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It's Palin!!

Romney just scratched himself off the list. Now, I gotta go to my daughter's physical therapy. Damn!


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CNN (Yes, I can watch 3 cha... (Below threshold)

CNN (Yes, I can watch 3 channels) just announced a private plane from Alaska has landed, no word as to who was on board.

Please, PLEASE be true!!!!<... (Below threshold)

Please, PLEASE be true!!!!

Well, here it is Labor Day,... (Below threshold)

Well, here it is Labor Day, and this conservative is still NV'ing the President line in November. Unless something dramatic happens between now and then McCain has one shot to pick up my (to be fair, meaningless, since I'm in NY) vote...and that's his veep pick.

McCain's camp has been outhustling Obama at every turn so far (stunning them with the 'well done' ad yesterday, thereby forcing them to respond in kind during the GOP convention was masterful)...but can he pull off the home run veep pick?

As a staunch conservative, ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

As a staunch conservative, I vowed I would never be able to support McCain under any circumstances. But I must admit, if he actually picks Palin, I would have to sign on. That would be one of the shrewest VP selections in history.

I'm not popping the top on ... (Below threshold)

I'm not popping the top on my celebratory Narragensett quite yet. Gotta wait for it to be official. Please let it be so.

ABC's reporting Palin will ... (Below threshold)

ABC's reporting Palin will be in Alaska for the state fair today, according to a spokesperson for the governor.

Please let that be a bit of strategic disinformation.

Lots of 'State Fair' explan... (Below threshold)

Lots of 'State Fair' explanations.

Then again, the Alaska Stat... (Below threshold)

Then again, the Alaska State Fair runs through Monday.Plenty of time for Palin to do a couple days of campaign stops in the Midwest and hop back on the Gulfstream for an appearance at the fair on Monday.

Palin's bio on wikipedia is... (Below threshold)
neal palumbo:

Palin's bio on wikipedia is LOCKED till Sept 5
I believe it was just locked
That means she is the one I believe
Nobody else has been locked, ie ridge etc....

Yee-Haw!!!!!... (Below threshold)


This changes everything. N... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

This changes everything. Now every conservative who couldn't stomach McCain has great hope for 2012 and beyond. I still can't believe McCain did the right thing.






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