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John McCain Speaks Directly to Barack Obama

I read earlier today at Drudge that McCain was going to run an ad tonight while Obama made his historic speech in which he spoke directly to Obama. It's on McCain's YouTube channel now and it's simply called Convention Night.


An Obama spokesman was taken by surprise at McCain's congratulations and says they'll follow suit next week with their own ad congratulating McCain on winning his party's nomination. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

So, how do we know John McCain is ready to lead? Because he already is.

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Comments (7)

I appreciate the message he... (Below threshold)
Matt Flick:

I appreciate the message he gave in that ad, but is it just me or was the tone a little off? I may be reading into it too much, he just seemed slightly sarcarstic.

Definitely classy.... (Below threshold)

Definitely classy.

I mean this sincerely: Congratulations to Barack Obama on his historic nomination. It's a good day for America no matter what your party affiliation.

I'll bet they didn't have a... (Below threshold)

I'll bet they didn't have ads like that in the Hanoi Hilton.

We all know the radicals an... (Below threshold)

We all know the radicals and socialist puppeteers (and teleprompter people) would never have the courage or class to do the same, unless of course they had to.

Seldom is there any class coming FROM the class. any explanations why?

Don't be fooled, this ad is... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Don't be fooled, this ad is a brilliant tactical move that caught Obama's camp by surprise. They were ready for anything but this. Now they're faced with a difficult task, create an ad that says something nice about a conservative opponent. Their multimillion dollar opposition research team can't help them and many on the campaign staff would rather resign than speak something good about McCain. I'm sure they'll put something together, but they'll have to hire some New York marketing firm to do it.

Mac, I think you're dead on... (Below threshold)

Mac, I think you're dead on. Obama attacked McCain quite a bit in his speech and he looks petty for doing it given McCain's ad. Although I will say that he did start off very nicely by saying McCain served the country well and should be respected for that.

Perhaps the Obama camp saw the ad earlier this evening as it was available on a few blogs.

Maybe something along the l... (Below threshold)

Maybe something along the lines of "John, well done. Congratulations on getting so many racists to vote for you instead of the other racists. Sleep well, tonight. Old people need their rest. Did I mention...you're old?"






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