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Jacob Weisberg: The Only Reason Obama Will Lose is Racism

Jacob Weisberg has a post at Slate in which he publishes a preemptive strike should Barack Obama lose:

If it makes you feel better, you can rationalize Obama's missing 10-point lead on the basis of Clintonite sulkiness, his slowness in responding to attacks, or the concern that Obama may be too handsome, brilliant, and cool to be elected. But let's be honest: If you break the numbers down, the reason Obama isn't ahead right now is that he trails badly among one group, older white voters. He does so for a simple reason: the color of his skin.

So older white voters' racism is the only reason why Barack Obama could lose. Really? There are a lot of reasons why older white voters are reluctant to vote for Barack Obama. These are only a few:

Maybe it's because older white voters remember the depression and how it caused many, many Americans to lose everything they had, forcing some to roam the country like nomads looking for work, so they're reluctant to make a man who is inexperienced managing a budget and setting economic policy, and who wants to institute an economic nightmare called socialized medicine president of the United States.

Maybe it's because they remember the cold war with the Soviet Union and how Nikita Khrushchev threatened to bury us and who insisted our children would grow up speaking Russian, so when they see Obama react with nonchalance and even go so far to blame the US when Russia's tanks rolled into sovereign Georgia, they are reluctant to put him in charge of America's foreign policy.

Maybe it's because they remember clearly how Jimmy Carter destroyed America's strength and respect in the world because of his pacifism and weakness in the face of aggression, so they're reluctant to make a man who wants to surrender in Iraq when it's clear we've already won commander in chief of our armed forces.

Maybe it's because they remember the human rights tragedy of the Tienanmen Square Massacre when the communist Chinese government killed and injured their own citizens in an effort to squash political descent, so when Barack Obama praised China's infrastructure and said it's significantly better than America's, they're reluctant make Barack Obama president of the United States.

According to Jacob Weisberg, it couldn't be any of these reasons. No, it can be only racism.


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So, apparently a big chunk ... (Below threshold)

So, apparently a big chunk of people suddenly came down with racism.

Obama was supposedly leading a while back. He had upwards of a ten point lead, but that's gone now.

Did several million people just notice that he's not exactly a plain old white guy? If race was the reason he's not massively in he lead, wouldn't that have shown up before now?

So according to Jacob Weisb... (Below threshold)

So according to Jacob Weisberg and those of his ilk, I'm not a racist if I turn my brain off and vote for Obama because of his skin color, but if I THINK about the issues and where the candidates stand before deciding who to vote for, I'm a racist. Oooooookay.

I told my daughter when he ... (Below threshold)

I told my daughter when he announced that if he lost they would claim that it is racism. Not surprised by any of this, Democrats never understand that they lose because of their own policies and weaknesses.

Conversely, should he win, does that mean there is no longer racism in America?

"...the concern that Obama ... (Below threshold)

"...the concern that Obama may be too handsome, brilliant, and cool to be elected."

Good Lord. The man is as close to being a completely empty suit as any candidate for the presidency has ever been. His only asset is the color of his skin, which will make a substantial number of Americans uneasy about voting against him.

At some point, when the polls have ceased to be guided by politically correct selection of audiences and settings, even the Old Media will have to take note of Obama's micro-miniature resume and ineptitude when deprived of a teleprompter. Until then, the Weisbergs of the world will continue to trumpet the invincibility of the Chosen One.

...and the only reason he'l... (Below threshold)

...and the only reason he'll win will be racism.

And if he wins, racism will... (Below threshold)

And if he wins, racism will be the only reason:
* Congress doesn't enact every single one of his policy proposals
* he would face any opposition for the Democratic nomination in 2012
* he isn't re-elected by a landslide
* he isn't ranked as one of the top 5 greatest Presidents of all time
* the Constitution isn't amended to allow him a third term
* he doesn't have his image engraved on Mt Rushmore

Typical. "Weisberg" is the... (Below threshold)

Typical. "Weisberg" is the kind of Jew that gives Jews a bad name, and then outlaws anyone observing that he's Jewish. He is racist and projects this on others, accusing them of racism; he is communist when it comes to any state other then, I bet, Israel; he is filled with a desire to see the "evil Germans" (all whites) overthrown in all nationstates that were once thier own. In short, he's a jerk.

I didn't have time to read ... (Below threshold)

I didn't have time to read the above, but I'm glad someone apparently got the courage to point out how racist most American blacks have become while whites are going in the other direction. All of my kids are inter-racial (yes, half black) and I have seen up close and personal the kind of blind "loyalty" to the left and their pseudo-civil rights line the "black community" has adhered to, but now we know, by Obama, that it was always all about race. It's just that the offenders and offendies have migrated into the others former position. Which means: Even though 99.9% of all blacks will vote for the black guy no matter what, the fact that more and more whites are free from the shackles of "white guilt"(with all due respect to what Shelby Steele has outlined in his books and articles) now, it only takes about 60% percent of "us" to vote pro-American(not anti-black) to reject an anti-American, full blown Marcist like Barry Obama.

(shh, don't tell the media about this. They would have to change all of the opinions they insert in every story they report on. Wouldn't want to put them out or anything now.)

What was the title of this article again?

My fellow conservatives. Yo... (Below threshold)

My fellow conservatives. You forget the liberal mantra:"We are all victims. If anything happens to us, it is not our fault." ww

Maybe it's because older... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's because older white voters remember the depression

Unlikely. The Great Depression started in 1929 and lasted about ten years. To have any meaningful memory of the Depression, a person would have to have been born no later than 1934. Someone born in 1934 would be 74 this year. I think you can safely say that "people 74 and older" is not a significant voting bloc .. and that age group tends to vote Democrat anyway, since many of them believe it was a Republican who caused the Depression and a Democrat who ended it.

Your other suggested reasons are all quite valid. And I would add another: older voters probably remember clearly the Great American Economic Winning Streak of the 1950s and 1960s, all under economically-conservative administrations, as well as the economic woes of the 1970s and the revival that followed Reagan's election in 1980.

Wonder how many bottles of ... (Below threshold)

Wonder how many bottles of "White Guilt" Weisberg drinks everyday. Racist? Tell ya what Jake, if 90% of WHITES vote for McCain, that's racist. Now you tell me what it means if 90% of BLACKS vote for Obama?

So, if we go by this theory... (Below threshold)

So, if we go by this theory then all those who oppose Clarence Thomas are racist.

All those who voted against Mike Steele are racist.

All those who opposed rice are racist.

All those who oppose McCain are discriminating against age--ageism.

Of course, that pretty much holds to my theory that liberals tend to be racist bigots who can only judge people by their color of skin and can never actually judge people's characters.

Certainly there's racism in... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Certainly there's racism involved. McCain gets only 10% of the black vote because of the color of his skin. I'm sure liberals will disagree and say that's simplistic. Well, I agree but then insisted that it's also simplistic to claim Obama doesn't get the older white vote because of the color of his skin. Besides the explanations Kim listed, I think older white people are more patriotic as it was their generation that won WW2 and held communism at bay. They don't understand how Obama could associate himself with the likes of J. Wright.

They don't understand ho... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

They don't understand how Obama could associate himself with the likes of J. Wright.
but what about McCain associating with the likes of John Hagee.

Hillary Clinton talked alot about the glass ceiling that she would have to break, as a woman, in order to be thought of as the commander-in-chief/President. But there are 16 female senators in the Senate. There is only one African-American senator.. Obama. Don't underestimate the road Obama will have had to travel in order to become the nation's first black president.

What many of us "older" Ame... (Below threshold)

What many of us "older" Americans, white or black remember is our parents and grandparents telling us about the depression and WWII.

They told us how good we had it in the '50s and '60s. (Why I had to walk to school, uphill both ways! Isn't that how we heard it?)

We remember the '70s and '80s for ourselves.

I wept when Carter was elected. I'll sob and cry out loud if Obama is elected. But America and I will survive him too.

Mrs. Crickmore:I r... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Mrs. Crickmore:

I read your post a couple of times trying to find out if you had a point to make. Do you, and if so, please elaborate.

More accurate Crickmore: "D... (Below threshold)

More accurate Crickmore: "Don't underestimate the road Obama will have had to travel in order to become the nation's first far-left, America-hating, infanticide-supporting president."

but what about McC... (Below threshold)
but what about McCain associating with the likes of John Hagee.

How many times do the libtards have to hear the truth? (oh that's right, you can't even hear the truth) Anyway, there is a difference between ones mentor (you know dummy, the one who shaped your thinking from an early age? That'd be Stalin for you.) and a guy who gives you a thumbs up. Not to mention the fact that Hagee was a media created "monster". How's that Simon & Garfunkel ode to the liberal mindset go again? Oh yeah, it's, "Lie Lie Lie, Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie, Lie Lie Lie, Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Liiiiiiiiie"

Crickmore, the Hagee associ... (Below threshold)

Crickmore, the Hagee association does not work. Read Obama's two best sellers to find out why.

Obama has been getting a pass from the legacy media in large part because he is not white. NBCCBSABCWPNYTLATNPRTIMENW et al swill white liberal guilt and have been in the tank for Obama from the beginning.

There is no underestimation of Obama's task to become president; rather there has been a very sober analysis by voters of recent that has cast a critical eye on this very soft treatment by the legacy media. U S voters are not stupid and they have an inate sense of fairness that is far superior and discerning than the intoxicated media celebrity worshippers.

Obama peaked in July just before the Berlin speech, which was effrontery and arrogance at its worst. Americans have a keen ear for this sort of thing in spite of the piss poor public education that liberals offer. Obama has squandered the advantage given to him by the obsequious guilt ridden legacy media in this country.

That is why the Clintons are so pissed. And they should be (although I can't find much of anything that I agree with them on politically, except NAFTA) because they are fighters and real competitors that overcame all manner of obstacles that the fawning legacy media has ignored or removed for their buddy Obama.

but what about McC... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
but what about McCain associating with the likes of John Hagee.

McCain was endorsed by John Hagee and within days said "I repudiate any comments that are made, including Pastor Hagee's, if they are anti-Catholic or offensive to Catholics." Obama associated with J. Wright for over 20 years. There's no rational comparison of the link between Obama / Wright and McCain / Hagee.

That's your problem right t... (Below threshold)

That's your problem right there, Mac.


Come on, you're smarter than that. Don't be such a moron. You're expecting these twits to be "reasonable."



To corrupt [;-)] Mae West:<... (Below threshold)

To corrupt [;-)] Mae West:

Reason has nothing to do with it!

Racsim is an oft misused te... (Below threshold)

Racsim is an oft misused term, so I'll define it clearly so there's no confusion as to what I mean. Racism is when you make a decision based on the race of another individual.

Why is Obama polling at ~90% with black voters ? Racism.

The author of the piece is right but just 180 degrees off.

There is no doubt that Obam... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

There is no doubt that Obama benefited enormously in black areas because of his heritage. But in the overall scheme of things he loses perhapslet's say double, even in Hispanic areas, what he gains because of his skin colour, rather than his race. He is after all as much white as black genetically.

It was Mark Penn, Hillary`s strategist idea to run a campaign based on Obama being "unAmerican". I wonder what smears the Rove strategists who are now in charge of McCain`s campaign will dust off. At least, they won`t be able to highlight that there is only one major candidate in this election who wasn't born in America.
As far as Hagee goes it took quite a lot of 'barracking' before McCain backed off. McCain actively sought Hagee`s endorsement when Hagee`s views were well known, not the other way round. I mean that was why Hagee was popular (and controversial),and McCain still wanted his endorsement.

And Hugh, you know why Obama as a local organizer, attended Wright`s church, the largest and most influential in the South side of Chicago, even though Obama used to dissent personally with Wright`s interpretation of how Wright viewed modern civil rights. You have read his books, where he actually talks about their disagreements. Are there any traditional Anglican "high churches and Tory" on the South Side. They seem to be about the only ones that don`t give offence..but wait, they are now riven with controversy about who their ministers can sleep with.

And the Clinton's overcoming all manner of obstacles . I grant you that was an obstacle, having to swear that she was telling the truth, on the Bible, in front of a grand jury. Hillary`s 120 odd "I don`t recall performance" on `travelgate` when she blew off the Bible so contemptously, was that the beginning of your enormous respect for Hillary that they (the Clintons) are fighters and enormous competitors.

Jay,Come ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Come on, you're smarter than that. Don't be such a moron. You're expecting these twits to be "reasonable."

No, I don't expect lefty twits to be reasonable. That's why I included the word "rational" as a preemptive measure to label their subsequent comparisons as irrational. I know, I know, it's a waist of time expecting reason from the emotional lefty twits.

Actually, blacks vote overw... (Below threshold)

Actually, blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, not for black candidates, and the extent that they do is dramatically overstated, given that blacks are disproportionately urban dwelling and below average income. Black voters voted strongly for the white Ben Cardin over the black Michael Steele and for the white Ted Strickland over the black Ken Blackwell.

I think Weisberg dramatically overstates the impact of racism, but he does make a couple of good points - by historical standards, Obama should be ahead by double digits, and he's only ever been ahead of McCain by a couple of points. He also raises the statistic from the PA exit polls saying that 5% polled stated that they wouldn't vote for a black man. Five per cent makes a huge difference.

Look, no one will admit to being racist, but it's ridiculous to assume that it's not there. On either side. And if Obama loses, there will be a number of factors, not the least of which will be his numerous shortcomings which have been documented to death. It's certainly not true that "anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist". But racism will play a part in this race. Maybe not a big part. Maybe not a noticeable one. But it will be there.

Obama is the fastest rising... (Below threshold)

Obama is the fastest rising political star we've seen in a long time. It could be argued that Obama has been so successful because of his color. He has carried a small lead almost all the way. Even against his white female opponent who had the advantage of mass recognition. If "the road Obama will have had to travel in order to become the nation's first black president" is rough it's partly because he has been deliberately throwing tacks in the road, not only in front of him, but behind him with his own allusions to race; the "clinging to guns and religion" remark, the not looking like the "other presidents on the dollar bill" remark and the "typical white person" remark, just to name a few. People felt they were being pigeon-holed due to religious beliefs or their color. If he had stayed away from it, he would have gained more of the undecided group.

Gore got 90% of the black vote. Kerry got 88% of the black vote. And you know what? They were both white. Black people generally vote Democratic. They're voting for Obama because he's a Democrat. They're surely more enthusiastic about their vote now because their candidate is black, but there's little change in the numbers. So I wouldn't accuse them of racism. But since many white people are voting for Obama then suddenly the one's that don't are implied racist. Not because they're republican or conservative, but because their candidate is white.

I call horseshit. If all I have to do to prove I'm not racist is vote for a black guy we're in a real mess. I mean, why would I be so stupid to think that my everyday actions speak for me? All I have to do is act against my carefully considered judgment of who would make the best President and I'm off scot-free.

But because I'm voting McCain, I'm eyed with suspicion. I'm a 'closet racist' or I'm 'racist on a subconscious level'. I know this because Obama himself told me so.

And to end:

Wolfwalker: it's not whether older white voters constitute any sizable voting bloc. That's not the point at all. The implication that they're racist is what Kim addresses.

MikeW -I don't giv... (Below threshold)

MikeW -

I don't give a damn, speaking as a hypothetical white older male voter, (Man, how did I ever get into THAT demographic?) about skin color. I'd vote for McCain if he were white or black or tan or yellow. I'd probably have some problems with dark purple and unbreathing or greenish-yellow and bloated, but I will freely state I won't even CONSIDER voting for the metabolically challenged. They've allowed the MC to vote in Chicago for years, and look at what that's gotten 'em.

Conversely, I wouldn't consider at all voting for Obama no matter what color his skin is.

What matters to me is experience and ideas. McCain's got experience, Obama doesn't. I don't neccesarily agree with McCain's ideas, but they don't fill me with the sense of a train wreck waiting to happen that Obama's hopey-changefulness banalities generate. Obama's a hell of an orator - but that's about the best that can be said for him.

The Democrats have well and truely screwed themselves into the ground on this one.

Obama's policies are the sa... (Below threshold)

Obama's policies are the same far left policies that caused John Kerry to not get elected. The only exception is that they may be a little stronger. I don't see why they would expect to win with those policies.

The reality is that this article is setting the stage for the poison pill of berating America for being racist for the next 4-8 years if you pick John McCain. Just like berating America for being a Warmonging Civil Rights violator was punishment for electing/re-electing George Bush.

Unfortunately this crap works among the kids.

MikeW,2 things: th... (Below threshold)


2 things: thing 1)Barak was up 15+ before he started with the elitist crappola./ thing 2)Blacks voted 9 to 1 over HILLARY for Barak so yes, you are right, it is, "Liberal empty promises first, and then race" so, if there are two libs making the usual empty promises that have never worked, THEN the black vote is always with the black candidate, but, race does NOT trump failed policies when they are up against a conservative "person of color".

Sorry about that, I should've been more concise.

JLawson,I'm sure t... (Below threshold)


I'm sure that racism isn't a factor with you personally. As I said, people will choose not to vote for Obama for any number of reasons, not the least of which are his many weaknesses and his inexperience. What I said was that like it or not, racism will be a factor in this race, if not in every individual voter who participates in it, and it is ridiculous to assume that it won't.


1. According to the RCP tracking polls, Obama has never been up by that much. (To be fair, there was one Newsweek poll in June that had him up by 15, but it was clearly an outlier.) He's been ahead all of this year, fluctuating between high and low single digit leads. Given the circumstances, his lead should be 20 points.

2. There are a huge number of factors that influence how people vote, and you can't break it down to a "one-two" step like that. Personally, I'd like to see a study that compares black and white voting habits, controlled for geography and income. I'd bet that blacks still vote disproportionately Democratic, but it won't be by a 9-1 margin.

And IMHO, you were pretty concise.

I'm an older (54) white mal... (Below threshold)

I'm an older (54) white male. I'm not supporting Obama because he wants to loose in Iraq and take as much of my money as he can get and give it to crack whores and others that are too lazy to go out and get a job.

It's simple, really....The things he has talked about doing in his campaign just plain suck. The fact he is black is irrelevant. If that makes me a racist, so be it. I've been accused of much worse.

" I'd bet that blacks still... (Below threshold)
retired military:

" I'd bet that blacks still vote disproportionately Democratic, but it won't be by a 9-1 margin."


"The vast majority - 90 percent -- voted for Democrat Al Gore, while Republican George W. Bush picked up 9 percent of the black vote (Green Party candidate Ralph Nader received the remaining 1 percent). "

There are numerous other sources which state that the African american vote was along those lines. Though exact numbers are not available.

RM, "controlled for geograp... (Below threshold)

RM, "controlled for geography and income" means that black and white voting habits are compared across levels of those categories. Since black people are more likely than white people to live in large urban centres (big cities voted for Kerry over Bush by a 60-39 margin) and have a lower mean income (lower income groups vote more Democratic), it's reasonable to assume that these factors are exaggerating the extent to which blacks vote Democratic.

On the other hand, it's equally possible that big cities and low income groups vote more Democratic purely because they have greater proportions of black people. I don't know. But I'd like to see it studied.

MikeW -From what I... (Below threshold)

MikeW -

From what I've seen, racism is MUCH more a factor for the Dems than the Repubs. Your mileage may vary - but the obsession with race seems to be flowing at high pressure from the folks nominally denouncing it.

So you're right. (Shrug)

"I'd bet that blacks sti... (Below threshold)

"I'd bet that blacks still vote disproportionately Democratic, but it won't be by a 9-1 margin."

Yours would be a safe bet. We have empirical evidence of it. But a 9-1 margin is pretty damn close - at least when applied to the general election.

By election (rounded to nearest percent):
2004 - 88% Kerry
2000 - 90% Gore
1996 - 84% Clinton
1992 - 83% Clinton
1988 - 88% Dukakis
1984 - 89% Mondale
1980 - 86% Carter

Avg. 86.9%

Incidentally, the "First Black American President", Bill Clinton, got less of the black vote than others in recent history and dragged the percent down a bit.

If you're speaking about ALL elections, city, state, etc. it shouldn't be too hard to research. But if we're making bets here, I'd bet it's closer to 8-10.

YOU ARE AN IDIOT.... (Below threshold)


Can you explain your though... (Below threshold)

Can you explain your thought process in going from Obama commenting on China's infrastructure to the Tienanmen Square Massacre? Can you further explain why this would deter someone from voting for Obama?

Uhhuhuuh...the ultimate cop... (Below threshold)

Uhhuhuuh...the ultimate cop out.

Jes because POTUS is above Obama's pay grade...I'm a racist for recognizing this.

Right, couldn't be because he's a Economic Facist, has an onion skin depth of experience, has chameleon like stands on everything, has a very bold voting record (PRESENT!), doesn't understand US Economics (or worse, does and still...) and, hangs out with the finest folks.

Sticks and Stones.

Great blog!... (Below threshold)

Great blog!

Oyster noted the following ... (Below threshold)

Oyster noted the following black vote percentages:

By election (rounded to nearest percent):
2004 - 88% Kerry
2000 - 90% Gore
1996 - 84% Clinton
1992 - 83% Clinton
1988 - 88% Dukakis
1984 - 89% Mondale
1980 - 86% Carter

Are you assuming ALL the rest went to the GOP? Remember, most polls of the 2 parties tallys' usually result in anywhere from a mid 80 to mid 90% total. That would indicate that AT LEAST 5% (AND UP TO AS MUCH AS 10% OR EVEN MORE!) of most voting demographs, vote 3rd party. My only point is, it's probably more like 10 - 1, left v. right, in the final analysis. Trust me, you don't even joke about voting republican in the circles I travel. Not if you wish to maintain your current facial structure.

"Are you assuming ALL th... (Below threshold)

"Are you assuming ALL the rest went to the GOP?"

No. And never implied it either. I wasn't talking about polls or how much of the black vote went to republicans.

But if you're interested, the republican candidate did not get ALL the remaining black votes.

For instance:

1980 - Carter 86% / Reagan 12% (other 2%)
1984 - Mondale 89% / Reagan 9% (other 2%)
1988 - Dukakis 88% / Bush 10% (other 2%)

In 92 'other' was as high as 7% (maybe because of Perot) and 96 was 4%. The rest are 1% - 2%. So I don't know where you're getting your "AT LEAST 5% (AND UP TO AS MUCH AS 10% OR EVEN MORE!)

Are you just making guesses for argument's sake or what?

Oyster, read comment 34. I ... (Below threshold)

Oyster, read comment 34. I know that black voters have historically voted overwhelmingly Democratic, and by the looks of it, it remains remarkably constant over the years - except, as you point out, 1992 and 1996, where Ross Perot took a chunk of the black vote. I'm interested to see the extent to which blacks vote Democratic compared to low income whites who live in large cities.

JLawson - you could be right. We'll never know, given that the majority of people who vote based on race won't admit it. Racists exist on both side of aisle.

Okay, I see. I misundersto... (Below threshold)

Okay, I see. I misunderstood your question. I was answering to the question of whether or not blacks vote majority Democrat and what percentages (in the general election). Not the percentage of blacks and whites in urban areas and low-income groups. Got it, and I'm doing a little searching now to see what I can find. But the simple fact that most large cities are Democrat strongholds may say more about class than race. I did see a study not too long ago that showed that low-income urban blacks voted Democratic in higher percentages than those in rural areas.

And I just had a whole comment laid out to you when I realized I was confusing your last comment as Mark's. :)

Oyster,I'm sure yo... (Below threshold)


I'm sure you are the more accurate as you are actually delving into the numbers and I am operating (partially) off of anecdotal evidence. To be specific, I was referring to all of these, "Who's where, right now" polls, where it is very common -even now w/ BO and JM- that the numbers for each only add up to 89% or less sometimes. I realize there is no "Don't Know" choice when you actually vote, but I am surprised that the "other" number isn't higher. Assuming it represented the ACP or some other leftist group, it pretty much did amount to a 10 - 1 ratio though. Good work just the same, thanks.

Thank god for sensible olde... (Below threshold)

Thank god for sensible older white people.

of course it's because of h... (Below threshold)

of course it's because of his skin color that he would lose. everyone knows that, it's so obvious. I don't want him to win anyways because at the end of the day blacks need to realize how much hateful and racist white people actually are, and his lose will ensure that. there is nothing scares white Americans than a black person, nothing at all. what a pathetic group of people.

Or maybe he'll lose because... (Below threshold)

Or maybe he'll lose because he has 0 experience, and the gop tickets vice president has more experience than Obama and voters hopefully aren't as retarded as they seem. Maybe they'll realize that Obama talks a lot of BS but hasn't learned how to walk yet. Or maybe voters will actually think and decide, wait a minute this guy has done nothing of significance in this country and he wants to be president...No your right it couldnt be any of those reasons. It would have to be racism because Obama is half black, imitates martin luther king during speeches and his the messiah right? So if people don't vote for him than their racist.






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