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McCain Introduces Sarah Palin

This must said: those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling that Hillary mentioned the other night are being shattered right now.

Todd Palin is one strong man to be married to such a strong woman. Their oldest son serves in the US

Considering this is her first national speech with the stakes really high, she's calm, comfortable, and she's delivering her speech very well.

She gave a wonderful speech and it's clear that she is hitting the ground running. She didn't skip a beat - she was confident and clearly knowledgeable on what the job of Vice President will require.


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heh.... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:


I agree. She's impressive.... (Below threshold)

I agree. She's impressive. Doing a great job.

Good call John!! ... (Below threshold)

Good call John!!

Awesome!Some of th... (Below threshold)


Some of the liberal soldiers I serve with are already calling he "just a pretty face". Of course, they've already used the "Obama hit a home run last night" line. I think Palin is a great choice. Nothing like a strong woman by your side.

The glass ceiling ... (Below threshold)

The glass ceiling of a VP pick was shatterd by Mondale/Ferroro 20 years ago. Women won't vote in droves for someone so strong in her opposotion to women's rights. plus...
It's going to be laughable to hear McCain assail Obama's supposed lack of experience after naming the first-term governor -- only one-and-a-half years into her term -- of the 47th largest state to be his running mate.

108 days in the senate is O... (Below threshold)

108 days in the senate is Obama's experience and he wants to be president not vice president. How pathetic can you be jmc? Nevermind. I know. ww

WW, these comments from jmc... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

WW, these comments from jmc and his, hmm, ilk, represent the separation of their brains from their necks, enabling the process of head-spinning which all Liberals will instinctively perform once the significance and scale of the Palin decision becomes clear.

It's going to be laughab... (Below threshold)

It's going to be laughable to hear McCain assail Obama's supposed lack of experience after naming the first-term governor -- only one-and-a-half years into her term -- of the 47th largest state to be his running mate.

Heck even her experience as a mother of 5 trumps Obamamessiah's, nevermind the fact that she has definite executive experience.

Great, great choice!!!

Women won't vote i... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:
Women won't vote in droves for someone so strong in her opposotion[sic] to women's rights.
Because we all know that abortion is the only right that matters to women. And of course, they all have the same ideology, except for a few self-hating outsiders.
It's going to be laughable to hear McCain assail Obama's supposed lack of experience after naming the first-term governor -- only one-and-a-half years into her term -- of the 47th largest state to be his running mate.
Because Obama's less than 4 years in the U.S. Senate is tons more executive experience than someone who has been a mayor and governor. Gotchya.
Obama claims the mantle of ... (Below threshold)

Obama claims the mantle of 'change', 'reform' and 'bipartisanship', yet he continues to support the corruption and nepotism in Illinois, and chooses one of the most partisan, Washington insiders as a running mate.

McCain and Palin have each actually 'walked the walk' far more than Obama and Biden can ever dream about being.

Out of curiosity I checked ... (Below threshold)

Out of curiosity I checked polipundit since there are a lot of McCain haters over there. There are now over 350 comments on their latest Palin thread and there is an absolute love-fest with people saying they're donating to McCain and saying that they are "pee in the pants excited".

Um. YOu see. VOting FOr M... (Below threshold)

Um. YOu see. VOting FOr McCain Palin woudl make her BE vice predident not just a NOMINEE for vice president. There is, perhaps, a difference between being a nominee and being the actual thing?

Which makes more sense,an i... (Below threshold)

Which makes more sense,an inexperienced president learning on the job or an inexperienced VP learning on the job?
If you think Palin hasn't had to learn a lot in the last two years as governor of Ak,you need to check into what that particular job demands. Alaska isn't an easy state with small demands. It is massive and everyone wants a piece of its resources. All bias aside,I would place her experience in governing Alaska well over the experience of Obama's junior senate and community organization in Chicago.

nehimiah, the poli folks ar... (Below threshold)

nehimiah, the poli folks are total rush bots. They will wait for him to tell them what to do.

I think it's an exciting choice.

jmc, you really need... (Below threshold)

jmc, you really need to read this with an open mind.

While listening to my own choice for McCain's VP running mate, I decided to watch Cindy McCain's micro expressions to get a glimpse of her attitudes and a better feel for who she is and how she thinks. I don't march to the average drummer in my interests. I want to know what politicians DO and what they THINK, not what they SAY, which is usually not very important at all. *grin*

Here are some impressions.

Let me start with throwing a bomb out. I believe that Cindy McCain is and was a closet Hillary Clinton fan. When Palin mentioned Clinton's name, I got a positive flash from Cindy. That MAY have been in appreciation for the accomplisments of women, BUT, the Clinton flash was higher than the one for Ferraro.

Overall, Cindy wasn't totally pleased that the pick was a female, thus challenging her own position of top dog female. On the other hand, she obviously had no problem with Palin as a person, believing that her dream of being First Lady is closer because of it. At one point after the speech, Cindy said something to McCain I couldn't read, but her attitude was forceful, as if directing him or reminding
him of what he was supposed to do next.

Cindy McCain is a VERY forceful and focused person. And I believe she is a serious person on the subject of the power of women.

AND, John waited before his final decision to talk with Cindy. A female pick was the primary reason he waited, as I said yesterday.

Cindy clearly recognises that Palin doesn't give a hoot about pecking order. Cindy McCain DOES care about pecking order and the impression I got was that she feels reasonably comfortable that if she plays her cards right, and she is confident she can, her status as the First Lady will not be diminished by Palin. I personally think Palin is too smart to pick a fight with Cindy and vice versa.

Moving on from there, micro expression said some more things;

Palin is totally committed to her husband and family. And he worships her. Palin knows no boundaries, and sees herself as rising to where she is because of her integrity and values and luck. She earned the nickname Sarah Barracuda during her basketball years. And that is exactly what she is. In other words, don't get between Sarah and where she wants to go.

Oh, and McCain is VERY pleased with himself. He has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons. I guess his slogan from here on is real change, not just more politics from Chicago.

Ab Stoddard of the Hill isn't happy with the pick. She was visibly unhappy on Fox News a short time after Palin's speech. Stoddard is a reporter and supposed neutral on a reaction panel. I believe, reading her,that she thinks McCain made a home run, darn it. So she rained on the pick, doing the best she could to put a negative spin on things. Unfortunately a typical MSM liberal and biased reporter.

Just for the record, I believe that Obama has done a first rate job of running his campaign from the start. That is a BIG executive job and he has handled it well, except for a couple of slips like setting the attack dogs loose on the radio station that was running with the Ayers story and the reaction to Palin was a bit vapid and lacked substance.

On the other hand, Obama doesn't stand for real change. His programs are the tired old stuff we have heard from Liberal Democrats since the stagflation days of Carter. On the other hand, Palin destroyed the good old boys in Alaska. She has a near 90% populatiry rating, which puts her in territory that very few politicians ever achieve.

The problem with Obama is that he had no record of actually changing anything. His pick of Biden was safe and clung to the good old boys who run Washington. On the other hand, Palin really knows Energy with a capital E and if you don't believe that, look at the job she has done and the position her fellow Governors gave her. Given that Washington is the big time for big boys only, I can only speculate how Palin would be able to continue down her path of integrity as Washington has none.

But I wouldn't bet against her.

And one comment for jmc. Women rank abortion rights at 3% on their scale of THE most important issue.

Larry Summers
Winters, TX

What "women's rights" does ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

What "women's rights" does Palin oppose?

She is the VERY MODEL of what most (sane) feminists have wanted: a wife and mother who ALSO is a strong and respected leader and has a distinguished career. She's a woman, through and through.

But liberals will claim that she's "hostile to women" because she does not genuflect before the altar of abortion on demand.

If that's the battle liberals want to fight, well, just try it.

McCain just dropped a bomb ... (Below threshold)

McCain just dropped a bomb in the middle of Obama's parade

47th largest state to be... (Below threshold)

47th largest state to be his running mate

This is GREAT. Does Obama want to talk about houses? Does Obama want to talk about experience? Does Obama want to talk about the size state his running mate comes from now?? I'm thinking Alaska's a wee bit bigger than Delaware, with a slightly smaller population, but not really significantly so. Tell us how much oil Delaware has to manage. Oh, I'm sorry, did I mention oil? How much is gas where you live? Because where I live it's still over 3.50 a gallon which means that energy policy is still very much on the table for Americans. (Go ahead now and talk about how Palin doesn't have that much energy policy experience since she's only been governor about 2 years of one of our major energy supply states (while proving she's no tool of big oil) and how that is trumped by Obama bearing a tire inflation gauge)

"...and how that is trum... (Below threshold)

"...and how that is trumped by Obama bearing a tire inflation gauge."

Amen to that.

I refrained from saying out loud that I felt he'd pick Palin. But I did tell my husband two months ago that I thought he would. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about.

We're having crow for dinner tonight. Anyone got any recipes?

I'm very excited. I like it. I like it a lot.

Oyster:Pie<p... (Below threshold)









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