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New John McCain Ad

It's 3:00am. Hillary's famous ad gets the John McCain touch.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


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I know Senator McC... (Below threshold)
I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House, and Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.

As a study of rhetoric, one can appreciate just how acutely McCain's team can incise to the heart of an issue. Fate must really have a plan for good ol' Jack.

LOL.ROFLMAOPr... (Below threshold)


B Husseein is getting it fr... (Below threshold)

B Husseein is getting it from so many angles, he must think he is in a room full of Larry Sinclairs.

When your opponents and run... (Below threshold)

When your opponents and running mate endorse the "old guy", you know it's time to collect your toys, fold the pup tent and come inside.

I saw it this morning on CN... (Below threshold)

I saw it this morning on CNN

Someday Obama will be ready... (Below threshold)

Someday Obama will be ready (most effectively as a promotional speaker for some of the late-night infomercials). Although he cannot lead the country due to a complete lack of experience (perhaps that dude Harold Ford even would have made a better candidate than Hussein), I probably would buy a blender from Obama.

Wow ... it's great to FINAL... (Below threshold)

Wow ... it's great to FINALLY see a Republican campaign with really great TV ads. And they just keep coming, one after another. Can't wait to see what the Zuckers come up with after the convention.

McCain is nothing more than... (Below threshold)

McCain is nothing more than 4 more years of Bush's failed policies.

The same people who managed Bush's vicious campaign attacking John Kerry's war record (even though Kerry is a certified war hero and Bush never even saw combat) are the people running this new crap for McCain.

McCain is just more Bush, and will ruin whatever hope is left in this country.






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