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Biden: "I know Barack got tested for AIDS!"

I guess we really should be celebrating Barack Obama's pick of Joe Biden for VP. It was a not-too-bright decision on his part, but hey, it works for me. The Obamamessiah and Mr. Gaffetastic will give us lots of fun soundbites over the next few months. I mean, come on -- Obama already introduced Biden as "the next President - Vice President - of the United States... ". But hey, today we're going to have fun with Joe Biden instead.

Check out this video where Biden was talking about AIDS:

I think the money shot was the look on Al Sharpton's face. It made me laugh. A lot.

Joe Biden is just going to be so much fun. Ace does the best job of summing up just who Biden is:

Joe Biden is a scatterbrained and socially awkward guy. He's the guy at the party who announces, out of nowhere, "I just had some subcutaneous fat injected into my penis to increase its girth, so that's pretty good."

And then... the uncomfortable silence as everyone takes keen regard of their shoes and watches.

Oh, man... we're gonna have a lot of fun over the next few months.

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades


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Comments (5)

I too am very grateful to h... (Below threshold)

I too am very grateful to have Biden with Obama. First of all, it utterly destroys the "change in Washington" message. Secondly Biden is unable to shut up. He is the guy that says something stupid then trying to minimize it keeps digging the hole. I love this. A career Senator. A plagarist. Yet he does think Barack is a clean negro. ww

Sharpton has that look on h... (Below threshold)

Sharpton has that look on his face wondering if the the old lady next to him just ripped one....

What is it with the Dems an... (Below threshold)

What is it with the Dems any more - they have a friggin' death wish or something? Trying to commit institutional suicide? Hopey-changefulness coupled with rampant egotism is seen as a 'winning' combination?

(Yeah, I know - you've got to be an egotist to even be a politician, but this somehow seems a lot worse than usual...)

That was pretty funny. And... (Below threshold)

That was pretty funny. And Sharpton's face was priceless. Biden will at least get us laughing. Obama nor McCain have been all that funny. Even Bush makes me laugh. Kerry, on the other hand, always struck me as the guy at the party who tells a dirty joke, that if told by anyone else would get a huge laugh, but it just sounds creepy coming from him.

This almost looks like an e... (Below threshold)

This almost looks like an episode from Amos and Andy.






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