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I'm free

Was discharged from the hospital this afternoon.If I stayed any longer, I may have all the dialogue memorized from Apollo 13 thanks to AMC(American Movie Classics). Could be worse, I could be seeing a continuous reel of show promos for TNT when dreaming at night. As you can see my sense of humor is intact, my right hand lags behind. Bottom line- There is no place like home.

I like the Palin nomination. John McCain made a good choice. Ironically, I was going to write a post about the AK governor the same day I was hospitalized in July. My wife Leonita likes Palin even more, but remember she is the Republican in the house.


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Good to hear from you, Bill... (Below threshold)

Good to hear from you, Bill. Are the flowers blooming in Houston? ;-)

Glad things are OK, Bill. G... (Below threshold)

Glad things are OK, Bill. Get well soon!

And you're right -- just imagine the horror if AMC was showing something TRULY bad, like Shawshank Redemption!

Congrats on your hospital e... (Below threshold)

Congrats on your hospital escape :) Glad to see you are well enough to leave.

You're out just in time Bil... (Below threshold)

You're out just in time Bill.

College football and the most interesting election in years are your's to enjoy this fall! And the Ryder Cup.

Get some rest and limber up those fingers...

Leonita is a wise woman. Y... (Below threshold)

Leonita is a wise woman. You married up. :)

Welcome home, Bill. You're ... (Below threshold)
Doc Rochester:

Welcome home, Bill. You're lucky to have such a wonderful and lovely wife to take care of you. And has good sense, to boot.

Get lots of rest and, as a precautionary measure, drink copious amounts of red wine.

Couldn't hurt!

Welcome back Bill, good to ... (Below threshold)

Welcome back Bill, good to see you posting.

Welcome back!! Glad all is ... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Welcome back!! Glad all is well

Welcome Home. Of course, w... (Below threshold)

Welcome Home. Of course, with your political background, its the right hand lagging, but I suspect it will rally soon...

Great to hear from you, Bil... (Below threshold)

Great to hear from you, Bill. Just relax and get well. :)

Welcome home. Take it easy... (Below threshold)

Welcome home. Take it easy and get better. Sure missed your posts.

Congrats on escaping the ho... (Below threshold)

Congrats on escaping the hospital and salisbury steak, big fella! Here's to your improving health!

BTW, I expect a post from you about the LPGA requiring players to learn and speak English. I was going to do it, but I didn't want to become one of your "Knucklehead of the Day" award winners. ;-)

great to have you back. ca... (Below threshold)

great to have you back. can't wait to disagree with you again! just kidding. hope you're feeling great, getting even better, and more importantly, i hope you have just had your last extended stay at a hospital.






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