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Obama Camp Ready for Pawlenty

If tomorrow John McCain announces that Rick Tim Pawlenty will be his vice president, the Obama camp is prepared to smear him with the Minnesota bridge collapse even though it was a design flaw that led to the disaster. That, however, won't stop the O campaign from trying:

The Obama campaign signaled a willingness on Thursday to say that the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse raised management questions for Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) while also maintaining that the populist argument it is building against John McCain will continue even if the presumptive Republican nominee taps the son of a truck driver as his running mate.

MinnPost also notes that the media are questioning Pawlenty quite a bit about being McCain's running mate. This is one of the questions that came up:

Doesn't a collapsed bridge cause a bit of a political hazard for the governor?

"The leading theory (for why the bridge collapsed) is related to a design flaw going back to the 1960s,'' Pawlenty said.

Back and forth it went. Pawlenty tried to talk about Obama's political shortcomings. The reporters asked about Pawlenty and his political future.

If Pawlenty is McCain's choice, be prepared for the Democrats to lay every single death from the tragic bridge collapse at Pawlenty's feet. (I think it's pretty clear by the fact that I completely blew Tim's first name that I don't know much about the guy.)


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Um.... it's "Tim"... not "R... (Below threshold)

Um.... it's "Tim"... not "Rick"

Well I hope it's not Tim Pa... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well I hope it's not Tim Pawlenty. Obama gave McCain a huge opening to undermine the usual advantage democrats have among women voters by picking a women for his VP. Yes, Pawlenty will deliver Minnesota, but that's no big prize. Pawlenty will deliver Minnesota because even the democrats will be voting for McCain because they know that sending Pawlenty to Washington is only way they can get him out of the governor's office.

I think it's very likely <a... (Below threshold)

I think it's very likely Pawlenty will be the choice.

so much for 'science' over ... (Below threshold)

so much for 'science' over 'politics'

We could do a lot worse tha... (Below threshold)

We could do a lot worse than Pawlenty - as a Minnesota resident and Pawlenty supporter I think he would make a great VP.






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