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Hang It Up, Hillary

I've been listening to everyone talk about whether or not Hillary Clinton should have been offered the vice-presidential nomination, or at least given the "courtesy" of making the short list, and I gotta tell you -- it never struck me as a real possibility, or even a good idea.

Yes, Hillary was a fairly close second in the primaries. But in politics, do you know what they call the candidate who comes in second? "Loser."

The idea that former rivals could set aside any animosities that might arise in a political campaign and unite for the good of the nation was one of the dumber ideas of the original Constitution, when the candidate who came in second for the presidency became the vice-president. That was such a bad idea that it was the subject of the second Amendment to the Constitution (after the Bill of Rights, which were approved concurrently with the Constitution).

Historically, very few presidential candidates have tapped former rivals for the number two slot. The only exception I can recall was Ronald Reagan choosing George Bush for his vice-president -- Bush, who had hung the term "voodoo economics" on Reagan's economic plan.

That was a notable exception, and I think that the Bush family trait of loyalty played a hefty factor in the choice.

"Loyalty" is not a term that springs to mind when talking about Clintons, however. In fact, if someone were to list the virtues exhibited by the Clintons, "loyalty" would be pretty far down the list.

The last thing any president needs is an ambitious vice-president. They need an advisor, a surrogate, a person they can trust implicitly. They do not need a former rival who still nurses a considerable grudge against the person who defeated them, especially in as bruising a primary fight as the one between Clinton and Obama.

Quite frankly, the White House would not be big enough for the egos of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton as the nation's First and Second Couple. The constant rivalry between a sitting president and first lady, and a former president and sitting vice-president, would be a huge distraction.

And as entertaining as that would be for folks like me who don't care for either couple, that would be very, very bad for the country.

Also, Obama had to know that nearly every vote Hillary brought him as a running mate would really be a vote for him to fail, for her to be in place to step up at the first opportunity. While I'm not the paranoid "Clinton body count" conspiracy type, it's an established fact that those who place their faith and trust in the Clintons come to very, very bad ends -- it's remarkable how many former Clintonistas ended up imprisoned or otherwise disgraced. "Loyalty," to the Clintons, only means "loyalty to them," not something that is reciprocated.

Quite frankly, Hillary Clinton never had a prayer at the number two slot. The "outrage" exhibited when it came out that she wasn't even vetted, never made the final cut, was inevitable. At some point, it was going to be made clear that she wasn't going to get it. The only question was when it would become undeniable.

Even to those die-hard Hillary supporters who were in a massive state of denial.

Hillary will now go back to the Senate, serving out her current term. She might make one last stab at it in 2012, pending on what happens in November and over the next four years, but for all intents and purposes she's done.

Which was obvious to almost everyone several months ago, when Obama started racking up win after win after win.

The only surprising thing is that that denial lasted right up until Obama picked Joe Biden.


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Obamakins and the VERY STUP... (Below threshold)

Obamakins and the VERY STUPID TABOLID CABLE TV CNN & MSNBC need to stop blaming the Clintons for everything including the ALL Obamas gaffes and the knowledge that voters are finding out for themselves because cable news won't report the truth about his racist & terrorist's friends... This is why the DNC does not have unity, Senator Clinton WON the popular vote, since June 7, obama has accepted ALL of Clintons solutions during the primaries that he argued against, he specifically whined the entire primary as did his followers " But she voted for the war" wa wa wa... SO DID JOE BIDEN! but she has been in Washington too long, that's not change" wa wa wa... BIDEN has been in Washington much Longer... Senator Clinton won 18 million votes...and David Axelrod said Obama doesn't need her supporters, then why are they begging for them now since he continues to fall in the polls daily.

After all she has endured this season, and the ONLY candidate EVER to do as much for the other guy than any MAN in history and still is verbally attacked by the racist Obamakins and cable news idiots...She cannot control all her supporters, They are correctly angry at Dean and Pelosi and DNC for jumping on MEDIA MADE UP RACE issues and allowing the constant SEXIST ATTACKS on a two Term First Lady of the DNC. The media coverage was biased and did not help this country in anyway. THERES YOUR REASONS FOR NO DNC UNITY!!!!!! If I were the Clintons, id tell Obamas, especially the mean Michelle to go to hell! But they care about the America too much...

Senator Hillary Clinton is one of the greatest Women of the 21st century!!!!! And Obama showed his inexperience and frankly stupid for not asking her to be VP, when ALL the polls showed she is ONLY ONE that would ensure he'd win. But nope he doesn't need anyone he is the MESSIAH! Yea right....He knew he needed her, but Pride was fear of her, plus reports from obama camp and Chris Mathews, Michelle demanded he don't, shows he needs to be told what to do, we do not need Michelle trying to run the White House, especially when she lost hundreds of jobs for minorities in Chicago Hospt and doesn't like this country or white folks too much.

GROW UP OBAMAKINS HE IS NOT THE SAINT YOU SO DESPERATLY NEED TO BELIEVE, especially now with the truth being told about him, when he looses BLAME CNN & MSNBC not the Clintons.

Tabloid Cable news media especially CNN & MSNBC has frankly put the security of our great country at risk with an Obama coronation. It's extremely concerning that so many Americans could care less about who their candidate really is?? He's ½ black, lets make it happen???? Simply amazing and frankly scary.


The Clintons are playing th... (Below threshold)

The Clintons are playing their cards right... so that after Election Day they can point out that she would have won as the nominee or as the VP. They had their plan from 2000...drift to the center and hide the Marxist tendencies. Such a shame that 0bama didn't play by their rules.

"joe" is precisely the kind... (Below threshold)

"joe" is precisely the kind of person I aimed my article at. Pity that instead of reading it, he used it as an excuse to go off on the kind of ranting that inspired me in the first place.



Jay, a very thoughtful post... (Below threshold)

Jay, a very thoughtful post. However Hillary was vetted before, all 8 years of being first lady, $60 million + of taxpayers money investigating both Clinton's. And like most elected bottom feeders, they knew how to hide all the bad things they had done.

Both parties have people just like Clinton's. But anyone who thought that Obama would select her as VP forgets that she has excess baggage (her husband). No person running for President needs extra baggage, as they all have enough of their own.

Hillary has hung it up, and... (Below threshold)

Hillary has hung it up, and John McCain is watching her dry as she twists in the wind [generated by the Obama campaign].

But let me digress:

The significant female in my life was/is an ardent Hillary supporter. My home life is so much less complicated thanks to the Obamadrama:

a) I can now say nice things about Hillary without having to worry about her as President. OK, so lying isn't nice, but it does make for harmony at home.

b) She, being an intelligent liberal Democrat (I know its hard to believe but they do exist and haven't as yet been all expunged by the other Party faithful), is a reluctant John McCain supporter. Therefore we can both make fun of him or discuss all his weaknesses without any fear of one or the other then making supportive statements about his Democrat opponent.

c) It's nice being in a household knowing your vote won't be cancelled out by your partner's, even if your politics can be diametrically opposed at times.

Jay, you wrote:<block... (Below threshold)

Jay, you wrote:

The idea that former rivals could set aside any animosities that might arise in a political campaign and unite for the good of the nation was one of the dumber ideas of the original Constitution, when the candidate who came in second for the presidency became the vice-president. That was such a bad idea that it was the subject of the second Amendment to the Constitution (after the Bill of Rights, which were approved concurrently with the Constitution).

There are a couple of problems with this paragraph. First, having the Electoral College vote separately for President and Vice President was the third, not second, instance of amending the Constitution. Between the Bill of Rights and the Twelfth Amendment was an amendment that prevented citizens of one state from suing the government of another state in federal court. This amendment was created in response to the Supreme Court's decision in Chisholm v. Georgia (1792), which a number of modern legal scholars think that the Supreme Court botched (proving that crappy Supreme Court constitutional decisions have been around since the Founding Fathers).

The second problem with this paragraph is that the Bill of Rights was not exactly approved concurrently with the Constitution. Many of the states ratified the Constitution with the implicit understanding that a Bill of Rights would be put up as soon as practicable to address gaps in the Constitution, but the two were not approved concurrently --- the Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788, and the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791. Moreover, if it hadn't been for James Madison shepherding the Bill of Rights during the First Congress, that Congress might have failed to live up to their promise to get a Bill of Rights passed. (A Congress breaking its promise? I am shocked, shocked!)

One question I haven't seen... (Below threshold)

One question I haven't seen asked of the Female Hillary supporters who now support John McCain is; if John McCain does not pick a woman as his VP will they still support him? I have a feeling that as the election gets closer and if John McCain doesn't pick a female VP then I predict some of that "fair weather" support will turn away. I think they(the female Hillary supporters)see John McCain as the last hope for a woman on the ticket this election cycle, and if it doesn't materialize they'll just go back to the status quo.

Um... wasn't Biden also Bar... (Below threshold)

Um... wasn't Biden also Baraks opponent in the early going? Why didn't a large part of the same reasoning disqulaify him from consideration?

Quite frankly, the... (Below threshold)
Quite frankly, the White House would not be big enough for the egos of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton as the nation's First and Second Couple.
As entertaining as a White House filled with Obamas and Clintons would be, it would be damned expensive entertainment.
I think it quite unfair tha... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist:

I think it quite unfair that second place is called "loser". I think we should do a modified Olympic system. Winner gets gold, second gets silver, Kucinich and Paul get tin (in foil form of course), you know - coal, brass, aluminium ...

Kerry promised Tim Russert ... (Below threshold)

Kerry promised Tim Russert in 2004 to sign the form 180 to release his military records. It's 4 years later, Russert has died, and the records are still locked away in obscurity.

What's in those records, Lurch? A diagnosis of acromegaly, I'd wager. And confirmation that his wounds were self-inflicted, and his medal recommendations filled out by himself.

War hero. [spit]

This comment system is malf... (Below threshold)

This comment system is malfunctioning. My comment landed in the wrong post! Weird.






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