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Cindy McCain Flies to Georgia

I'm so impressed with Cindy McCain. Yes, she's wealthy and, yes, she owns several homes, but she never forgets the least among us in this world. Example: she left today for a mission to Georgia with the World Food Program. From Time:

McCain says she has been trying to get into Georgia since the conflict started, but it took time to arrange the logistics. Her husband, she says, is "very supportive. As soon as he saw what was happening -- he and I, we connect on many levels, I mean he knew immediately [that she would want to go.] I've been to Georgia with him, I know the country."

Her aides say that the timing of the trip, during the Democrats' convention in Denver, was never a consideration. But that doesn't mean they're ignoring the subtext: "She's on the phone with the World Food Program, he's on the phone with Sakaashvili," McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace told me. "It's like this great picture of what they'll be like in the White House."

As she prepared to leave, Mrs. McCain spoke of her concern about the situation there. "There's a very serious landmine issue now, because there are landmines being laid as we speak," she said. "There's a whole bunch of things going on right now, and as we begin to move refugees from point A to point B or try to feed refugees who are stuck in pockets around the country, we're now running into the issue of the blowing up of humanitarian vehicles that are trying to get to the refugees. So it's a whole morass of problems now."

And this is not the first time this election cycle that she's dropped what she was doing on the campaign trail to go and help elsewhere. She visited Kosovo with HALO in March, Vietnam in June, and Rwanda in July.

Update: Don Surber quips: "The wife of Republican Sen. John McCain has more foreign policy experience than Democratic Sen. Barack Obama."


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You gotta wonder what the S... (Below threshold)

You gotta wonder what the Secret Service thought about this...

Too bad she did this during the Democratic convention. She could have invited Hillary Clinton along; she's got experience flying into war zones and worrying about sniper fire...


There's no political contex... (Below threshold)

There's no political context to this trip at all of course. Give me a break.

It's a given and very admirable that Mrs McCain is involved in charitable causes and gives of herself and her money. But the timing of this looks like nothing more than a cheap political trick. Save the swooning for Mrs McCain for some other time.

>But the timing of this loo... (Below threshold)

>But the timing of this looks like nothing more than a cheap political trick

Of course it could be politically motivated. But there's nothing cheap about it, not in ethical or material matters.

...and it only took until t... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

...and it only took until the 2nd comment for some worthless waste of bits on the tubes to say it's all political.

Way to go, JFO.

I think JFO is right -- the... (Below threshold)

I think JFO is right -- the timing is political.

Traditionally, one candidate lays low during the other party's convention. And next week is the Republican convention. This week was the only time she could count on not getting roped into helping her husband's campaign.

And note that the news on this broke AFTER she left. They didn't announce it beforehand, she didn't take along a press contingent, she isn't holding news confereences in Georgia -- she's just continuing the charitable, humanitarian work she's done most of her life.

Should her husband win election, this is probably the last time she'll be able to do something like this for at least four years, and probably longer. That is certainly a political consideration. When you're married to a presumptive presidential nominee, EVERYTHING is political.

Only morons like JFO could not grasp that, and not grasp what I said above.

Somehow, I let myself be surprised by that.


I disagree JT. Only a "moro... (Below threshold)

I disagree JT. Only a "moron"would attempt to justify and rationalize the obvious purpose of the trip. On second thought maybe not just a moron but a true believing right winger also.

"Only a "moron"would att... (Below threshold)

"Only a "moron"would attempt to justify and rationalize the obvious purpose of the trip."

Oh really? Care to characterize every other trip Cindy McCain has made over the many years she's been doing this? I mean, how DARE they report anything positive about her? Even worse, how DARE Cindy McCain do anything at all while the Democratic Convention is running?

It's not like this trip isn't a continuation of THE SAME THING she's been doing for years.

Wow, the timing is politica... (Below threshold)

Wow, the timing is political? You mean she called up Putin and asked him to create a humanitarian crisis so she'd have somewhere to go during the DNC?

Amazing JFO, amazing.

The action may be political, but not the way our looney trolls are spinning it. Somehow I think having Cindy their will strike more fear in the heart of the Russians than our troops. If ANYTHING happens to her while she's there, McCain gets elected AND then they have a President with a RENEWED grudge against them in power.

Somebody get me my caffeine... (Below threshold)

Somebody get me my caffeine.

THERE, not their. Musta been thinkin of their hearts or something.

OysterOf course th... (Below threshold)


Of course that isn't what I said at all - but that's to be expected from the likes of you.

Let me repeat it for you in simple terms even you might get. I said; "It's a given and very admirable that Mrs. McCain is involved in charitable causes and gives of herself and her money." I know it'll kill you to agree that that's praise for Mrs. McCain.

Then I went on to say that the TIMING of this trip looks like a cheap political trick. And it is. If you had an ounce of intellectual honesty you'd agree. It was timed for the day Michelle Obama spoke at the convention. Duh.

No, JFO, you lie. It is NOT... (Below threshold)

No, JFO, you lie. It is NOT "a given and very admirable that Mrs. McCain is involved in charitable causes and gives of herself and her money."

It ought to be, what what IS rapidly becoming a given is that Cindy McCain was addicted to prescription drugs, that she is very wealthy, that she owns a number of homes, that she is estranged from her half-sister, and some people think she lied about meeting Mother Theresa when she adopted her daughter Bridgette. The things YOU cite as "given" are, by and large, ignored -- if they're not belittled and denigrated.

She went while the crisis was ongoing AND her husband is off the campaign trail. I doubt she gave a rat's ass that word of her trip got out on the day The Sainted Michelle (and Ted The Divine) spoke at the convention -- and you'll note that the convention STILL got a hell of a lot more coverage than Cindy McCain's trip.

Whatta maroon...


A maroon? Your (figurative... (Below threshold)

A maroon? Your (figurative) spittle is interfering with your thought process, not that it takes much - moron.

JFO, you have become a veri... (Below threshold)

JFO, you have become a veritable caricature. Cindy McCain's actions are admirable, but if you don't like the timing of those actions, it's a "cheap political stunt".

If this was something out of character for Cindy McCain, I'd agree with you. But it's not. She has a long and verifiable history, many years, of this. She's been to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Rwanda and Kosovo this year alone. She was in Rwanda in July. Why I'll bet she was trying to usurp coverage of Barack's speech in Germany even then!

You're really grasping here. Especially with the comment about Michelle Obama's speech. Talk about tin-foil hats....

JFO,...and as is t... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


...and as is typical of your ilk, you think you are much smarter than you actually are.

I'll second JT. Whatta maroon...

That coming from someone wh... (Below threshold)

That coming from someone who calls himself ShakeYourAss - that's priceless.

Hah!! jfo, a maroon indeed!... (Below threshold)

Hah!! jfo, a maroon indeed!

...also typical of jfo's il... (Below threshold)

...also typical of jfo's ilk, completely ignore the fact that you were wrong






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