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The Illness That Dare Not Speak Its Name

A terrible affliction is sweeping the nation today. A condition that is so shameful, that almost no one can bring themselves to even say it aloud. But here at Wizbang, we are sturdy souls, we are hardy and hearty, and we will do that which others fear to do: we shall speak (well, type) the name of this dread disease:

Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.

This is that terrible illness that strikes completely at random, when perfectly normal, peace-loving, tolerant Muslims and drives them into committing horrific feats of terror.

One such sufferer is 25=year-old Mohammed Taheri-Azar, who was living out a calm, routine, uneventful life when he was suddenly afflicted with SJS and drove his SUV into a pedestrian area at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, hoping to kill as many infidels as he could before he himself was, in turn, struck down by police.

Fortunately, one of the side-effects of SJS is gross incompetence. Mr. Taheri-Azar not only didn't manage to kill anyone (except, indirectly, through the horrific carbon emissions of his Gaea-killing SUV), but he was captured by police without incident after the attack.

Well, Mr. Taheri-Azar has faced American justice. Instead of getting the treatment he so greatly needs, he will be a guest of the North Carolina penal system for the next three decades or so.

This is intolerable. Mr. Taheri-Azar isn't a criminal, he's a victim. He suffers from a dread disease, and he needs treatment, not incarceration.

It might be too late for him, but there are literally millions of other Muslims in America who could fall subject to this horrific, inhuman ailment. They need to be aware of it, and seek treatment at the first symptom.

And we are all complacent in keeping this condition in the dark, treating it like it's some terrible stigma, some mark of Cain. We need to expose it, because sunlight is, indeed, the best disinfectant.

Note how the Boston Globe and the AP try to hide the true nature of Mr. Taheri-Azar's plight, in the very penultimate paragraph:

The letter (that Taheri left in his aparment, as he expected to be killed in his rampage) said he wanted revenge for the deaths of Muslims overseas that he attributed to actions by the United States.

Muslims, don't be ashamed. SJS can strike at any time, with little or no warning. Get yourself tested regularly for signs of SJS, and seek help if you start feeling the urge to kill non-Muslims over perceived slights, beheading those who you think insult Islam, or feel the urge to kill random Americans because of what some other Americans might have done to some other Muslim somewhere in the world.

Let us rip the veil off this disease, yank off its headscarf, strip away its chador, banish its burqa, cast aside its kaffiyeh. Let us all unite to confront and defeat this terrible affliction.

It's too late for Mr. Taheri-Azar. Don't let it be too late for you, too.


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Comments (16)

In cases of death, I'm all ... (Below threshold)

In cases of death, I'm all for bringing back public hangings.

Don't worry Jay, Obama has ... (Below threshold)

Don't worry Jay, Obama has promised to fully fund a research center in order to combat this deadly disease.

OPENING a SJS treatment cen... (Below threshold)

OPENING a SJS treatment center near you!!!

for franchise info call 1-800-cartoons

You're affliction is SSS. S... (Below threshold)

You're affliction is SSS. Sudden Stupidity Syndrome. I'll say it again, you're a racist.

you're a racist.... (Below threshold)

you're a racist.

So Dave. Just what is racist about this?

More specifically, Dave, wh... (Below threshold)

More specifically, Dave, what race am I prejudiced against?


(Jay, they are gonna Jihad ... (Below threshold)

(Jay, they are gonna Jihad your ass. Be careful!)

Last I heard, Islam was a r... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Last I heard, Islam was a religion, not a race...tell that to the many black muslims in Africa, or white ones in Chechnya.

You're affliction is SSS... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

You're affliction is SSS. Sudden Stupidity Syndrome. I'll say it again, you're a racist.

At least you got one of the "your/you're/yore"s correct.

you're a racist.... (Below threshold)

you're a racist.

So Dave. Just what is racist about this?

I guess the reason you do not see the racism has to do with the way you were brought up. My parents taught me not to make statements that are offensive to people of other races, religions, ect; and that doing so is an indication of racist attitudes.

I can see if you were brought up in more of an Archie Bunker household, where telling racial/religious jokes around the dinner table is the norm, that you would not consider it racist to do so.

Here is an example of racial overtones in Jays article.

This is that terrible illness that strikes completely at random, when perfectly normal, peace-loving, tolerant Muslims and drives them into committing horrific feats of terror.

The racial overtone is that every Muslim, including "peace-loving, tolerant Muslims" should be feared because they could get this ilness at any moment and start killing people.

Dave, go look up the term "... (Below threshold)

Dave, go look up the term "race." Here's a hint: Islam is NOT a race. Therefore, prejudice against Muslims is NOT "racism."

You can argue that I'm bigoted against Muslims, or prejudiced, or biased, and that I'll argue. But apparently you were brought up in a household where "racist" was simply a generic epithet that had no real meaning.

The polite term for that is "ignorant." The less than polite term is "frigging moron."


Jay,You're splitti... (Below threshold)


You're splitting hairs to deflect my main argument. Yes, I did misuse the term racist to include all forms of bigotry. However, my misuse of the term is not comparable to being a biggot; which you have demonstrated time and again.

Jay, do you think there is anything morally wrong with being a biggot?

Wow, Dave, you just can't s... (Below threshold)

Wow, Dave, you just can't stop demonstrating your ignorance, can you? It's "bigot."

I do not consider myself a bigot. I think that, rather, I consider myself having carefully observed the actions of Muslims, especially those who have succumbed to radical Islam and have racked up a truly impressive body count, and have made a rational and entirely justified conclusion: that Islam readily lends itself to extremism, and the extremists have demonstrated time and time and time again that they are ready and eager to butcher innocents in the name of their god.

Sorry if you find that offensive. But your problem should not be with me for repeating the truth, but those who make what I say true.

Grow up, you silly git.


Jay,You are a bigo... (Below threshold)


You are a bigot. All you are doing is offering a rationalization for your prejudice beliefs.

The vast majority of Muslims in the world are not extremist and pose no threat. But in your article you say,

This is that terrible illness that strikes completely at random, when perfectly normal, peace-loving, tolerant Muslims and drives them into committing horrific feats of terror.

This shows an irrational fear of all Muslims. You think all Muslims are capable of committing atrocities. I suggest you meet and get to know a few Muslims, this will help you overcome your fear.

Dave, it was a SATIRICAL pi... (Below threshold)

Dave, it was a SATIRICAL piece, but you have to understand: it was based on facts. The list of "sudden Jihadi Syndrome" incidents -- when Muslims suddenly, in the name of their religion, start attacking and killing largely at random is lengthy, and growing.

Further, the vast majority of ideologically-inspired terrorism, wars, attacks, massacres, genocides, and other atrocities in recent history have been perpetrated not just by Muslims, but by Muslims who argue that it is their faith that commands them to do what they do.

You call me a bigot for seeing those indisputable facts. I call you a fool for ignoring them, and a fool again for thinking that I am some kind of threat for pointing them out.

But I do thank you for dropping the term "racist" from the conversation. It really made you look like an idiot, as it had absolutely no application to the discussion at hand.


All you're article is doing... (Below threshold)

All you're article is doing is fanning the flames of hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims, much to Bin Laden's delight.






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