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King: "I Have A Dream" ........................................ Obama: "I Have A Scheme"

45 years ago today, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King expressed the fervent hope that by the time his chidren grew up, their character would matter and their race would not. I wonder what Dr. King would say about a nominee whose primary reason for winning the primaries was the race card?


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This has been my beef with ... (Below threshold)

This has been my beef with the Black population every time they start screeching about how oppressed they are and how Dr. King is their hero. Now act like they never heard a word the man had to say.

Character not Color.
I wholeheartedly agree!The Democrats are displaying very little of the former. White guilt is driving its piece of this mess as well. Many many Whites will vote for Obummer to prove they are not racist. Many many Blacks will vote for Obummer for no other reason than the fact he is Black. If they are allowed to do that then I should be allowed to vote against him for no other reason than the fact he is Black and NOT be labeled as racist for doing so.

Not to mention I cringe at the thought of what a very Liberal Majority would do to this country.

DJAs you so often ... (Below threshold)


As you so often like to challenge statements by others with a demand for proof. Please provide us with yours, i.e that the primary reason Obama won was because of the race card.

Speaking of race - I'm sure you're looking forward to seeing the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of old white men and women who will be the "primary" folks attending the Republican convention.

Hey, while DJ comes up with... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Hey, while DJ comes up with an answer to JFO's challenge - let's see something different.

JFO can cite where The Chosen One has won primarily because of his character.

Someone as full as crap as ... (Below threshold)

Someone as full as crap as you, JFO, should be very familiar with the term "process of elimination."

As Sherlock Holmes said, "once you have eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth."

If you'd like to proffer alternative explanations for Obama's success (taking into account his roughtly 90% support among blacks, among other factors), we'd be delighted to hear them. I've yet to hear explanations for supporting Obama that pass application of the slightest analytical thinking.


[AP] "Obama: History in the... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

[AP] "Obama: History in the making, first black nominee"


"When he compared Obama's win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson's victories there in the 1980s, he angered some black leaders who felt Clinton was dismissing Obama's historic run for the White House. A seething Clinton responded that it was Obama's campaign that "played the race card on me."


"Is Obama playing the race card?" (Salon, feb 2008)


From that article - ""To a large degree, the campaign's strategists turned the primary and caucus race to their advantage when they deliberately, falsely, and successfully portrayed Clinton and her campaign as unscrupulous race-baiters -- a campaign-within-the-campaign"

That's a start, hmm?

Oh, and JFO, just why is it... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Oh, and JFO, just why is it that - caring so much about people of color as the Democrats do - that the first President to name a black National Security Advisor was a Republican? Why was the first black Secretary of State named by a Republican rather than a Democrat? Why is it that the first President with a Hispanic in his family is a Republican? Why is it that the first Asian-American woman named to a cabinet position was named by a Republican? Why is it that the first female Supreme Court Justice was named by a Republican? Why is it that the first Hispanic appointed Attorney General of the United States was named by a Republican?

Democrats talk, then whine and moan when Republicans walk the walk.

To add to DJ's list of "why... (Below threshold)

To add to DJ's list of "why is its":

Why was it the southern Democratic Senators that attempted to block the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by conducting a filibuster that lasted for 75 hours.

Where is Obama's white fami... (Below threshold)

Where is Obama's white family? For all the talk of him being the first African-American presidential candidate, he is in fact only half black. I find it very odd that his white mother and white grandparents -- the folks who actually raised him -- are absent from the scene. Why aren't they at the convention, proudly standing next to their little boy? Why aren't they giving interviews all over the place and telling us what a wonderful president Obama would be?

Now it's true that Obama seems to have sloughed off any real interest in his white family -- instead offering his loyalty to the black father who had no interest in him, as detailed in Dreams of My Father -- but even so, you would think he would dust off the white folks for presentation at a time like this. And even if he wants nothing to do with them, why aren't they coming forward on their own to sing his praises? Could it be that they don't have anything nice to say and have enough old-fashioned manners to just keep their thoughts to themselves? Their silence is truly a staggering statement of condemnation.

If you were running for president, is there anything on God's green earth that could stop your Mom and your grandparents from telling the world how wonderful they think you are?

There is something very strange going on in that family. I think Obama's poor relationship with his real family -- the people who took care of him all his life -- should be a warning sign of some crushing emotional deficit and disabling immaturity. Perhaps it might explain his otherwise inexplicable attraction to so many people who have unsavory pasts, or his inability to tolerate any criticism, or his massive ego. I would be interested in learning how a psychologist would interpret Obama's family relationships and what they might tell us about his leadership style and judgment.

Might I also asked which pa... (Below threshold)

Might I also asked which party strongly opposed and stalled the appointment of Janice Rogers Brown to the US Court of Appeals?

"I wonder what Dr. King wou... (Below threshold)

"I wonder what Dr. King would say about a nominee whose primary reason for winning the primaries was the race card?" -- DJ Drummond

Two of Reverend King's children are speaking tonight at the Democratic National Convention. Go ahead and ask them -- I dare you.

You might very well get a reply something to the effect that cards, either alleged by an opponent or proven, aren't all that important compared to say, war, and that -- though this might be hard for you conservatives to understand -- Dr. King, a passionate advocate of nonviolence, would be far more likely to scorn the war-lovers like John McCain:


"Where is Obama's white fam... (Below threshold)

"Where is Obama's white family? For all the talk of him being the first African-American presidential candidate, he is in fact only half black. I find it very odd that his white mother and white grandparents -- the folks who actually raised him -- are absent from the scene." -- pa

His mother is dead, as is his white grandfather, and his elderly white grandmother is too frail to leave Hawaii. Conservatives, please try to think first before you write.
notiz=Next time think before you post a broadbrush comment

Hey, Hermie -Don't... (Below threshold)

Hey, Hermie -

Don't forget his half-brother living on $12 a year. Wouldn't you think ol' moneybags Obomber would spot him at least a 20? Maybe $100 for a new deluxe shack?

pa,Obama's mother di... (Below threshold)

Obama's mother died of cancer. I don't know the ages of his grandparents or if they are still living.
For some, race may be a deciding issue. But I think that his ultra-liberal stance has gotten him the limelight in the MSM. He is their darling at the present time.
I can't imagine Dr King would have blocked the passage of a bill that would protect babies born alive due to botched abortions and left to die with no medical assistance. Obama blocked passage of that bill in Illinois stating that it would interfere with abortion rights.
When I watch Obama speak all I can think of is babies dying alone in supply closets.






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