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US Women's Beach Volleyball Champs Thank President Bush

Allahpundit posted the YouTube video, which was promptly yanked. However, you can see it, courtesy of Ms. Underestimated. Click the image to watch.



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Somewhere right now, an MSM... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Somewhere right now, an MSM anchor's head is spinning.


Well done, ladies, and well said!

Did they give any reason fo... (Below threshold)

Did they give any reason for the video to be removed from YouTube? Sounds awful convenient....

That's right, I forgot - ap... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

That's right, I forgot - approval from champions for the President makes JFOs head spin, as well.

The presidents app... (Below threshold)
The presidents approval rating just jumped by its highest number in 3 years - 2 people.

Hey, that's 2 more than all the congressional Democrats combined. You should be proud.

Hey, if that's representati... (Below threshold)

Hey, if that's representative of the demographic that supports Bush then he's doing something right. Likewise if JFO is representative of his critics, well, you know you're doing a good job when all the right people hate you. :D

I didn't get to see the fin... (Below threshold)

I didn't get to see the final rounds but did get to watch these two in action in the earlier rounds. They are awesome to watch. There is some kind of communication that takes place between the two of them that you can't see but you know it's there.

I'll keep looking for the video as it would be nice to see as well. Someone will get it back up soon enough.

I'm guessing it was removed... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing it was removed because it's copyrighted to NBC or some such. It'll pop up again eventually.

"You can't stop the signal, man."

HEIL yOUTUBE! ZIG HEIL!... (Below threshold)


I'm guessing it... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing it was removed because it's copyrighted to NBC or some such. It'll pop up again eventually.

Right. Entire movies are on yourube, but this just has to be removed IMMEDIATELY FOR THE SAKE OF COPYRIGHT LAW!!! By the by, have you ever noticed how it's cool with yourube to have islamo-nazi propaganda all over the place,but they "edit" anything positive about our finest? Also, check out the videos of our guys "acting like heartless creeps", half of 'em have the EXACT same audio which just proves what a bunch of symps they are over at yourube. Just copy and paste some deleterious audio over any vid and you can make people look bad. It's just a shame that "Americans" do this to those who bleed and die for us. May they rot from the eyeballs down.

Youtube is obviously run by... (Below threshold)

Youtube is obviously run by a bunch of liberal fascists trying to control the message. How Orwellian. Fortunately, they can't unring the bell.

Watched it live and it was ... (Below threshold)

Watched it live and it was great! The two matches they played were awesome as well. Close games and they always looked confident. Way to go ladies!

NBC demanded that YouTube y... (Below threshold)

NBC demanded that YouTube yank the Olympic videos, starting with the Opening Ceremony. They're awfully picky about anyone posting them- they want you to go to their website to see it.

NBC isn't even posting vide... (Below threshold)

NBC isn't even posting videos on their own site until after they've been broadcast which in some cases is as much as 24 hours after the event.

Their IP lawyers must be watching YouTube full time.

Beth and Rance obviously ca... (Below threshold)

Beth and Rance obviously can't recognize the vast left-wing conspiracy that is youtube.

I'm having some trouble und... (Below threshold)

I'm having some trouble understanding.

What exactly did Bush do for their inspiration and what does he do.

Been the worst president ever.






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