand, is ver... (Below threshold)

Obama, I understand, is very popular with La Raza (The Race). If he's elected look for plenty of sombrero-wearing in the Cabinet.

Obama constantly wants to s... (Below threshold)
A Stoner:

Obama constantly wants to say things that are against American interests, and then complains that people question his love and patriotism for America. Go figure. You reap what you sew. If you sew hate and discontent, then do not be suprised that you end up hated and people are discontented with you.

Sounds like he was panderin... (Below threshold)

Sounds like he was pandering to the Native American vote. Maybe he's ready to apologize for the Buffalo Soldiers to them, huh? [No disrespect meant by ME to the Buffalo Soldiers].

I smell both amnesty and re... (Below threshold)

I smell both amnesty and reparations....

OK, where do I file for hun... (Below threshold)

OK, where do I file for hunks of land in England and Scandanavia? (I'm also entitled, by this precedent, to some land in France, but they can keep that.)


Practically every time Obam... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Practically every time Obama speaks I am reminded of Nikita Kruchev's warning from so many years ago: "We [leftists] will destroy you from within."

Of course what the author l... (Below threshold)

Of course what the author left out ( no surprise that) was what Obama went on to say which was that illegal immigration was a problem which needs to be addressed.

I'd say it was more the author and her fellow righties going all xenophobic - as is the usual custom here - than Obama going reconquista.

Living in New Mexico makes ... (Below threshold)

Living in New Mexico makes me see why he felt cozy enough to verbalize his constant disgust with America.

Within 40 miles of my home I have 2 border patrol checkpoints...these are really only for drug intervention. Rarely do many illegals get returned compared to the numbers who stay. As a bird flies I am extremely close to the border. Those crossing do believe that this is their right. Their government gives maps and info on where to go, what programs are available and the likes.

Perhaps I am cynical? Yep, as the border is no longer anything but a faint line on a map(heading north).If one is heading south, then it does exist.

Guess what BO, the tribes t... (Below threshold)

Guess what BO, the tribes that are here weren't the first ones here either. Most of them wiped out the "Natives" after crossing into North America.
Not to mention that the surviving tribes were the ones who conquered everyone else. Typically by completely wiping out their "enemies" or killing the men and taking the women.
The Mexicans sure as Hell weren't here first! They conquered the lands through expansion just like everyone else has.

Yes this nation is built on... (Below threshold)

Yes this nation is built on immigrants, but there is a differrence my great grand parents came thru the proper channels not illegally. Plus I do have some Native America Indian blood in, does that help me? Is Obama really a American or just pretend to be so he can destroy America and for what we stand for.

I love how in Victim Cultur... (Below threshold)

I love how in Victim Culture the Native Americans are allowed to drape themselves in the myth they were the Red Amish - Noble humans in touch with nature and the spiritual world. Bullsomething! They used up resources, fought wars, took slaves, were capable of a bit of savagery, and there might have been cannibalism in the SW. I'm sorry they lost and all that, but they should have assimilated into the melting pot a long time ago.

Obama went on to s... (Below threshold)
Obama went on to say which was that illegal immigration was a problem which needs to be addressed.

Yeah, "addressed" by massive amnesty and basically opening the border. Not, mind you, even on any sort of principle, but because it would let in hundreds of thousands of guaranteed welfare-state Democrat voters.

"I'd say it was more the au... (Below threshold)

"I'd say it was more the author and her fellow righties going all xenophobic - as is the usual custom here - than Obama going reconquista"

As usual, JFO focuses like a laser beam and reveals us for what we are. We're soooo ashamed.

Earth to Lawyer The post was about Obama's pandering while subjugating the country, which he routinely does. Stay on topic.

JFO has not comprehension o... (Below threshold)

JFO has not comprehension or ability to understand a point on a post. Never did, never will. Obama is being shown as the empty suit he is. ww

"I'd say it was more the... (Below threshold)

"I'd say it was more the author and her fellow righties going all xenophobic - as is the usual custom here - than Obama going reconquista"

Ah yes, we've gone and gotten all xenophobic after all the talk about our own ancestors of many nationalities. And JFO accused me of ad hominem attacks? In my neck of the woods we call that 'projection'.

Actually if illegal immigra... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Actually if illegal immigration is a big issue for you, you should vote for Obama. After a couple years of President Obama and a leftist congress the illegals will be running back to Mexico and central America to find jobs and feed their families. Sadly many Americans will have to do the same...

emerson wrote: "I'm sorry ... (Below threshold)

emerson wrote: "I'm sorry they lost and all that..."

I'm not. I glad the Europeans won. I'm glad that the the Europeans, from which I'm descended, tamed this land and created the nation that is now the United States. I offer no apologies for having the better technology, etc., that gave the victory to the colonists.

That said, I am ashamed of the deceit and broken treaties of the 19th century--that is not how a nation behaves with honor. However, that is history, not the present, and I'm not prepared to support any revisionist accounts or attempts of "reparations." Reparations are paid by the LOSERS to the winners, remember?

If the "border crossed them... (Below threshold)
Scottie Author Profile Page:

If the "border crossed them", they became citizens when that happened, no? Since the borders haven't moved in several generations, I fail to see how this applies to the current crop of illegal aliens. Are we to believe there are currently people in the US as a result of our borders shifting?

This slogan simply defies logic. This sort of populism may work well with uneducated third world illiterates; it sounds catchy. But nonsense is still nonsense, catchy or not.

Last time I checked, all th... (Below threshold)

Last time I checked, all those "native" Americans walked here from Siberia, so I'm kind of confused by this nonsense.






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