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Obama Acceptance Speech Reaction - Open Thread

You probably watched Barak Obama's acceptance speech, I know we did. Our authors will each have their own unique takes forthcoming, but this is your chance to sound off now while it's fresh in your memory...


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Comments (27)

Watched approx. 3 minutes o... (Below threshold)

Watched approx. 3 minutes of it, and here's what I got: America is in ruin / the GOP is the ruiner / once The One takes over, we'll all live happily ever after


That sounds about right to ... (Below threshold)

That sounds about right to me. :-) I just posted my take on it, but didn't go into specifics of the speech itself. I didn't have the stomach for it tonight, and missed some of the speech, but did write about the spectacle of it all.

I thought the speech was lo... (Below threshold)

I thought the speech was lousy. A jumble of stump speeches, lines we've all heard before, idiot chest-pounding by calling out McCain. All from a friend of terrorists and racists who's never done anything in his life.

He insulted my intelligence and my patriotism. Barack Obama is the most immature candidate either party has ever nominated. If the media are even close to fair this fall, McCain will wipe up the country with this phony loser.

"And now is the time to kee... (Below threshold)

"And now is the time to keep the promise of equal pay for an equal day's work"
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need(s)"

Who said which?

Obama Response: Grading Oba... (Below threshold)

Obama Response: Grading Obama's Acceptance Speech: Style A, Substance B+, Effectiveness C-
Barack did a great job delivering his speech tonight. He looked confident and read it with an almost perfect pitch. The Substance was good, we got some details from Barack on what he planned to do as President and he listed many programs. He did a good job communicating his passion for America and that he wants to be President.

But on effectiveness, I give it a C- because it did not effectively address the issues that are going to bring him down in the fall. The issues of inexperience, being untested, his Liberalism, and his lack of support for the Surge.

As I am writing this, I have MSNBC on in the background and I just saw that Chuck Todd said the Republicans would not want to follow this convention. That is completely wrong. Whenever you are Selling, you have a huge advantage when you go last because you get to address your opponent's strengths and highlight the weaknesses of his product or brand.

Was there anything new or a surprise from Barack tonight? Was anything groundbreaking? Once the euphoria fades, it will be clear he did not shore up his weak spots. We understand he would be different than Bush. We know his views on the last 8 years and at some point all the anecdotes start to run together.

But Barack did not show that he has ever been a leader. Did he mention his record in the Senate? What of his record was actually mentioned? Did he counter being the most Liberal Senator in Congress? Did he mention anything he knows about foreign policy?

His comment on drilling---totally unclear---is he now for it, still against it, or reluctanly going to accept it?

The Republicans have a great opportunity to tie him to a failed Democrat energy policy, a chance to bring out his Liberal voting record and an opportunity to remind us he has virtually no experience.

The Republicans can say that last week the Democrats refused to talk about Obama's record, but this week we will. The Democrats refused to focus on Obama's Liberal voting record, but we will.

Obama said he wants to have that debate with John McCain, then why has he refused all the invitations to debate.

Obama talked about McCain's voting record, but not his. The Republicans will talk about it.

Obama has so many weaknesses that can be exploited and this convention did not cover them up.

To me, there is going to be one huge unspoken truth that the Republicans can exploit next week. The difference in how McCain and Obama acted during the toughest period of the Iraq War. McCain has a chance to frame the opposite responses to the Surge in a way that can devastate Barack Obama.

it was an awesome venue and a well delivered speech. But it did not cover up his weaknesses and did not provide a strong defense for his areas of vulnerability.

His greatest areas of vulnerability are on the issues most important to America.

He is trying to neutralize a major McCain advantage: that John McCain always puts his principals over his politics. He said he would not say McCain's positions were for political reasons. No kidding. He has risked his political life many times to do what is right. Obama could not make that argument if he spent a month trying to do it.

But the reverse is not true. Obama has based his policies in the past based upon politics and it is fair to bring it up. Nowhere did Obama dispel this fact.

I congratulate Obama on his speech and I hope he enjoys the night. He has a beautiful family. But next week when he gets taken apart issue by issue, position by position, please remember that he did nothing in tonight's speech to immunize himself from the most effective attacks against him or to pre-empt any discussion about his lack of record and lack of leadership.

This week, the Dems avoided talking about Obama's record. Next week, the Republicans can say something like:

"Like All Americans, I enjoyed watching the DNC convention last week. It was a great production, with great speeches by the candidates. I don't know if they were pressed for time or just somehow overlooked it, but there wasn't much talk about Barack Obama's records or his accomplishments. Well, in the spirit of the coming together, we as Republicans should be willing to take some time from our convention to discuss Senator Obama's record and his accomplishments. I know some will argue that every minute we have in Minnesota counts and we should not waste our valuable time, but I think we can be big spirited enough to discuss Obama's accomplishmens as he has been a Senator for a few years and I am sure his feelings were hurt that none of his supporters took the time to discuss it. And don't worry. Don't worry my friends, it won't take but a minute or two of our time."

Jeez people have some visio... (Below threshold)

Jeez people have some vision. A leader finally comes forth from our broken political system and y'all just let out a fart?
It's time to try something new and fresh why not? After all;
Remember G.W.?:
foreign policy experience: none
speaking skills: poor
alcohol addiction, C's in college, many failed businesses...
oh, yeah the son of a president...

My goodness RC,How... (Below threshold)

My goodness RC,

How did you manage to type all that!? Please excuse any hippos as I am still reading your post. Knot vary good at multiflasking, butt I'me werking on it. "Effectiveness C-" !? Are yuo knots? The guy in the factory, making the brakes so my family won't die tommorow, just got inspired to start his own comp....No wait...uh...He just filled out the papers for an SBA lo...er...uh...wait a minute...His unemployment befifits ran out last week because George Bush had to pay a huge advance to Haliburton so he blew his brains out.(just a minute RC, I'll be right back..."Bye honey. Love you too. I'll say a prayer for you. What? FIX THE BRAKES! How about I fix 'em when America stops being racist and elects Obama!?...That's what I thought! NO SIR! Life's just not worth livin' without Him in the whitehouse. Say honey? Did you make the insurance payment this month?")

Until next ve meet,
Merci beaucoup everyone!

i think obama did everythin... (Below threshold)

i think obama did everything right. he motivated americans, called out mccain, showed he is strong and capable, as well as going into details and specifics about his ideas for the great change he promises. if you only listened to 3 minutes of the speech obviously you are going to get a completely inaccurate picture. i can only wait to see how mccain is going to respond to what is one of the greatest convention speeches ever

o and by the way.... its a ... (Below threshold)

o and by the way.... its a little weird that RIGHT after obama finished his speech, the republicans are thinking of pushing it back due to the possibility of rain. kind of ironic since one specific candidate said he was praying for rain in denver tonight.... hahaha

My take is <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

My take is here.

Goodnight everybody.

Nice plug Mike,Can... (Below threshold)

Nice plug Mike,

Can we interest you in a month-to-month banner plan?


Thanks Mark, for the brilli... (Below threshold)

Thanks Mark, for the brilliant analyses of a speech you did not see.

Thanks Lori, for your scintillating take on something for which you lacked the stomach.

Bill H. had his intelligence and patriotism insulted. Color me surprised since he seems to lack both.

IOW the usual nonsense. This was one of the best political speeches in fifty years. That it was accompanied by the best political theatre ever, puts it into a class all by itself... Historic.

hey Rolf,If a spec... (Below threshold)

hey Rolf,

If a specific subspecies of Anatinae were to be appearing on my front lawn tommorow, would I really need to show up with camcorder in hand to see if it actually quacks? No. A lib is a lib, and The One is a lib. How many times must I suffer his inaneness to confirm this? Here's an oppo-analogy for you: Hearing but 3 minute of The Ones' "wisdom", is tantamount to reading but one verse of the Bible (in reverse). Just as the short reading can bring forth riches of real wisdom beyond my wildest imaginings, listening to an short interlude of The One affords my mind the opportunity to manufacture cavernous and vast new wastelands of stupidity. To quote your guy, "Uuuuuuuuuuuh, DER!"

Political "theater" is righ... (Below threshold)

Political "theater" is right. It's all theater. It's all acting. It's all show.

We've heard all of this before. And nothing changes. Obama's pretty words do not match his past record.

President McCain - coming right up.

Only liberals could think t... (Below threshold)

Only liberals could think that a pretty speech could possibly erase a friendship with a man who says America makes him want to puke.

Only lib. Only a lib.

Jo lifts her face out of th... (Below threshold)

Jo lifts her face out of the punchbowl long enough to decry a political convention as political theatre. All show. What nerve!

Thanks Jo.

Obama. McCain. 2 sides of t... (Below threshold)

Obama. McCain. 2 sides of the same coin. Trust NO politicians.

I watched most of the conve... (Below threshold)

I watched most of the convention. It was the same old, same old. America is crumbling and it's the Republican's fault. The Dems will make all our lives sublime.
Obama has charisma, that's for sure. He can give a very good speech as long as it is scripted. Unfortunately the role of president of the United States will require mostly un-scripted decisions. The position requires being fast on your feet, something Obama is not. He is too wishy-washy to be a firm leader. And charisma will not make up for poor leadership.
Last night was certainly a love-fest. I was waiting for them to serve the Kool-Aid. I'm not drinking any.

When Hurricane Gustov hits ... (Below threshold)

When Hurricane Gustov hits land Tuesday, the Republicans are considering postponing the convention so its members can prepare for the storm and the liberals make fun of republicans for being afraid of rain. You can always depend on a liberal to demonstrate just how cold hearted they really are. All talk, no action. ww

This is after having a good... (Below threshold)

This is after having a good night's sleep after the speech. Not exactly what you wanted but...shrug.

I caught myself nodding and thinking, "That makes sense." a lot more than I expected.

I caught myself thinking, "Maybe I could vote for this guy.

The thing that's holding me back is that I grew up in Chicago and I know that's where he got his start. He's MY age. No one my age gets as far as fast as he has without making some deals.

But there's a small part of me wondering, "What if he's serious? What if he's telling the truth? What if he's committed to making the changes he's laid out and how the HELL is he going to pay for them and give me a tax cut at the same time?"

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm back to being undecided, but he's got my attention.

Stayed up till 3-5 am here ... (Below threshold)

Stayed up till 3-5 am here in the UK to watch "the Speech" and the analysis after...

Yes the world IS watching how you all deal with history in the making...

Whoever YOU support I hope it feels great to have such an engaged debate about the future of your country compared to the ususal apathy.

I have never watched an american election, ever, it was always BBC news "X guy is now running America..."

Now I am listening to your comments, seeing how you all talk to each other and how you pick who makes the decisions for the next 4 years.

For the record I do support Obama; at the end of the day all politicians have to make choices/descions some will be right, some will be wrong... we are all humans...

So what makes the difference to ME is how someone articulates the choices they make and I do like how Obama articulates himself.

More than that I think he can provide the kind of heartfelt inspiration that is lacking in a sometimes cynical world.

There are tough times ahead:

Ressions don't reverse overnight,

Some people around the world have a deep hate for what you all stand for and

Around the world power games are always afoot...

Will his tax cuts work? For some it will for some it won't. A few dollars a month can be a saving for a college education or just more beer money to sink deeper into depression...

Will companies weigh the cost of less tax to employ an american against the price of a wage in India? Off course they will. Some will take up the challenge and some will say pay the tax its still cheaper to employ people aboard. But the fact that Companies will weigh it up rather than just decamping has got to be a good thing.

Will reduced dependance on arab oil make a difference? £100s Billions in renewables should make a difference.

Will some programs get cut? Of course they will, its not like McCain is gonna keep them all.

Will universal health care at a level congress gives it self make a difference? Ought to sounds like a good thing to me, especially having enjoyed The NHS free health care all my life, insurance for the inevitable of getting sick seems ridiculous. The NHS is not perfect but I do enjoy knowing its there.

Will he be able to deliver? only time will tell, he has to get elected first...

At the end of the day he was universally right about at least one thing in his speech...

It is all about you, All of you and your next quite possibly historic, for many reasons, 4 years...

As I think you all like to say...

"God Bless America."

I only caught a little, but... (Below threshold)

I only caught a little, but I am convinced that after the failures of Gore and Kerry, Obama really, really intends to defeat Bush in 2008. No more fooling around.

Hey folks, you know this Gr... (Below threshold)

Hey folks, you know this Greek columns in a huge stadium thing keeps resonating, and I'm having trouble pinning it down. National Party Convention choreographed to promote the charismatic leader as a savior of the people/country, mobs of choreographed supporters, suppression of any dissent, this big rally thing, lots of media support, the only thing missing is troops aligned gallantly saluting their leader... ...something that occurred about 70 years ago. Nevermind.

Kate:"o and by the... (Below threshold)


"o and by the way.... its a little weird that RIGHT after obama finished his speech, the republicans are thinking of pushing it back due to the possibility of rain. kind of ironic since one specific candidate said he was praying for rain in denver tonight.... hahaha"

Your immaturity is showing, as well as your lack of political memory and overall idiocy. I'm sure New Orleans would appreciate your comparing a major disaster to "a little rain", especially in light of how the Democrats made political hay over Hurricane Katrina (failed on it's first two counts by the locals in charge, Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin and Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco). It would be monumentally insensitive to hold a political convention while America's most vulnerable city is under threat of another major hurricane. Better to focus on preparedness and response should New Orleans come under assault once again than to have a party in Minneapolis.

Grow up, and then come back to the conversation.

Obama is the first genuine ... (Below threshold)
Tom Boone:

Obama is the first genuine leader to emerge in many, many years. He may rise to level of Roosevelt or Churchill, because he has the ability to clearly and effectively communicate his message. My prediction is that he not only win this election, but that he will transcend.

It annoys me greatly that s... (Below threshold)

It annoys me greatly that so many citizens in this great nation possess not a modicum of intelligence or the ability to think beyond their own limited viewpoints. To those that say they "watched three minutes of this speech" and then think they are in any position to comment on it cements this. Are you truly this arrogant, ignorant, and uniformed? How can you expect any intellgent person reading your post to take you seriously if you can't see beyond your own conceited nose? This speech was the best speech in any political arena in the last 50 years and strongly invokes the passion and emotion of the days of Kennedy. I used to vote Republican but the evangalistic radicalism that is so prevelant in the party today is an embarrassment to any forward thinking human being. Those that hang on to their party bias for the sake of party bias alone should be ashamed as it clearly shows their lack of ability to think on their feet...or for themselves. To think that there is even one human being who is so out of touch that he/she would think that Obama is seeking to "defeat Bush in 2008" is alarming to say the least. It isn't Bush that needs defeating. It's the asinine policies that have placed us in the position we are in as a country. Trillions in debt to the Chinese? In only eight years. Hello? Republican fools. And throwing the word liberal around as if it were profanity. Does anyone truly know the definitions of the words they sling so casually? A liberal is a person who seeks change for the positive or the good and simply nothing more. Lib this and lib that. Ignorant fools. Get off your arrogant uneducated butts and open a dictionary now and then before you prove yourself to be a horses behind. If you want to be taken seriously you must present yourself to be worthy of the attention. As it stands the Republican Party has lost itself to religious ferver and intoleration. It does not bode well for our nation that people like that have the right to vote. Arrogant, uneducated on the issues and simply out of touch with the true state of our union. Wake up America. This is our chance to move in a positive direction and away from the failed policies of a tired and misguided political party. To those Republicans that still have any sense I hope that you can see beyond a ridiculous blind faith to a single political bias and see what has actually been happening. There is nothing wrong with being a Republican per say but there is something very wrong with a person who is so arrogant and so uninformed that they would follow the same tired and failed leaders down a path proven to be detrimental. If nothing else think of your children and the future your ingnorance and arrogance is creating.

I find that readers respond... (Below threshold)

I find that readers respond very well to posts that present your personal weaknesses, failings and the gaps in your individual information relatively than those posts the place you come across as figuring out every thing there is to know on a topic. People are attracted to humility and are extra possible to answer it than a post written in a tone of somebody who would possibly harshly reply to their comments.






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