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The Non-Obama Convention

If you missed Hillary's speech tonight, let me summarize it for you: Obama is the Democrat nominee so I will support him, since he is the Democrat and I am a Democrat. She also talked about her campaign and how her candidacy inspired women and little girls. She looked great and her video was great. She just didn't make the case for Obama. She didn't talk about how he is qualified to lead. She said his name plenty of times, but she really didn't talk about him. Tomorrow night Bill Clinton will speak. We all know what he will talk about, because it is all he ever talks about, and it ain't Obama. The other speaker tomorrow night will be Joe Biden. Biden is known for his love of the sound of his own voice so I expect he will be talking more about himself than Obama. Since tomorrow night is "national security" night at the convention, it would be hard to say much specific about Obama (considering his limited experience in that area), even if Biden wanted to. We may have to wait until the big Obama acceptance speech Thursday night before we hear a prime time argument for an Obama presidency beyond "Vote for him because he is the Democrat." With so much attention on stagecraft and being that the speech will take place in a huge venue outside the convention hall, I wonder if the case for Obama will be overshadowed by the theatrics. It is definitely a possibility.

Following the Hillary speech, Greta Van Susteren showed the McCain ad which includes video of Hillary criticizing Obama during the primary for having no experience and asked her guest Terry McAuliffe what experience Obama has now that he didn't have when Hillary made that statement in the spring. McAuliffe could not answer that one, in fact he repeatedly refused to answer it, beyond saying that is just the stuff you say during primaries. The exchange went on for a while with Greta even asking why should anyone believe what any politician says during a primary then. That McCain ad showing Hillary criticizing Obama for having no experience, after praising McCain for his experience, is devastating and the question Greta asked is one that should be asked of any Hillary supporter now looking at supporting Obama. "What is Senator Obama's experience that Senator Clinton said he didn't have last spring? What does he now have?"

Update: Flip Pidot is looking at the text of the Clinton speech that was released prior to delivery and noting the things Hillary didn't say.

Update II:At least Hillary used Obama's name this time.


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McAuliffe was also rendered... (Below threshold)

McAuliffe was also rendered speechless earlier in the day when he was asked about Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and gave a pretty weak defense. When he was told that Ayers said he wasn't sorry for what he did and felt they didn't do enough there was an awkward silence for about 5 seconds and the subject got changed real quick-like. I don't think he knew. McAuliffe is straining to be supportive. And it shows.

I would never have imagined... (Below threshold)

I would never have imagined that I'd grow to love Hillary - but I have.

And as much as I hate to admit it, it looks like McCain was the right choice. I'm not sure a true republican could have won, but I'm hearing a lot of my on-the-fence and pure-blood Dem friends indicate a preference for McCain over the lying, inexperienced, blowhard.

Can't wait to see who Biden... (Below threshold)

Can't wait to see who Biden says he's running with...Barack and Bama, Barack Obaman, or Barack America!

You may have missed the poi... (Below threshold)

You may have missed the point of Hillary's speech. It wasn't made to laud Obama, there are dozens of other speakers who will do that. Rather, it was made to convince her followers to stay in the process and work/vote against McCain. Therefore the theme wasn't "Obama is great" but "McCain is bad for you."

the point of the speech of ... (Below threshold)

the point of the speech of the speaker that came in 2nd, with basically as many primary votes as the guy that got the nomination, it to convince her supporters to pretty PLEASE not abandon the party and vote for the other guy INSTEAD of lauding the guy that did win and saying he's the best guy for the job?

Put another way, you have to burn one of the top 3 or 4 speakers on a speech begging for party unity?

No, no one missed the point. This is a problem and worth noting.

I'm still disappointed that... (Below threshold)

I'm still disappointed that the DNC had enough sense to cancel Jimmy Carter's speaking appearance.

On topic, it's appears that... (Below threshold)

On topic, it's appears that Hillary is hedging her support. Anything she says now could come back to haunt her in 2012 if she is still entertaining Presidential aspirations... besides the fact that a McCain win would be better for Hillary securing the Democrat nomination in 2012 and it's very unlikely that the DNC wouldn't re-nominate an incumbent Obama in 2012, even Carter got the nomination in the 1980 race.

The omissions from her prep... (Below threshold)

The omissions from her prepared speech are very telling. Since she will still be in office as a Senator, she can take credit for all the wonderful accomplishments of an Obama administration.

I'm a Republican, but I lik... (Below threshold)

I'm a Republican, but I liked Hillary's speech. The longer she ran, the better I liked her (though I'd never want any liberal Democrat to be President). However, I believe she really loves this country, something I'm not sure Obama does, and that was evident from her speech.
Michelle Obama looked constipated; I don't think she much liked Hillary's time in the spotlight.

Dear Ms. Byrd,I th... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist:

Dear Ms. Byrd,

I thought her video was hideous. Turn off the sound and it looks like a cross between a B movie trailer and a Chevy/Bud commercial. No continuity. No discernible story.

In short, every aspect of this campaign looks like it was made for MTV. It may excite the hip and the cool but it is bombing in the barbershops and diners.


No way. No how. N... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

No way. No how. No McCain.

Clear enough?

"it's appears that Hillary ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"it's appears that Hillary is hedging her support. Anything she says now could come back to haunt her in 2012 if she is still entertaining Presidential aspirations."

What do you mean IF???

No way. No how. No McCai... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

No way. No how. No McCain.

Clear enough?

Not pithy enough for a bumpersticker.

civil behavior: I'm glad y... (Below threshold)

civil behavior: I'm glad you were clear about it. Because I had no idea you would have felt this way.

McCain on won on yaw on.</p... (Below threshold)

McCain on won on yaw on.






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