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High Stakes Veeping

Wow, what a situation. In the last day, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have taken themselves out of the running for McCain's running mate, and a lot of buzz has started up - again - about Governor Sarah Palin. The trouble is, there are now reports that she's still in Alaska and the only guy from the field in the vicinity of John McCain is his old buddy, Joe Lieberman.

It's difficult to imagine a vaster gulf between the two, in the effect they would have on the election. Palin would be a breath-taking choice, a masterful stroke which would be likely to reinvigorate McCain's campaign and make Obama-Biden look dusty and old just a couple days after it kicked off. It would demonstrate bold leadership and an ability to simultaneously firm up the base and attract a lot of the Hillary supporters still angry at their shameful treatment by the Obama camp. If McCain chooses Lieberman, however, he would do just the opposite, burning bridges with groups he desperately needs in order to win, while doing effectively nothing to attract new support. Choosing Lieberman would prove McCain to be the doddering, out of touch man that Obama's people say he is. This choice could single-handedly prove Obama right and advance his campaign, or prove McCain's ability to make bold and unprecedented decisions which move things forward. We will know in a little while whether McCain has been a fool or brilliant, but this is a real high-stakes decision, either way.


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Fox is calling it for Sarah... (Below threshold)

Fox is calling it for Sarah Palin now.

If it is this will be the stake in Hillary's 2012 campaign because she'll never be able to compete with the baggage she's carrying. Hillary may have broken the glass ceiling but it will be a Republican that makes history for being the first female president of the United States.

I can hear the feminazi's screaming from here.

Now confirmed by the McCain camp.

Allow me to dream (because ... (Below threshold)

Allow me to dream (because this may all be a dream if McCain does something stupid)...2012 Palin, 2016 Palin, 2020 Jindal...

Wow. Just wow. ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Wow. Just wow.






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