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Obama Choses Biden For VP Spot


CNN, ABC, Fox, AP, etc. are all confirming the Senator Barak Obama has selected Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Hardly a pick to make the teenage Obamanics swoon...


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An empty suit and a gas bag... (Below threshold)

An empty suit and a gas bag. Nice combo.

Heh Nancy.....what happened to "Chet"?

Obama has followed Jay Tea'... (Below threshold)

Obama has followed Jay Tea's analysis about his lack of a sense of humor and decided to add Biden for comic relief.

What? You guys don't like J... (Below threshold)

What? You guys don't like Joe? What for?

Proof that God has a sense ... (Below threshold)

Proof that God has a sense of humor. And that He may be a Republican....LMAO

what the hell are you gu... (Below threshold)

what the hell are you guys talkin about ? I think Biden was a great pick, Hillary and the GOP talk about experince now you guys cant talk about that anymore Biden is way better then MCCAIN in foregin Policy at least he knows the differnce between Al qaieda and Iran.I love this pick Finally the dems will win this year thank god im sick of 8 years of Bush and his 1 trillion dollar War We want change!!!!!!! Health care, Minauim wages up tax the rich not the poor MCCain!!! and one more thing Johnny i got one house how many do you have ?? get to your staff and let me know when they find out for you LOL

Joe Biden is a pompous puff... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden is a pompous puffed up boob and Obama is an ass for picking him. He will not draw the votes needed to win this election.

Terribly disappointing and a slap in the face to the 1/2 of the Democrats who voted for Hillary. If he was not picking her then he should have gone for a fresh face with new ideas. Instead he dug deep into the status quo - exactly going against the very thing he said would set him apart.

Obama is just another power hungry opportunist. What a surprise. I simply can not vote for him.

Obama is just another po... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Obama is just another power hungry opportunist. What a surprise.

Quelle surprise, indeed. (chuckles)

OBAMA, C'MON! BIDEN LIED TH... (Below threshold)
yie lee:


"You got better things to do, guys; I'm not the guy," he said.

Asked where he would be Saturday -- when Obama is reportedly scheduled to hold a campaign event in Springfield, Illinois, that may feature his new running mate -- Biden replied, "here," pointing to his driveway.

He softened up a little later that night, telling reporters, "I promise you, I don't know anything."


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."

Damn. I went to bed 30 min... (Below threshold)

Damn. I went to bed 30 minutes too early to find out.

Both are racist, both are i... (Below threshold)

Both are racist, both are in love with themselves, both are arrogant, and yeah, its a shame Biden thinks so little of B Hussein.Wonder what changed his mind?

WEll I think it was not the... (Below threshold)

WEll I think it was not the right choice to unite the party ...
If you don't vote for Obama than don't vote for McCain, he has the same character flaws as John Edwards, an egocentric elitist, who cheated on his disabled wife to divorce her for a wealthy woman. He even lied to his wife about his age and that he is separated while he was still living with his wife. And there were rumors he even cheated on her with a lobbyist Vicki Iseman. Once a cheater always a cheater and lousy character and it is not surprising that he was involved in the Keating Five scandal.
Now ask yourself why was he not as he promised in cone of silence but in a limousine while driving to Rick Warren!? He is not a true republican look who his friends are: Lieberman the biggest Flip-Flopper. He tells the voters what they want to hear but wait once he is in the white house then he will sow his true face. You don't need to vote for Obama, just don't vote for him. You don't want a pretender who tells heart-breaking POW stories no one can verify, we don't want a rich over 25 year full time professional politician that is like a chameleon showing different colors just to stay afloat, we don't need another rich man that has no clue what means to make enough money to pay bills.
DON"T VOTE! DON'T VOTE for McCain!!!
Even the story about the cross in the sand make be a fake story: read for yourself http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/did_mccain_lift_his_cross-in-the-sand_anecdote_from.html
DON"T VOTE! DON'T VOTE for McCain!!!

With Hillary's strong runni... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

With Hillary's strong running in the campaign, Obama needed to pick a woman as his VP in order get the women's vote. Right now Obama has only a 2 point lead in support of women over McCain. Normally, the Democrat would enjoy a much larger gender gap.

That opens the door for McCain if he can find a qualified woman to be his VP. Too bad Rice is too smart to run for political office, otherwise putting her on the Republican ticket would generate a lot of support from women and blacks. Normally, a VP isn't that important, but with McCain's age and health issues his VP is much more important than usual. Rice on the ticket would greatly undermine Obama's support base.

Part of Obama's strategy has been to offer an alternative to the "angry old white man" demographic that has been running this nation since it's founding. After searching America for the very best person to be his VP, Obama picks an angry old white man to counter the angry old white man he's running against. What?. We now have an example of Obama's "change you can believe in" nonsense.

"He softened up a little la... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"He softened up a little later that night, telling reporters, "I promise you, I don't know anything."

8. Posted by yie lee | August 23, 2008 5:28 AM"

Can someone please explain to me exactly how is that a lie?


Obama's message: anti 'Wash... (Below threshold)

Obama's message: anti 'Washington insider'

Chooses Washington insider

Obama's message: anti 'old white guy'

Chooses Old White Guy

Obama's message: Bipartisan

Chooses Partisan Hack

Obama's message: Superior Judgement

Chooses Guy who constantly shoots self in foot

Obama's message: Wants to win all states

Chooses Guy who is part of Eastern liberal establishment, dissing 48 other states (56 if you use Obama's numbers ...Oh, I don't count Illinois as you can't have both from the same state)

Obama's true message: I have no idea of how to choose a VP

But, but, but... Obama prom... (Below threshold)

But, but, but... Obama promised me that he would text message me at 10:00 AM and that I would be the one of the first to know. I go to sleep and everybody knows before me.

Another broken promises from my messiah...

Isn't one of Biden's nickna... (Below threshold)

Isn't one of Biden's nicknames 'Slow Joe'? Brilliant pick from the chosen one.

They pick the guy who calle... (Below threshold)

They pick the guy who called Obama 'articulate' which generated an undeserved furor to help portray Obama as a underdog due to his race from the 'go'.

Doesn't get any better than that.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Old... (Below threshold)

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Old plagarism Joe who said Obama shouldn't learn about foreign policy in the White House and also Obama is a clean black man. ww

Why, ObamaMessiah, did you ... (Below threshold)

Why, ObamaMessiah, did you not choose The Kaine of Virginia? Had you done so, you would have ensured victory in Virginia, and thereby would have driven a stake through the hearts of conservatives everywhere!

In your brilliance, do you foresee The Biden One as tearing the curtains blocking the light of truth, a light lethal to conservatives, causing them to shrivel up?

In your brilliance... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
In your brilliance, do you foresee The Biden One as tearing the curtains blocking the light of truth, a light lethal to conservatives, causing them to shrivel up?

Na, the dimwit just wanted a dimmerwit on the ticket least he be outshone.

That above photo would have... (Below threshold)

That above photo would have been a great caption contest.

Their logo should be clatte... (Below threshold)

Their logo should be clattering teeth with a halo above it.

"That above photo would hav... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"That above photo would have been a great caption contest.

What are you talking about? Biden is counting the 2 people who are happy with his pick.

"What are you talking about... (Below threshold)

"What are you talking about? Biden is counting the 2 people who are happy with his pick."

Awesome. There's one caption. And he used both hands to count. :D






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